1. B

    Lane Assist - default to 'Off'?

    I am considering buying a Crafter with Lane Assist (I'm sure it will be the same system as with the T6.1). Having driven the van, it handles very nicely, but on normal roads (as opposed to motorways), I found the Lane Assist drove me mad. It was like having a small child incessantly tugging at...
  2. Oldrat

    Oldrat’s Crafter Camper has finally landed

    We bought this Crafter LWB superhigh Roof panel Van from VW as a demonstrator last November, well CV19 and a cancer operation meant that it took a lot longer to complete. It was converted by Richard of Rhales conversions, Oundle, Peterborough to our own design. It should soon also have new...
  3. Oldrat

    Crafter article in VW bus Mag

    This is a fabulous van, and has had everything thrown at it, it’s a real showcase for RHALES Conversions. Richard is also the guy converting my Crafter. I nearly went for the electric bed but was vetoed by ‘er indoors.
  4. Rjhg98

    Wheel arch trims for new shape crafter

    Anyone know of any wheel arch trims like the swamper ones for t6’s?
  5. Pete C

    Someone Else Thinking About A Crafter

    We were at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show at the NEC today. At the back of our minds was the idea that we would like something a little bigger than our T6 at some point. The show gave us loads of ideas about potential layouts, but the best for us was the VW Grand California on display...
  6. joe_j_barnes

    T6 Camper Or Sprinter / Crafter Self Build

    Can’t help think would you rather have a T6 professional conversion or would you buy a vw crafter / sprinter self build. I have a 204DSG T6 ready for a conversion this year but I constantly find myself looking at bigger self builds with showers etc and wonder if am going right thing , but I...
  7. Kev23

    Crafter / Sprinter Question

    Anyone possibly know if the crafter or sprinter LWB will comfortably take 4 motorbikes? heading back to europe but this time looking to kill the dull trip to Portsmouth by utilising a hire van, there and back. bikes are CB1000R, S1000R & speed triple (4th unknown yet), just curious if anyone has...
  8. Oldrat

    T6 To Crafter Q’s

    First of probably many Qs Is my spare wheel lock, bought from here and fitted to my T6, likely to fit the Crafter spare?
  9. Oldrat

    My T6 Will Be On Sale Soon..

    Not an advert- I’ll pop something in the right place later. Just a heads up and a big thank you to the T6 forum you have all been such a bundle of fun and an encyclopaedia of T6 knowledge, thank you. Don’t fret I may just stick around as there isn’t a similar Crafter forum. I’ve just taken...
  10. A

    Crafter seat-covers for my T6? Or covers which accommodate cup-holder..

    I have a 1+2 front seat arrangement in my Transporter 2016 T32 kombi but the left-hand seat of the double has a pull down cup holder in the back and can only see Crafter seat covers that have this function... would they work in my van?
  11. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Dual Seat Swivel Plate

    Hi Does anyone know of a swivel plate for the twin passenger seat on the new model Crafter? VW only seem to supply ones for single seats, and the "shuffle and slide" plates I've seen all seem to be for the earlier Crafter / Sprinter model. TIA Kev
  12. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Alarm / Deadlocks

    Hi I'm getting a Crafter to convert and it comes with the Business Pack, which includes the alarm. I'd just like to know what people do when you're actually living in it / at night? Do you just use the internal central locking switch and leave it unalarmed / not deadlocked? Do you double press...
  13. Dave F

    Opinions On Crafter Price.

    I have been thinking about getting a bigger van. I used to have a master then got the new traffic sport but it’s just to small. A ex demo crafter 177 highline on a 17 plate with 9000 miles. Its a MWB high roof and in blue which is the colour I need and size. If I had new I would pick a lot of...
  14. Oldrat

    I’m Thinking Of Converting A Crafter

    We have had our brilliant T6 camper for just over a year and we’ve proved to ourselves that it’s not just a passing fad, that we are really hooked. So our thoughts are turning to our next camper. We both want more headroom and more space would be great. A loo would be handy too! Being able to...
  15. Gavandi

    Vw Crafter Conversion.

    Saw this at the Harrogate caravan and motor home show today.......must say that it did look good. Obviously not as good as a T6!! But.......interesting for when we can't get into the pop top!!