1. HoopDub

    For Sale MFSW mk7 Golf Tcr Dsg

    Mk7 Golf Gti Tcr leather MFSW with airbag and aftermarket missile launcher flappy paddles. Genuine Gti Tcr wheel, smooth leather top and bottom, perforated leather sides, red leather 12 o'clock marker. Aftermarket red anodised DSG shift paddles. Original tcr honeycomb print airbag. Very good...
  2. Lee540

    Mk6 Golf, Retrofit Cruise with Carista?

    Does anyone know if I can enable cruise using carista once I fit the stalk? I have the right wires for it all to work just wondering if I can do it all DIY without VCDS..
  3. AutotechVagspecialist

    We at Autotech Tuning Dont do Just Transporters we also do VW Golf R GTI TFSI DSG Custom Tuning

    We don’t just Tune Transporters We did the following on this 2019 Golf R 7.5 Airtec intercooler Upgraded intercooler pipes Turbo muffler delete R line Carbon intake R line Catch tank kit Washer Bottle R line filler Kit relocation. And tomorrow she’s having Autotech Tuning stage 2+...
  4. M

    Golf GTI Mk 7.5 seats into Velle - Airbags

    Searched the forums, where this is asked, but yet to find the answer. Fitted a pair of Mk7.5 leathers from a GTi to match the GTi steering wheel, i fitted recently. (in case someone is searching answer for that - i used a non-dsg wheel, with Polo Gti buttons as that matched my buttons and...
  5. HoopDub

    Sold Flat-bottom Golf Mk7 TCR MFSW + airbag £400

    Anyone fancy a swap? My mk7 golf gti tcr flat bottom mfsw (dsg) including airbag.... For a standard t6 mfsw, highline be nice with airbag. Must be really good conditionI need one to control volume and track skipping without the hassle of changing buttons etc on this. Cost me £400 a few months...
  6. D

    T6.1- VW GOLF GTI MK8 MFSW fitment? Would this bolt straight on and my airbag fit? 72 plate Highline DSG
  7. HoopDub

    Sold Flat-bottom Golf Mk7 TCR MFSW + airbag. £400

    Genuine vw golf Gti TCR flat bottom leather steering wheel. Lovely condition, very small mark on red leather 12 o'clock stripe. From a DSG, the paddles aren't original, easily removable if you want to fit it to a manual. Airbag included and buttons included. £400 Would take a T6 highline...
  8. D

    Mk 2 Golf restoration forum?

    For curious reasons, I have a Mk2 Golf Ryder which has been sat in a garage for 20 years. Soon to be 17 daughter has decided it would be the coolest thing ever, and wants to get it running again. I’ve got a fair idea of what I’m doing with it, but it would be great to find a forum as...
  9. Majinvash

    Golf Mk6 GTD Seats fitted using THQ Plates and they wobble forwards and backwards. 3 Possible fixes. Advice please from anyone who has done this

    Hello, Simple issue. I have a GTD seat fitted and the teeth that go through to lock it in position are too long and hit the base. Meaning that the wider part doesnt seat correctly. What is the best route? 3 Fixes with my limited engineering brain 1) Shave down the teeth. Worried they might...
  10. J

    Sold Golf GTD Seats and THQ Adapter plates

    Hi selling my MK7 Golf GTD tartan seats and Transporter HQ conversion brackets Only had them in my van a couple of weeks but i need to go back to 2+1 as the 2 captains aren’t working for me plus I miss my arm rests Seats are in mint condition no rips or tears There also heated although I did get...
  11. Samfisher

    Startline MFSW retrofit

    Hi I want to fit a MFSW to my T6, its a startline and wondered if it is possible? I have purchased a Golf Mk 8 wheel and have read some threads about fitting but as of yet nothing I have used VCDS to tell the BCM it has a MFSW and have moved the horn wire over into the Bus wires spare slot but...
  12. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 MFSW Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Upgraded the MFSW on my 2022 6.1 to a Golf MK8 haptic touch wheel and want to lay out how i did it, lots of these steps are not specific to this wheel so thought this would be a handy 'how to' guide These wheels are a straight swap but the electrical connections are a bit different so a few...
  13. Jwoodhea1

    Two new toys arriving on the drive

    Re my van sale due to two new toys arriving, here's one. I won't share the other it has the wrong badge
  14. F

    Golf cadiz wheels

    Hi all Does anyone know if vw golf cadiz 18" wheels will fit a t6 and are the right load rating. Thanks in advance
  15. VesselPal

    Headunit upgrade - will a Golf / Passat unit work?

    I am looking into getting a 2016 3EB919605A for my 2018 T6. Issue I am having is that I can not figure out if it will fit. Obviously the seller is saying yes but I find it suspicious that the radio was dropped from production in 2016. So two years before my van was made. Also the unit is super...
  16. B

    Sold 19” golf Pretoria wheels

    Hello , Mint condition genuine vw 19” gloss black Pretoria wheels . With 2x new ( 300 miles ago ) conti sport 6 and 2x conti sport 5 ( 4.5mm tread ) Exceptional condition. £1250 Tyre sizes are as per standard VW spec . 235/35/19 These have just come off our 2017 16k mile golf R . Only...
  17. Jimmi

    Sold Atera Roof Bars

    For Golf or Leon but currently fitted to my Polo with a bit of adjustment. £50 collected. Or can post for more.
  18. BiTurbo

    Golf seats fitted

    Fitted these yesterday, with a CMC passenger swivel base. mate was very happy Adapter brackets supplied by Steve at CRS No drilling just bolt in job done! only took about an hour !
  19. Trouts

    For Sale mkII Golf Front Bumper

    is this of any interest to anyone?? in very good condition, will need repainting. £65 please oh and collection only from Farnboro' Hants (ideally this weekend) cheers guys
  20. paulfr

    t-rok or golf?

    Thinking of getting rid of my 2013 Fiesta(nothing wrong with it and been serviced every year since i had it)But it's a bit small.Thinking about a T-ROK or a golf...we have 2 young kids.Any suggestions?