1. A

    2017 T6 150 manual ticking noise

    Hello, Recently upgraded from a caddy to T6 and I've noticed an odd noise coming from the engine when ticking over and also driving, I've had a look at various other threads but can't find quite the same noise. Would anyone be able to diagnose what this could be, a possible turbo issue? It's...
  2. Andnik

    CXEB 204 Engine Death.....this will be fun.........

    So today I drive to France and on the way back I get the flashing coil and no boost......I just made it to the top of the mountain and checked Carista...23957, 25958 and 16925.....engine idles fine just no power......do a reset and is good for about 2 miles then back to no boost and flashing...
  3. ginkster

    Engine whining noise - what is it?

    Hello all. Newish to the forum and new to T6 ownership. I’m having fun so far however my van has a strange whining noise when the revs are increased (it’s not from the passenger seat!). Having looked at other threads I assume it is the aux belt or cam belt tensioner failing, but am not 100% sure...
  4. JimmyMac74

    Help identifying connectors in the engine bay

    Can anyone tell me what these three yellow/red/black connectors are please? (pic attached) T6 2.0 TDI (2018)
  5. K

    Engine won’t start/run after engine change

    Hi, i will try to make This long story short. I bought my transporter 2016 150hp 2.0tdi with DSG and 4-Motion from a buddy of mine That have had it since it was new. It recently was running bad at idle, so the dealer tryed to change all the 4 injectors and it became a little better but not...
  6. T

    Sudden Engine whining [Resolved]

    Hi guys New to the forum so first and foremost hello. Hoping some one could shed some light. Got 19 plate caravelle 204 DSG. Had for about 4 months. I Was driving yesterday and notice the engine sounded different and noticeably when going down hill and engine braking it was really...
  7. S

    replacement engine vendors

    Were is the bets place to get a replacement engine for my 2016 Sportsline ,either full or block only in the UK
  8. Sanyes

    Engine shaking (running on 3 cylinders) - error code P1007

    The other day, I started my van, started normally. ( It was cold outside but it started without hiccups) Made a few miles in the city, all was fine but when I get on the motorway, the van started to shake. Initially thought some motor mounts failed, wheels unbalanced something like that. After...
  9. S

    Noise on start up that goes when engine is warmed up

    I have 67 plate T6 Kombi with 25000 on the clock , when started it makes a rattling noise from one of the belts and goes away once it’s warmed up , any ideas please
  10. S

    New engine time - Caravelle 2016 77k

    Had the Caravelle (2016) 11 months, have done 7k in her but have been suffering from high oil consumption for 6 months. Taken it to Worthing VW commercial to look at and have been under an oil consumption test for the last two weeks. Fresh news in today (which I already knew was coming as did...
  11. chearmstrong

    T6.1 "Oil pressure: Stop!" warning when trying to start

    Hi. I'm getting an "Oil pressure: Stop! Consult vehicle wallet." warning message when I'm trying to start our 2020 T6.1 - the engine won't start (was fine yesterday). Checked oil levels and they seem good. Is there anything else I need to check?
  12. Lorna

    DSG engine labouring juddering in D7

    I have a 2017 T32 204 DSG 4motion that’s now done just over 100k miles. Had new cam belt and water pump at about 99k in May this year and all was fine. Just recently engine has been labouring and sounding a bit rough in D7 in lower revs and I have to press accelerator to get it to drop down a...
  13. I

    VW Dealership Installing brand new T6 Engine due to fault

    Hello, Picking up my T6 next week, had a call yesterday saying they found some issues with the engine when completing the safety checks, for that reason they have replaced the whole engine with a brand new one. Is this something I should be scared about? Always good to get a brand new engine...
  14. C

    New engine required - apparently - what would you do?

    Advice required please folks! My 2017 204 Kombi with 50k on the clock started to misfire recently. Has now been taken to VW dealer who diagnosed lack of compression on one cylinder and new engine required at a cost of £13k + vat - yes you read that correctly. I am now awaiting a breakdown of...
  15. K

    Engine failure

    Hi Just thought I needed to let every one know That I have a 204 67 plate transporter which has had to go in for three erg flushs up to October 20 ?. Then I started getting high oil consumption and smoke under acceleration ,nearly out of warranty I decided to get one year extended through vw...
  16. M

    A Bad batch of engines

    Morning All @VinylArchie lets put this up on front page the guys might throw some light on it or @BognorMotors might of heard something or it might make a talking point The new engine should be fine installed by VW i Quote **The engine failed at 45k and was replaced by VW under...
  17. Oldrat

    Identifying engine power output

    Without sticking the thing on a dyno, how could I check that a VW van was a 102/140/ 180 etc. Ta
  18. George_T6

    Engine Rattle

    My 2017 204 dsg is in at vw again trying to find a small but annoying engine rattle. It only rattles when under load. It does not do it when out of gear. Engine temperature makes no difference. It starts at 1700rpm and the rattle gets faster as the revs rise until the engine noise drowns out...
  19. C

    Misfire When Cold

    Hi I’m hoping someone has had the same issue but here goes My euro6 t6 105ps with 35k has a horrible misfire when it’s cold and slowly goes as it warms up but have started noticing a slight diesel nock at about 3500 rpm Anyone had this problem at could advise me where to start
  20. DubiousEngineering

    A Short Video On Carista... It Saved Me Money!

    Carista saved me from having to go to get my airbag fault unlocked after fitting a leisure battery under the drivers seat... a useful tool in my opinion... video below! DuB-EnG: CARISTA OBD2 Review - Bluetooth Car Computer scanner with dealer level technology, it works