glow plug

  1. Stead4119

    Glow plug light flashing fault code 16056

    Hi .have had this fault for a few months now. When engine run from cold , glow plug light starts flashing and goes into limp mode. Won't rev past 2800 rpm. Van still drives OK. As soon as engine temp reaches approx 70 degrees I can clear fault and it doesn't return. If fault is cleared before...
  2. C

    P009000 fault code: 2012 T5 CAAB engine

    Good day I was hoping to find some help here, since local mechanics are not making headway. Friend of mine recently bought a 2012 Transporter T5 with 200k Km on the clock. He did some long trips since then and all was good. On his last trip hope the glow plug indicator started flashing and...
  3. S

    Load area LED bulbs go out after a few seconds...

    Hi guys, bit of help needed. I have a T6 kombi, I've changed all the lights to LED and added some LED spotlights too. Problem I have is, they don't stay on for long enough when I open the tailgate. Literally a few seconds. Is this something I can change with VCDS? TIA
  4. U

    glow plug change - 2016 t6 CR150

    I have downloaded the removal guide (thanks) for torque and identification of the failing plug. Has anyone changed a glow plug themselves, I'm just wondering about the best way to remove the intercooler to get to the plugs. Don't really want to drop all the water if i can help it, just...
  5. Littleblackflash

    [Resolved] Delayed Engine starting when turning the key - out of fuel.

    Recently I've notice when I turn the key to start my van, nothing happens for a few seconds. I'm turning the key and then releasing it straight away, whilst keeping my foot on the clutch the engine will start to crank after 3-4seconds. When it starts to crank, it instantly starts. Once warm, it...
  6. Leehoops

    Glowplug light flashing

    hi guys my van has been parked up for a few weeks and when I drove it yesterday and noticed that when driving the coil light was flashing ? I turned engine off and re started it but the light was still flashing ! Does anyone know what’s wrong ? The van started and drove fine tia
  7. J

    Glow plug light flashing

    Got an issue with glow plug light flashing. Showing fault code p200600 intake manifold runner control bank 1 stuck open. Garage said they have contacted vw and they are working on a software clear. The t6 is a may 2019 high line 150 Bhp. This is the second time this fault has occurred. The van...
  8. T

    "Sensor for Internal Pressure of Cylinder 3 Implausible Signal"

    I have a engine management light coming on my VW Transporter 2018 plate, "Sensor for Internal Pressure of Cylinder 3 Implausible Signal". The code that comes up is P13D600 It's still under manufacturers warranty, will it be covered or will I have to pay to get it fixed?
  9. notchback

    2016 T6 102, Stolen / Recovered. Charging Fault [Resolved]

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and just purchased my first T6 (Had a T5 for years) Hope someone might be able to help to resolve a problem? I've just purchased a Stolen / Recovered 2016 Kombi from an insurance company. It's only done 20,000 miles, in reasonably good condition too. Basically, the van...
  10. Bear

    No 3 glow plug

    Hi all The engine management light is coming , after doing a diagnostic it appears that no 3 glow plug has given up. Has anyone experienced the same and changed the glow plug? Wondering what sort of job it was ? KR Bear
  11. J

    T6 Euro 6 Engine Shaking On Start Up??

    Morning. New to the group and looking at buying my first conversion. Found a 2018 t6 highline on monday with only 44500 miles for the bargain price of £15,495 due the salesman forgetting to add VAT. Only problem was when I jumped in and fired it up the van started to rock slightly so I popped...
  12. Loz

    T6 Glow Plug Removal 2

    Updated glow plug removal workshop manual section
  13. F

    204 Glow Plug Removal?

    Anyone here have a guide or experience on changing glowplugs on a 204? As mine is fairly new and the nightmares of changing plugs in later years an application of nickel anti seize may be a good idea.
  14. Surfer

    Glow Plug Replacement On My T6

    I'm really sorry if there is a "howto" PDF somewhere but my searches aren't throwing it up. I am a VIP member and cant seem to find any information in there either. Is there such a document/Guide?? I have a flashing glow plug light and the readout from a friends (non VW specialist) computer...
  15. D

    Cylinder3 Glow Plug

    Got a 2016 T6 and just been told that the glow plug for cylinder 3 is faulty and that it will cost me £500 to repair. Anyone else had this issue? Vehicle is only just out of its warranty.