1. N

    Eurotunnel overnight - where to kip?

    I don't normally use Eurotunnel but will probably use it in October. I will be travelling down overnight arriving midnight (ish) to get a very early crossing at around 5 am. Is there free parking before check-in where I can just park up for a few hours kip or is the check-in open all night so I...
  2. 3crispies

    1000 mile blast

    Just drove to South Spain in one go 45mpg @ 80mph with AC full where could, couldnt believe this time how busy all routes were. What a farce at eurotunnel blagged pcr tests and by the time our results were through we were halfway to Paris, not bad will miss the van when home as new one has arrived.
  3. P

    Underslung Gas Tank - Ferries

    Hi - I've just bought a new VW Camper with an underslung LPG tank. The dealer said that I should never need to turn off the LPG tank, at the tank itself, since the 'Gastore' button in the van isolates the gas tank. Just wondering if anyone has had issues when boarding a ferry, that turning off...
  4. J

    Eurotunnel - classification of vehicle...

    Hi All, looking for Advice please on the following: Still in my first year owning my T6 and venturing to France in July. (scary). What do you class the van as for the crossing? ie Van (with trailer for bikes) or motorhome (with trailer)? Have spent ages trying to get through to speak with...
  5. B

    Waste sink water and the Chunnel?

    Sorry for the strange question but has anyone heard that if you dump your waste sink water 'straight out the van' you may not be allowed onto the channel tunnel due to the risk of dumping this into the shuttle. I was going to get my convertor to have the waste dumped straight out and avoid...
  6. Sturge

    Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller Wallet - Extending

    Hi This year, back in January, we bought one of these wallets of 5 crossings to get a discounted rate on the Frequent Traveller flexiplus crossings. However with all the Covid stuff, we aren't going anywhere until the summer at the earliest (if all goes ok). The wallet of tickets is valid for a...
  7. Shaun Witts

    LPG TSi - MPG

    Just collected my van from being converted to LPG and thought I should post some photos: The LPG fill nozzle is fitted where the Addblue one is on diesels. 1D884D61-D5D3-4374-83F0-3DD8FFC56701 by Shaun Witts posted 25 Mar 2019 at 18:36 The 84 litre tank replaces the spare wheel...
  8. P

    Eurotunnel - A Sneaky Little Trick ;)

    Hi All, Not been on for a while but as I have had a bit of trouble before booking my Kombi onto Eurotunnel, I found out earlier this week, a sneaky trick that was suggested by a guy in Eurotunnel's call centre. As usual, VW Transporters don't fall easily into a category and as I have found out...
  9. Tourershine

    Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller?

    We go into Europe on holiday in my Motorhome several times a year. This year we have 4 holidays booked, meaning we have a spare slot (outbound and inbound) if we buy the minimum 10 crossings to be able to qualify for the 'Frequent Traveller' deal. However, this is a minimum amount of...