1. D

    Lights flicker when starting up the van

    Hi, I added some new DLR bulbs, but as it was not very good light conditions when testing the bulbs, the dip beam lights came on, but i noticed that the lights are flickering.. would this just be the alternator not generating enough current or something more sinister going on? cheers
  2. Robs1000rr

    DRL feed for additional LED lights

    Hi I have a bonnet light bar I would like to tap into the live feed to the drl lights so it comes on when they do but not sure what colour wire I need to spice in to . If anyone can let me know or even provide a picture of location that be great. Thank you
  3. danbob81

    VW T6 2017 one DRL not working

    Hi There, I tried change the DRL bulb on the driver side of my VW Multivan T6 however it is not working. I tried doing a reset by unplugging the battery. Start again and the bulb light orange on the dash didn't show until I turn the RDL on and it came up again. The passenger side works fine...
  4. jordanL

    Daytime Running Light gone - warning on dash?

    A light has come on my dash and it's the day driving light I think as one has gone out. I have a t6 and the light has a blue tinge to it. Is this a standard bulb? I've read about its possibly a big job to change for some reason? Strange to just change a bulb.
  5. C

    T6.1 Headlight DRL / sidelight difference

    Hi, Am nearing completion of a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift. All going well but unsure how the new headlights are ment to work, in imagine not like mine are currently. I have attached photos of the light switch and then photos of the bulb that’s lit up for reference. Am I right in thinking the...
  6. CJW

    H7 Headlight DRL LEDs - What are you running?

    I’ve read all the threads and it’s really hard to establish what actually works in the long term. After a minor disaster with the Twenty20 CanPlus W21W LED DRL replacements, I’m appealing to the forum’s members - please would anyone successfully running LEDs in the DRLs of the H7 dual reflector...
  7. T6.1VW

    T6.1 DRL settings changed following repair

    Hi Everyone, my T6.1 was recently repaired after a pile-up, luckily only tin damage. I found out that since the repair the daylight lamps burn with the low beams. The flashing light function that switches between daylight and flashing light works the same, only with the headlights on??! As...
  8. Ronno1o

    DRL led bulbs not working T6

    Hi all, I have an early model T6 (65 plate non ad blue). I've bought two different pairs of replacement drl bulbs with bayonet type fittings but no luck in getting any to illuminate. Original bulbs are "osram 7506 SL" I'm not sure if this is a wattage issue?? but the bulbs I've bought both...
  9. J

    First time poster - T6 DRL wiring issues/head unit issues

    Hi All. First time poster from Australia. This forum is great - it's a little harder to get the info we need down here in Oz because not as many van lovers here yet. I have 2017/18 T6 Multivan Comfortline (mid spec passenger van). love the car/van but starting to develop a few classic VW...
  10. D

    Changing daylights, something odd going on, help!

    Hi, So I bought some new LED (DEFVNSY - Pack of 10-6000K White 1156 BA15S 1141 1003 1073 7506 LED Bulbs 5050 18-SMD Lamps for 12V Interior RV Camper Trailer Lighting Boat Yard Brake Tail Lights ) on amazon. So i just went out to try them on my T6 and the Left light worked absolutely fine, but...
  11. GavMc P11GT

    H4 Headlights on unlock change?

    So I’m told the H7 headlights can be VCDS coded out at unlock and swapped to the standard DRL lights but the H4 headlights can’t? Is that right? How do we change them over so the headlights just stay off and the DRLS operate on unlock? Cheers
  12. Shortbread69

    DRLs and H7 upgrade

    I fitted a pair of OEM H7 headlights. L Swapped them with the bumper off, changed my setting on OBDEleven, all fine except that… DRL don’t light up, instead the side lights come on when DRL is activated. Puzzled. Can’t seem to find the setting / code I need to change to activate the proper...
  13. O

    Can Tail lights can be reprogrammed to come on with the front LED running lights?

    Does anyone know if the rear lights can be reprogrammed to come on with the front LED running lights? This daft idea of having front running lights and dashboard lights on but no rear lights is dangerous in low light conditions.
  14. R

    DRL Fuse

    The DRL on our 2012 T5.1 has stopped working. The bulb is OK, but I have no idea where the fuse is to check if it has blown. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  15. Keaney

    TravelinLite drl kit (with oem led headlights) not turning off

    Right had a lot of faffing about after having the kit for ages but waited till some carbon bits are done. initially thought the loom from TravelinLite wasn’t working but worked out that the pins in the connectors were not pushed in enough. all sorted and wired in as per diagram so: Earth to...
  16. T

    H15 DRL Help

    Hi all, So i've just purchased some H15 LED DRL's for my T6.1. Straight away when installing them, I noticed the orientation of the bulbs are wrong. Basically, the old halogen bulbs point vertically (up and down) whereas the new LED H15's when installed, point horizontal, which means there's no...
  17. Lutty

    T6 daylight bulb fitting

    Hi All, Went to Halfords to get bulb changed they said it couldn't be done so went to a local service centre. They couldn't get to it also so suggested that the light needs to be removed to fit bulb, which means that the bumper needs to be removed. They gave me another place they use for...
  18. marmite monster

    T6.1 DRL LED Upgrade

    Anyone know if you can get led drl bulbs for t6.1? these are the bulbs below. Very different to the old t6 bulbs you can get from travlin lite / Halfords etc
  19. Pedros85

    Lights always on when auto [DRL]

    Hi, I’ve noticed that even during the day when my lights are set to auto they are always on…any idea why? headlights that is. T6 t32 high line
  20. OurSam

    Aftermarket DRLs and the switch

    Quick question : my T6 highline has these aftermarket sequential led DRL headlights fitted and I’m not sure they’re wired in correctly. Before I go back to the van converters I need to ask what other people see when using the switch on the dash. Mine is : Switch in ‘Off’ position - DRLs lit, no...