1. kombisnaps

    Damp ingress by door seal / drivers door

    Okay so - having a new seal fitted soon for drivers door as worn and a bit naff - vw refusing replace on warranty but hey ho. I did fit a v-dubs one but actually would rather keep it all OEM. This post however is for a slightly different issue. When coming to the van in mornings after rain I...
  2. T

    T6 sliding door won’t open from the inside?

    2016 T6, new to us. The sliding door opens fine from outside. But will not open from inside. Is there a simple fix.?
  3. S

    Merhabalar, t6 far açık ikazı

    Sol sürücü kapısı açıkken far açık yada kontak için ikaz sesi gelmiyor. Ne yapmalıyım?
  4. Steview

    Broken door hinge - warranty replacement?

    Does anyone know if it’s possible or has managed to claim for a broken front door hinge under the VW warranty?
  5. Chopsey

    T6.1 drivers door hard to close

    Hi my T6.1 drivers door need slamming really hard to close properly, is there any adjustments I can do to make this easier? Many thanks
  6. LBird80

    Drivers door adjustment.

    I know the instructions to adjust the door have already been posted, but has anyone actually attempted it themselves and how simple was it to do. Mine is dropped slightly, there’s no rubbing etc but it’s just enough to bug me so was thinking about attempting to adjust it. Wanted to see how...
  7. Dannyb6467

    Drivers door creaky - hinge roller dry?

    Hello folks, I'm getting creaks when opening both front doors. The problem is the small rollers aren't rolling over the cams that hold the doors at certain positions...the rollers are seized. Happens on both doors and now my daughter's both doors. Both 2021 vans. Anyone else had this issue? I...
  8. Cupotea

    T6.1 Front Windows Outer Seal

    I recently had the driver's door outer window seal replaced under warranty as it had a gap. I questioned the passenger side and was told it was fine, though after recent rain it's clearly letting a lot of water through where the angle changes near the front of the window. A friend mentioned that...
  9. ShooglyStu

    T6 Clicking noise from drivers door

    In the last few days I have been getting a clicking noise (like a relay switching on and off) from the drivers door, only when in motion. Seems to be worse on rougher roads. No faults showing in Carister. Any ideas?
  10. Lutty

    Central locking has stopped working [Resolved]

    Hi all, T6 2016. My central locking has stopped working inside van on the door switch, working fine on the key fob. Any help appreciated Thanks Dave
  11. Buildrightmatt

    Drivers door, door card screw

    Hi, does anyone know the part number for the drivers door door card screws...the pair that strengthen/fix the door card grab handle to the door? TIA
  12. F2JON

    Wanted T6 Passenger door

    As title compete passenger door required , new or mint condition.
  13. M

    Drivers Door wont open after break-in

    Someone fired a quartz pebble through my drivers door window this morning looking for valuables (but there weren't any fortunately). But now my drivers door won't open. It sounds like it's unlocking ok, but I am assuming some glass pieces have dropped down inside and are jamming the mechanism...
  14. Daz395

    No sound from drivers side speakers?

    Having picked up my van I’ve only got sound coming from the passenger side. Balance is set to the middle on the standard head unit but drivers side is totally dead. I can see that there is a wiring loom under the passenger seat for a Kenwood subwoofer which I believe was installed by VW but now...
  15. P

    T6.1 interior door handle upgrade

    Hi, the panel van comes with a basic, naff black plastic door release handle on the inside. I see the Caravelle, California etc have a nice aluminium one. there doesn't seem to be a separate part for this to be ordered as its all plastic welded and comes as part of the door card assembly. has...
  16. david173

    Front door window rattle when closing doors

    I have 2017 T6 Factory kombi. I find that when I close the front doors when the window is open at all the glass seams to rattle slightly? Its the same both sides. Never has this on any other vehicle, I didn't know if it was just because its a commercial vehicle and i'm yet to apply any sound...
  17. 3crispies

    Door hinge actuator

    Selling van to mate in few days and this has come off, is it broke or am missing some trick
  18. wessex

    Don’t lean on your doors!

    Whilst on our holiday in Scotland a 70 mph gust of wind took my drivers door out of my hands and bent it back on the hinges, the door closes ok but there is damage to the door and wheel arch/front wing. When I took it to be assessed the guy said the doors do drop over time when you lean on them...
  19. timthetinyhorse

    Drivers door spring/cam/stop door swinging open thing….

    No idea what it’s called really but opened the van door last night and heard a loud crack, had a look and the little cam type device is now not in contact with the door hinge and I can lift the head off it. Anyone have a part number or know what it’s called?
  20. S

    Front Door Opening Angle…

    Hi folks, no idea which forum page would be best for this question, so apologies in advance if it’s the wrong place. I’m a new owner of a 2018 T6, and find that the front doors don’t open as wide as I would expect, and certainly not as far as my old van (not VW!). I can see on the door stops...