1. marmite monster

    Anyone know how to remove t6.1 bulbs ?

    Hi guys anyone know how to remove t6.1 Drl bulbs. Thanks
  2. Lord Mfwic

    What bulb do i need for a H7 DRL.

    Hi, 1 of my DRL bulbs has blown so need to buy a replacement. Does anyone know the bulb code or what type? Will it be the same code for LED bulbs as I may want to change both? TIA
  3. DTT6

    VCDS User in Berkshire?

    Hi Folks, Any VCDS users in Reading/Bracknell area willing to help? (Noted VCDS members map no longer available to locate users) Looking for the DRL off with handbrake applied feature being enabled on my Caravelle Seems I can disable completely using Carista now but don't want to do that...
  4. Martin Gibson

    LED DRL's with factory LED's

    Hello everyone, i will be doing the factory Led headlight upgrade in the next couple of weeks. I would also like to fit Drl's in the lower grilles. I read a thread on here from a while ago which said that the genuine vw Drl's are not compatible with the vw Led headlights without some rather...
  5. R

    Factory LED lights and DRL grills

    Hi, I have the factory LED headlights and would like to fit the DRL grills as I like the look. However, on searching this forum I read that the grill DRL won't work with factory LED lights for some reason? The posts I have read on this forum have touched on this but I can't find anything that...
  6. Adam_T6

    H4 to H7 conversion - DRL's not working

    Hello all, I've fitted H7 to my panel van that left the factory with H4's. Everything works as it should except the DRL's. Coded BYTE 22, BIT 2 = 0 (low beam forced off while high beam on). I've tested the bulb - it works. I've powered the bulb when in the headlight - it works. The only other...
  7. Boardbabe

    Off side DRL not working/no power

    After upgrading my H7 DRL bulbs to Lumro DRL super white bulbs, I have had continued problems with the drivers side DRL not working. While my van was in for its service I asked them to replace the bulb. They couldn't get it to work either. They tested the bulb and the bulb holder and they were...
  8. T

    T6 DRL led bulbs

    Hi can anyone recommend a decent led drl bulb for a 2019 t6, l have phoned Vee Dub and Transport HQ both do not sell this item but say there are some good ones out there that do not flicker or put warning lights on dashboard. Thanks Tom D
  9. S

    T6.1 Drl Bulb

    Anyone have any idea what the drl/main beam bulb is on the t6.1. I want to change it to a whiter bulb because the yellow standard halogen is awful looking with the drl on. I checked the manual but doesn't mention the type of build.
  10. Lighty

    Keeping Busy

    I fitted (really bright) LED sidelights and DRL’s to my H7’s today and got no Canbus errors. Small wins guys, small wins :)
  11. Stay Frosty

    Brighter Sidelights And Forget About The H4s?

    Just been in Halfords for a wash sponge at £1 when I spotted some LED sidelight bulbs, as my existing drivers side LED sidelight bulb( an earlier purchase) had lost some output I went to get another pair. Anyway while experiencing some dizzyness as I crouched to lunge at the bulb blister pack...
  12. Ewan

    Vcds Byte 23 Bit 7

    Hi i am looking for Byte 23 bit 7 - when ticked DRL/DRLs turn OFF when blinker or emergency lights are activated on VCDS but i cannot find it anymore. I have the current update but it is not there, has this setting moved or been removed Cheers Ewan
  13. tifflepops

    H4 Led Drl Lamps

    I went all off piste got cocky and ordered some led lamps off eBay without asking you lot which ones I should buy and surprise surprise they are wrong don't light up and lamp out on dash. Anyone got a link to a set that will work. I hat the orange colour of the standard one. Thanks in advance...
  14. Critch

    Drl Bulb.

    Hello Everyone, I have just bought the H4 Osram Nightbreaker laser bulbs and before I fit them, I might as well change the DRL’s. has anyone any recommendations for the DRL BA15S bulb, to compliment or make it better, without error message’s please. Currently saving for some Transporter HQ v2.
  15. SNACK

    Drls On Unlock

    When we first bought the Caravelle, I could have sworn the DRLs came on when the van was unlocked? Now they don’t (LED low-beam does come on when it’s unlocked in the dark) Was I imagining or did I break something with VCDS? :thumbsdown:
  16. T

    Drl Not On When Auto Light Selected?

    Hi, I have a T6 with H4 headlights and when Auto is selected the dipped and side light are lit, not DRL. If I switch to 0 or side lights, the DRL's come on? Reading the user manual, DRL should come on when auto is selected? Appreciate if anyone can advise what I am doing wrong or can try to...
  17. Jongall

    Trim Tips

    anyone got any tips to getting the trim to sit right? I’ve hit it with various things but can’t seem get certain parts to ‘pop’ in. Really doing my head in
  18. Bluey

    Changing DRL Bulb H7 Headlamp

    Help please. My n/s running light bulb has blown! Referred to VW manual. Removed cover etc., but it seems impossible to get the actual bulb out. Removed the black plastic holder & was expecting the bulb etc to come out with it - no such luck I am afraid. Attached 2 photos showing o/s working &...
  19. Base1388

    Condensation In Drl.

    Hi all. As above. What can I do ? No idea of cause.
  20. M40CCA


    Has anyone fitted drls to their Van's without buying the full kit at £190 from travellin lite