1. S

    Eberspacher display blank, not responding

    Hi Can any wise owls help me. My eberspacher night heater display is lit but shows no info on the screen. It doesn't turn on or do anything. I worked last time I used it. I have attached a photo. Anyone got any ideas? Thank you in advance
  2. X

    Telestart Retrofit Question

    Hi all, In my T5.1 I have the Airtronic diesel heater from Eberpacher which is factory fitted and has the control panel fitted in the roof lining. I would love to have the ability to start it remotely and I believe that the telestart module and remote is what's needed to achieve that...
  3. limekilnlee

    Night-heater leaking fuel from side connection

    Hi i am looking for some advice i got a Ebersatcher night heater fitted by a local Company in April 22 my van has been in for service at VW today and the fuel tank is leaking as they have drilled a hole in the side of the tank and fuel is leaking from there. VW are saying this should of been...
  4. Q

    Questions about diesel hob - heating efficacy, cost calculations vs gas and what is the cheapest without compromising quality?

    Hi guys. This forum kept popping up while doing research about diesel hobs. Btw I will preface by saying that all my considerations are for a ford transit connect where economic use of space is of primary importance. I am part way through a conversion. Done the insulation yet no electrical...
  5. T

    Eberspächer Airtronic S2 - cold and warm air at same time?

    Hi all I have recently purchased my first T6 which has an Eberspächer Airtronic S2 diesel heating system installed. There is a vent in the driver’s front cab and another in the rear. When setting the system to blow hot air, the rear vent blows hot as expected, however, the front vent blows...
  6. C

    Eberspacher - should I complain?

    Evening. So today i took my t6 to the local auto electrical specialists who are allegedly qualified to maintain/service Eberspacher heaters. For possibly the last year, I’ve not been able to use my heater as it just seems tempremental and if lucky, we’ll get a short period of time with a bit...
  7. Garyf123

    Refitting my repaired eberspacher d2 heater

    Hi all, i recently posted about my d2 heater having H1 service fault and fault code relating to faulty motor. Happily, I managed to have a new motor replaced under warranty so happy days! I am trying to refit it now but have come across a small problem. On the heater itself, the diesel inlet is...
  8. Ads_Essex

    Thermostat - Where Do You Mount Yours?

    As per the title, I’m curious to find out where everyone has mounted their night-heater thermostat. I ask as our camper conversion is nearly complete and I’m struggling to find a location that is both practical for use as well as being at a decent distance from the heater outlet. We’ve got a...
  9. Wills

    Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L DIY Service

    I’m considering removing my heater for a service. The question is, has anyone serviced their heater? Is there a service guide out there and vids?
  10. C

    Eberspacher fault

    Hello. Anyone know if this is a common fault? Is it easy to fix or could it be suggesting something more sinister….? H1 Fuel supply or Pump
  11. V

    OEM Parking Heater - Will it see me through the night?

    Hi all, some advice would be great. I have a new van on order and speced with factory parking heater however someone has mentioned this will not be any good for sleeping in the van because the heater will only stay on for a maximum of 2 hours, is this true? Thanks to anyone that can help.
  12. andythom188

    Fitting an Eberspacher night-heater

    I'm looking to fitting a EBERSPACHER D2 DIESEL HEATER to the kombi is it a straight forward job that any one that is good on the spanners can do. Just trying to see if I can save a few hundred £ by fitting this kit myself and spending the extra money on other stuff for the van or is it easier...
  13. A

    Eberspacher 701 problem

    Evening I have a eberspacher diesel heater with a 701 timer/programmer. I went to run up the heating this afternoon using the instant heat button and the display went blank then came back to the normal time display. I was able to change the clock with no issues but when I pressed the heat button...
  14. Stagspares

    Eberspacher Night Heater + Beach console retrofit

    Hello, please can anyone help me with details of what would be involved in fitting a secondhand Beach overhead Heater Control Unit (near the cab centre lighting) and Eberspacher night heater into my T6 Caravelle? Many thanks for any advice.
  15. R

    Eberspächer D2 desperately wanted

    Hi My mate is desperate to get a diesel heater fitted the Eberspächer is his choice. Anyone recommend a fitter who has them in stock. He’s in the Yorkshire area but will travel. Thanks
  16. Zave

    Eberspacher remote control

    Does anyone know if it's possible to wire in a simple remote relay to my easystart 7 day timer which looks like the below please.
  17. ma77y

    For Sale Eberspacher sender pick up

    I have an Eberspacher tank sender pick up kit up for sale. Brand new. I had intended to use however I have decided to go with autoterm diesel heater instead. Suitable for T5/T6 including Euro 6 engines. I paid £40 for this from Butlerbus Technik Ltd and happy to take £35 posted.
  18. Mick

    Eberspacher and the cold!

    I thought I'd post this for info. I am in Switzerland skiing. It was -12c most of the night. I went to turn on the Eberspacher heater, it wouldn't work: i think it was frozen. I am skiing with a Diesel engineer on fishing boats his solution was simple. Put simply because I hadn't filled up in...
  19. Bardot

    Eberspacher S2 Easy Start Pro temperature display [Resolved]

    Hoping one of you guys can answer this for me. I have installed a S2 Eberspacher with a Easy Start Pro control unit. I have not installed an External Temp sensor wishing to use the one in the control unit. However when I turn on the heater I get no Temperature displayed on the control panel. I...
  20. Eddie Sutherland

    Any Eberspacher gurus

    Hi guys i have an eberspacher d2 heater with EasyStart pro controller, I now also have easystart web module to install it cam with a split loom for the integration with the pro controller. The question I have if I am intergrating with the pro controller do I need to install the led switch and...