1. Samfisher

    Startline MFSW retrofit

    Hi I want to fit a MFSW to my T6, its a startline and wondered if it is possible? I have purchased a Golf Mk 8 wheel and have read some threads about fitting but as of yet nothing I have used VCDS to tell the BCM it has a MFSW and have moved the horn wire over into the Bus wires spare slot but...
  2. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 MFSW Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Upgraded the MFSW on my 2022 6.1 to a Golf MK8 haptic touch wheel and want to lay out how i did it, lots of these steps are not specific to this wheel so thought this would be a handy 'how to' guide These wheels are a straight swap but the electrical connections are a bit different so a few...
  3. Jwoodhea1

    Two new toys arriving on the drive

    Re my van sale due to two new toys arriving, here's one. I won't share the other it has the wrong badge
  4. F

    Golf cadiz wheels

    Hi all Does anyone know if vw golf cadiz 18" wheels will fit a t6 and are the right load rating. Thanks in advance
  5. B

    Sold 19” golf Pretoria wheels

    Hello , Mint condition genuine vw 19” gloss black Pretoria wheels . With 2x new ( 300 miles ago ) conti sport 6 and 2x conti sport 5 ( 4.5mm tread ) Exceptional condition. £1250 Tyre sizes are as per standard VW spec . 235/35/19 These have just come off our 2017 16k mile golf R . Only...
  6. Jimmi

    For Sale Atera Roof Bars

    For Golf or Leon but currently fitted to my Polo with a bit of adjustment. £50 collected. Or can post for more.
  7. BiTurbo

    Golf seats fitted

    Fitted these yesterday, with a CMC passenger swivel base. mate was very happy Adapter brackets supplied by Steve at CRS No drilling just bolt in job done! only took about an hour !
  8. paulfr

    t-rok or golf?

    Thinking of getting rid of my 2013 Fiesta(nothing wrong with it and been serviced every year since i had it)But it's a bit small.Thinking about a T-ROK or a golf...we have 2 young kids.Any suggestions?
  9. D

    Golf R reps on my T6?

    Hello I’m a novice when it comes to vehicles but just wondering if it is safe to put my golf r replica wheels which were on my vw caddy previous on to my new t6 with 20mm wheel adaptors? I think the offset is 35approx and they are 8j. The load rating on them is 675kg per wheel which is stamped...
  10. BognorMotors

    Golf GTI TCR

    We don’t just build vans! Here is our latest shop demo car - 2020 VW Golf TCR Delivered to us brand new two weeks ago and so far we’ve added the following; Revo 380mm brakes ST springs (DCC) OZ Racing wheels H&R ARB Revo intercooler Upgraded intercooler pipes Turbo muffler delete Carbon...
  11. Montecha

    Seat Upgrade Gallery

    Fresh from 'The Trimguru' - gone classy. Black Leather with white stitching plus heated upgrade.
  12. P

    Golf MFSW compatibility

    Have just stripped the original Highline steering wheel of my T6 and attempting to fit the Golf Mk7 steering wheel. I was on the understanding you switch the airbag loom with the original T6 loom...... but I have seen there is an extra terminal on the Golf's airbag and terminal with an extra...
  13. 20160727_105148-01


  14. Lukavell

    My Other Vw's

    In chronological order... My first VW was a Passat Estate 115 hp 1 .9 PD. It was my first Dad car after the birth of my first son and I loved it. I think a paid a grand for it and it was a solid investment and gave me the VW bug. Previously I'd had a couple of Pug 306's, an Escort and a...
  15. sparkzer

    The VW Driveway Fleet...

    As i spotted this new section, i thought it deserved a post! In a bizarre turn of events, i find myself with a fleet almost exclusively of VW vehicles currently even though i'm not particularly a VW fanboy. It started with my Golf mk7.5...i bought this one with a few hundred miles on it. After...
  16. Spaghetti

    Golf Lightswitch

    Can anyone confirm if an OEM Golf MK6 light switch will work in a T6. Plug looks similar, and they’re both auto light switches. Thanks
  17. Elliott

    Heated Seat OEM retrofit?

    Just brought a new passengers captain seat and its heated, any one retro fitted? part numbers of heated seat switches or has someone got a number plate I can borrow?
  18. WhiskyDisco

    Golf R Alloy Wheels

    Hi folks, could anyone advise if these wheels would be suitable for a T6 Caravelle? I'd like to check if they have the right load rating., etc.
  19. Sabre

    Golf Mkiv Audio

    HI All, Im looking for some advice on my beloved MKIV Golf.... The head unit in my Golf has stopped working, intermittently, more off than on so im having to use an ipod and speaker on the seat to play tooones, so I wonder if someone out there can suggest something. I have an Alpine DAB head...
  20. Tony Smith

    For Sale Golf Mk7 GTi MFSW Brand New Leather

    As photoed Brand new golf MK7 GTi Leather steering wheel MF, please note buttons my not work on your T5-T6 you be responsible for checking that your self before purchase £550 Collection Woking or Winchester Thanks Tony