1. Sackmycook

    Reducing height on an Exploria bed...

    I'm possibly going to look at reducing the height on my bed as SWMBO finds it too high (sigh). Anyone got any experience of doing this ? I'm guessing my little metal B&Q saw wont cut the mustard on the steel legs. What would I need ? Do Exploria do a px swap out on legs ? Any info gratefully...
  2. Phil Blackburn

    Sold Exploria Kombi Bed

    Putting my Exploria Kombi Bed up for sale, the Bed is size 4 so works with the Kombi seats fitted as you can see from the photos, black vinyl covers on the pads which are great as you can take them out and use them on the ground wipe them down and put them back in. The frame legs have been...
  3. phil_n

    Found Exploria Kombi Bed

    Hi. Has anyone got one of these for sale?
  4. C

    Exploria Reimo Or Kernow Cali Roof?

    Hi folks, I’ve a T6 velle and weighing up whether to put a second hand T6 Cali roof in with Kernow or go to someone like Exploria and have a Reimo roof. The reason for narrowing to these two is the finishing trim. With Kernow/Cali it will be like factory with the velle and Cali trim being able...
  5. Martin Gibson

    Carpeting Electric Slider Motor Covers

    Hello,just got our van back after having some work done by Exploria which included a line out. They have carpeted the sliding door motor covers to match the rest and to my joy,you can hardly hear the really annoying beeping when you close the doors which i am sure has annoyed many a camper in...
  6. Jay586

    Dog Guard/cage Under Exploria Bed

    I now have an Exploria bed but need some way of keeping the dogs under it? Anyone know of anyone that can fabricate some dog guards with a door? Or have pics/designs for alternatives? Thanks.
  7. O

    Kiravans Or Exploria Swivel Seats

    Hi guys, we have just got our first van (waiting to collect it this week!) and are new to van life (cannot wait) and the forum. I saw a similar discussion over a year ago so hope it is not a problem reigniting the issue. We are looking to get some swivel bases to our front captain seats. We have...
  8. Poetpaul


    I am not really looking to comment on the quality of the work done by Exploria........... because they make it so difficult to find out! I phoned last week and spoke to a lady there who said she'd E-mail me a spreadsheet with their pricing on........... an E-mail for goodness sake nothing has...