1. T6ARF

    Driver’s side door adjustment?

    Hello folks, I’ve just noticed this morning that my driver’s side door appears to have ‘dropped’ a little and is pinching the bodywork and rubbing off the paint! Please see pictures below.... The question is does anybody know if the door can be adjusted to lift it up at the bottom slightly...
  2. D

    T6.1 - Doors pop open when driving

    Just a heads-up, with all the issues I've been having with Android Auto, my T6.1 has been back to the dealers several times. On the last visit, he mentioned that the vans have a recall regarding the doors popping open on their own. Apparently it's to do with the cable to the catch being too...
  3. Eddie Sutherland

    Nice little mod today

    Nice little reflective number installed on the drivers door today
  4. P

    Wiring into front doors.

    Hi I need to run two wires into each of the front doors, How easy is this to do once the door cards are off and what panels would I need to remove in the van to gain access to the door gaiter, Thanks.
  5. Nick Reed

    Front doors sound deadening

    Hi all, I am just about to finish my sound deadening project with only the front doors to go on the T6. I don’t want to over buy silent coat. Anyone done this recently? If so how many sheets did you use? Many thanks Nick
  6. W

    Rubber Front Door Stops

    Evening All. Just bought a T6 and both front door seem to be missing a rubber door stop to the bottom of the door which sits against the sill. I've tried adjusting the door catch as when you shut the door it claps rather than going with a clunck Does anyone know where to get them from??
  7. F

    Any Idea Where This Goes?

    Took off inner door skin to sound deaden and found this white piece laying at the bottom inside of the door. Does anyone know where it’s supposed to go? My window makes a clunck sound when fully down so thinking it’s a stopper, but where does it locate? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Gazzarn

    Key Lock Cover

    Alright all, Some thieving **** has robbed my key cover! Any of you good fellows know where I can get a cheaper replacement than the £15 my local VW dealer wanted to charge me?
  9. Milarepa

    Front Door Handles Sticking

    Hello all, Our new T6 has just been returned from the converter to have some after sales work done. I noticed straight away that after unlocking the van, the handles don’t open the doors straight have to yank on them a second or even third time. This wasn’t like this before. The...
  10. X

    Outer Door Skin Sound Proofing

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend whether or not to put silent coat [or similar] on the outer door skin, behind the speaker hole. Or - should you put closed foam behind the speaker door hole? I have put silent coat on the inner door skin and closed foam on the inside of the door card. Thanks

    Struggling With The Panel Behind Door Cards

    The silver panels started to peel, do I need to go as far as that to get to the skin layer of the van, or just sound deaden the silver panel and inside of the door card ? TIA
  12. Pommie Dave

    Door Speaker Size

    Hello all. I was advised today by my local car stereo shop , not to bother taking out my focal splits door speakers out of my soon to be sold t5 as they are smaller than the ones fitted to the new T6? Is this correct? Have they really increased the size of the door speakers from 4" to ?
  13. Robert

    Front Door Soft Close Retrofit

    Does it make sense on T6 front door? Is it sensible to retrofit it? What do you think lads?
  14. A

    Folding Mirrors

    Hi there i have been reading the threads regarding folding mirror not working, i have tried some of the ideas but to no avail, i wondered where i can test to see if the motor in the near side has packed up or the wire/switch is the problem. The van is a t6 2017 and it has had a secondhand door...
  15. Jimbobadini

    Door Speaker Has Gone Tinny

    Hi, had a search and can’t find anything. My driver side door speaker has gone very tinny and quiet originally thought the mid had failed but this is actually playing but sounds like a tweeter!? Tried a different stereo and it’s the same. Had the door card off and accessible connections...
  16. S

    Interior Handle Screw Size

    Hi all, The internal handle (spring one above passenger door) has come loose. Looks like it's the metal bodywork the screw attaches too. Anyone else had this problem / overcome it? Can I put a slightly bigger diameter screw it a) will it fit through he handle and b) anyone scone the...
  17. andy greenwood

    Rust On Passanger Door

    I have an area of rust on the passanger door, im not sure if a small area of paint was accidentally chipped off ? What would be the best way to sort this please ?
  18. K

    Door handle pulls too far..

    any ideas? It pulls all way out and clicks and comes further again, doesn't stick out it goes back in as normal. Drivers door. Thanks