1. F

    Drivers Door Window Leaking - Replace Seal?

    Hello, I've got a problem with my drivers window leaking and wondered if anyone had any tips? I've got a 2016 T6. After heavy rain, the foot step has a pool of water in it. I understand the door has a dry side and a wet side and drain holes at the bottom. But the drain holes are below the step...
  2. Iant666

    Door... anyone help with this part?

    Hi All, Have recently changed speakers and damaged a couple of the little clips when taking the door card off. Ordered some replacements and when i again took the door card off to put the new ones in broke a clip that links to the door handle, D'oh! Trying to explain this part to the dealer was...
  3. andy greenwood

    Pad on inside of passanger/drivers door.

    There is a small pad that i think is there to prevent the door catching the bodywork when you close it. These pads are knackered and my doors have been catching the paintwork. Does anyobe know where i can buy these pads or is it just something i could purchase at a hardware store ?
  4. fireblade669

    T6.1 Sliding Door Leak

    Afternoon Volksfriends, I hope you're all keeping well. I'm not having much luck with my T6.1 so far. On day 1, the barn door opening mechanism failed. A month in, the front drivers window started leaking like a sieve. Now I've got water coming in through the top of the sliding door past the...
  5. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 Door Removal 2020-11-03

    Workshop manual section for door removal.
  6. Skyliner33

    Central locking fault on drivers door- help needed

    Today the van was locked up on my drive and then suddenly the alarm went off. I looked out of the window and the courtesy lights were on. Turned the alarm off, but it wouldnt reset. Went into the van and the icon in the display was showing the van with the drivers door open and wont go out...
  7. J88arv

    Door hinge snapped

    As you can see In the picture my hinge has snapped so the door just swings freely. Is this an easy fix?? Thanks
  8. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove a front door from a T6

    I did this today to swap our old beaten up door with a nice clean one shipped from Poland. You will need to remove the door card, remove the carrier assembly and lock, including removing the loom if you are changing the door for another one. I guess you could remove the loom from the van side...
  9. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove the carrier assembly from the front door of a T6

    This is needed as part of a longer guide to removing and swapping doors, but I know this is a good subject for anyone who needs to sound deaden and insulate their van. A great deal of thanks to those on this thread which kickstarted my work today. First you'll need to remove the door card. You...
  10. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove the front door card on a T6

    Can't have too many "how to" threads with pics, so here goes... Quick steps to remove door card (EDIT: this is the driver's side, but the passenger side is exactly the same steps, just fewer connections) 1. Prise off trim on handle on door card (little slot to below rear to put a screwdriver...
  11. A

    Passenger door wiring gaiter

    Somehow the wiring gaiter on my passenger door has come away, the tab has broken on the inside, not sure how it’s happened as I’ve not done anything in that area. Anyway it’s letting in water! The only ones on flea bay are t5 and used, don’t really want to put on my 19 plate. Anyone have a part...
  12. Shaun Witts

    Front mud flaps (not OEM) rusting door

    I have some of the moulded mud flaps that seem to fit well and are attached by just the one screw (if I remember correctly). However I was quite disappointed to spot a small area of rust on the bottom of my door and can see how that has been caused by the tight clearance between the plastic mud...
  13. T6ARF

    Driver’s side door adjustment?

    Hello folks, I’ve just noticed this morning that my driver’s side door appears to have ‘dropped’ a little and is pinching the bodywork and rubbing off the paint! Please see pictures below.... The question is does anybody know if the door can be adjusted to lift it up at the bottom slightly...
  14. D

    T6.1 - Doors pop open when driving

    Just a heads-up, with all the issues I've been having with Android Auto, my T6.1 has been back to the dealers several times. On the last visit, he mentioned that the vans have a recall regarding the doors popping open on their own. Apparently it's to do with the cable to the catch being too...
  15. Eddie Sutherland

    Meet the Vandalorian got it back today now just the inside to finish.

  16. P

    Wiring into front doors.

    Hi I need to run two wires into each of the front doors, How easy is this to do once the door cards are off and what panels would I need to remove in the van to gain access to the door gaiter, Thanks.
  17. Nick Reed

    Front doors sound deadening

    Hi all, I am just about to finish my sound deadening project with only the front doors to go on the T6. I don’t want to over buy silent coat. Anyone done this recently? If so how many sheets did you use? Many thanks Nick
  18. W

    Rubber Front Door Stops

    Evening All. Just bought a T6 and both front door seem to be missing a rubber door stop to the bottom of the door which sits against the sill. I've tried adjusting the door catch as when you shut the door it claps rather than going with a clunck Does anyone know where to get them from??
  19. F

    Any Idea Where This Goes?

    Took off inner door skin to sound deaden and found this white piece laying at the bottom inside of the door. Does anyone know where it’s supposed to go? My window makes a clunck sound when fully down so thinking it’s a stopper, but where does it locate? Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. Gazzarn

    Key Lock Cover

    Alright all, Some thieving **** has robbed my key cover! Any of you good fellows know where I can get a cheaper replacement than the £15 my local VW dealer wanted to charge me?