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    Rear roof locker in Reimo high roof on T6.
  2. S

    California night heater exhaust

    Hi, I am retro fitting a night heater using the eberspacher underfloor mount and using the eberspacher solid exhaust pipe, Has anyone got any pictures of how close the exhaust pipe runs to the Aircon pipe work just wondering if my exhaust will be to close to these pipes. Regards Stuart
  3. Garny999

    For Sale Eberspacher EasyStart Remote plus 221000341800

    Hi all, I have a brand new replacement / spare remote for the Eberspacher Airtronic Heater. Bought in error as I thought you only needed the remote for it to work with the easystart pro...doh!. I believe It requires another module for it to work and I cannot find one. Anyway its available for...
  4. G

    O/S Step with Vent for Night Heater and Courtesy Light part-number?

    Hi, can anybody help me out? Trying to find the step with the night heater vent and the courtesy light. Does anybody know of a part number or does someone have a reg I can give TPS for the part please. thanks in advance!
  5. S

    Where To Buy Eberspacher D4 Plus And Remote?

    Hi, I’m looking to have an Eberspächer fitted to the underside of my caravelle and piped into the factory vents in the drivers B Pillar. I’ve been told to go for the Airtronic D4 plus. Any recommendations where to purchase this from? Also after the remote kits. thanks
  6. Skyliner33

    Programming Eberspacher Easystart Remote To Easystart Pro

    Can anyone shed any light on how I program the Easystart remote to the Easystart Pro timer please? I've tried removing and replacing the fuse to the fuse to the Easystart Pro, but nothing seems to happen to let me pair the remote. TIA
  7. N

    Factory Eberspacher D3 Plus

    Has anyone used the factory fitted Eberspacher D3 Plus with an Eberspacher controller instead of the VW controlling it?
  8. Mavis628

    Eberspacher Airtronic D2 Heater 12v Heater Kit

    Hi guys Any one got one of the above fitted,, Any reviews would be appreciated
  9. Fish

    For Sale Eberspächer Easystart Timer

    Eberspächer Easystart 7day timer. 100% unused, only opened to photo. Some of you may have seen the story regarding my Easystart and know this was provided direct as a replacement that wasn't required(incorrect installation). £100.00 inc P&P. Fish An example of size, mine is fitted in roof...
  10. G

    Diesel / Night Heater recommendations

    Hi. I’m looking to install a diesel heater in my T6 and looking for recommendations. Prices seem to vary dramatically. Looking to install behind swivel drivers seat. Appreciate any input.
  11. Richdirector

    Looking For Person To Fit Eberspacher Heater - Glasgow O.r. Scotland Central Belt

    Bought a new eberspacher heater with all the bits from pal who has decided not to go t6 route but don’t want (and don’t have time) to fit myself into mine so looking for person / place that can !!! Any recommendations??
  12. Jack T

    Fitting Eberspacher D2 - My Experience

    Hi All, Not sure if this is of use but I took a few pictures as I fitted my D2 diesel heater, may help people having a go themselves. I’m not a pro at fitting these and this is the first I have done, any criticism is welcome. For reference this is the underslung T6 specific kit and I’m...
  13. M

    Which heating system?

    I have been looking a few different types of heating. Wallis (i like the idea of not having Gas in the van, but concerned about size/heating up for the hob) or Propex or Webasto Thanks
  14. Diesel9a1

    Eberspacher Installer Kent?

    Any installers in Kent? Eberspacher D2 with remote start and internal can manual control required. Also with silencer. Not sure about internal or external installation. Noise is the deciding factor here. No auxiliary battery or electrics done as yet, note sound deadening, insulation and...