engine oil usage

  1. R

    T6 burning oil, anyone had issues with a bi-turbo?

    I recently had a service on my T6 4motion bi-turbo and about 1000 miles later the oil warning light came on. Checked dip stick and didn't show any oil. Took back to the garage and they had what was left of the 2nd 5 litre oil box. Sure they had checked it was at correct level (used them for...
  2. Glenn Board

    Which oil? 140

    silly question , but I can’t Sean to find out what is the correct oil to put in the engine, could somebody please advise me as I need to put some in now?
  3. B

    Using oil.

    Has anyone else had an oil warning light come on? Just had the oil warning light come on and done a check. The oil is right at the bottom of the stick. Anyone else used much? It's a 204ps with 6,000 miles.