factory fit aux battery

  1. Croca

    Factory leisure battery wiring help

    Hi guys, i recently purchased a 2017 transporter T6 which was a Vic Pol forensic services vehicle. I am trying to sort out the factory leisure battery setup. It would appear that the battery powered emergency lights and uhf radios ect. I am not sure what has been removed from the setup when the...
  2. G

    Rubber battery cover for 2nd battery producing powder.

    Hello...I would like to know if anybody has the factory fitted second battery , under passenger seat. If so, does it have the black rubber cover fitted over it. My problem is the surface of the cover seems to create a white powdery substance when handled. It is not battery powder , but I can't...
  3. R

    T6.1 factory-fit aux battery wiring

    Hi everyone, I have myself a VW T6.1 DSG 4 Motion which I bought as an Accident repair vehicle. I've had all the repairs done and the van looks amazing.....Pictures attached. I would like to get in touch with the previous owner but the logbook was unfortunately destroyed. All I know is that the...
  4. R

    Factory fitted 2nd battery

    Can anyone tell me what this battery is for? It's a 2018 panel van, doesn't have auxiliary heater or towbar and it just seems like its connected to a relay not a smart charger (which I thought it had to be for smart alternators). Can I reposition this to under the drivers seat and extend the...
  5. Bobbych

    T6.1 What’s this live feed under my passenger seat? [Merge]

    Im new to the transporter world. Im looking for a location for my Leisure Battery and have looked under the Single front Passenger seat. The available pace looks ok. Easily 330 mm L x 230 mm H x 200 mm W. While looking I found a bunch of taped up (from Factory) Positive wires. One looks to...
  6. minmax89

    new van option of second battery. Help!

    In the van configurator (www.volkswagenvans.ie): The battery section of the optional extras (in Ireland so may be different to the UK) there are two options: - Second AGM battery with cut off relay 92Ah 520A €305.13 - Second AGM battery with cut off relay with battery monitoring 92Ah 520A...
  7. T

    T6 2019 Caravelle auxiliary battery *♂️

    Hi, can anybody help me? Does a T6 2019 Caravelle an auxiliary battery, thanks
  8. J

    Wiring off factory fitted secondary battery... HELP

    Can anyone help please. I have searched the forum/YouTube videos but can't see any threads that answer this directly. What is included in the secondary battery option and how to you begin to wire off it? Theres obviously lots of videos about how to set this up from scratch but nothing on how...
  9. DrRTDazzler

    Factory second battery - what runs off it?

    I have a factory fitted second battery in my Kombi. I what of the electrics are connected to it when ignition is off? Is the cigarette lighter? Dash USB? I did search the forum but couldn’t find answers. Cheers.
  10. Kramsdog

    Red wire under passenger seat - fuse?

    I’m about to start on the transition from van to camper. I had a quick look at the current state of electrics and found the under the passenger the following cables, see picture, any advice? Could these be used or is it not worth attempting as it will upset rest of the vans electrics? Planned...
  11. B

    Factory aux battery.. but converter can’t trace its supply

    Hi - I've just had a 2019 HighLine converted to a camper and the workshop found a factory fitted battery under the (single) passenger seat. They couldn't trace what it was supplying, and how it was charged. Any ideas?
  12. H

    Aux battery under driver seat wiring (LHD)

    I need a 2. battery under the driver seat, but I don´t have a diagram. there is a big red wire12v. where there is 4 small red wires connectet. what are they for? then I need a turn one wire? anyone, who can help ? Thanks Chris
  13. Lukavell

    +/- Which is which???

    The two blue fuses are for the rear 12v sockets. I'm attaching them to the leisure battery but which of the red cables is + and which is -? The rear two are a thicker guage than the front two, one of which has yellow dashes on it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  14. B

    Fitting Leisure Battery and Sterling Relay

    Hi All, Just after a couple of pointers if possible. In this downtime and stuck at home I was going to attempt to fit my leisure batteries under the two captain seats and sterling split charger. I also have a small inverter and dimmer for the rear lights. I have absolutely no experience in...
  15. N

    Speaker Things And Leisure Batt Charge

    The guy before me had fitted some speakers with these kenwood things, I’m guessing I will have to retain these, there were four of them under the drivers seat so relocating them also not sure where the jumpers should be, I disconnected them all before realising I may need to keep them, also...
  16. BoroBoy

    Top Dashboard 12v Cigarette Lighter.

    Good Morning, I am looking for the power supply/ fuse is located for the top dash 12v supply. I have checked against the forum fuse charts and cannot locate said supply. Also, can anyone advise what the power supplies are that are located under the passenger...
  17. E

    Split Charging System

    Daft question... do VW pre-install the split charging cables and what not, even if you haven't ticked the box from new. I have a lot of wiring under the front pasenger seat?
  18. Minkey

    Have I Got Intelligent Split Charge??

    Hi All, Ok, I’m doing first fix wiring on my 17 plate Startline Panel Van… Ready to install an after market intelligent split charge controller and I have just found some hefty live wires under the passenger seat and wondering if I’m already wired for it? (My 07 plate T5 is and came with...
  19. Eyetracking

    Red Cables Under Passenger Seat [Merge]

    there's a thick cable under the passenger seat that I'm wondering what it is. It has a barcode on it? so it looks original. I'm fitting a leisure battery /ctek solar charger - so am hoping it could be useful. Guy
  20. Bryn23

    Extending Factory Split Relay

    I'm having serious thoughts of extending the Factory Split charge relay live cable to the rear of the van, so i can fit any size battery i want instead of stuffing around and shoehorning a new battery under the passenger seat. But mainly, because Its a pain to have to remover the seat, then...