1. Oldrat

    VW All in plan .. again

    Copied from my post on the Crafter forum, because it’s just as relevant here. It’s my second plan, van is 2018 reg and been covered by the manufacturers warranty from new. The All In plan works out cheaper than VW servicing and I like the warranty & breakdown cover. No pre inspection required...
  2. T

    crafter not starting

    hi everyone im having some trouble with a man tge that i brought as a non runner could anyone have a look at the log I've posted and let me know if it looks ok as havent got much experience with reading vcds thanks in advanced for any help
  3. JFWerkstatt

    Bent connecting rod. 2019 VW 2.0 bi-turbo (MAN TGE). Big update!

    Hi everyone, thought I’d do a post on my current findings. 2019 MAN TGE 2.0 bi-turbo 180bhp. The vehicle was misfiring up to around 1600rpm. After this it seemed to run fine. The below video has a description of what’s been done so far, I’ve also fitted a pressure regulating valve with no...
  4. N


    HI put engine in crafter was running good previously had an injector took up road for test cut out and will not restart no fault codes coming up have checked with vcds - looks like i have fuel pressure etc so anyone have any ideas thanks in advance here is log for mmi
  5. S

    How do I get rid of my factory fit leisure battery? - Crafter

    Does anyone know how I can get this system removed so I can install my own? Tried VW main dealer as well as several recommended auto electricians local. Very frustrating!
  6. Eli

    Go Big or Go Home Crafter Conversion

    I know this should be posted on the Crafter Corner…. But hey whatever!! Any who Here are some pictures of where I am currently at with build. I have had the air con and windows fitted by a company as will all the Victron goodies which go in on Tuesday next week (3kw and 320ah battery with...
  7. Angieg

    Upgrade or not ? From T6.1 to Fiat Ducato Expedition!

    Anyone gone from a T6.1 to a Fiat Ducato Expedition 68 or similar ? …. A long shot I know ? Been looking at the crafters but don’t seem big enough and many haven’t a loo. We don’t want a big motorhome Hence trying to keep within a Campervan range. We have slowly realised that our day van (Ovano...
  8. S

    Crafter 2.0tdi non starter

    Hi all, I'm new here and looking for some inspiration for a non start 2016 crafter 2.0tdi. I know this is a T6 forum but I'm at the end of my teather with this and I can't get an answer from any crafter forum. OK here goes... About 2 months ago the van started taking a but longer to start, but...
  9. F

    LWB T6 to LWB Crafter

    Hey all, We finished our t6 conversion last year and loved the project and it's a great van now. We're recently a family of 5 and van was designed to be a daily driver Kombi as well as something we can use as a camper. It's great as daily and will sleep us all a camper but was tight as 4 so...
  10. Dave F

    Crafter Pop top roof

    just starting to cost up converting my MWB crafter. As it’s a MWB I think I would like to put a pop top roof on it for sleeping I had a price for a proper crafter pop top at 9k can you fit a t6 pop top to a crafter?. I was wondering if anyone had a list of thins I need to buy to convert it just...
  11. bullracing

    its got to be said... Cali handbrake for the win

    One of the best mods so far is the Grand California handbrake. You lift it up then let go and it drops to the floor while still being engaged. Allows you to swivel the seat so much easier. Yes yes, I know all you posh gits with dsg can just put it in Park but for those without this is a game...
  12. Pauly

    Crafter / TGE Brochures & Price Lists

    Does anyone have any pre 2022 brochures and/or price lists for crafters or TGEs ??
  13. Donk

    Crafter Rear Ladder

    Anyone here fitted a Wheeliams rear ladder to their Crafter? I’m part way through fitting it and I’m stuck!
  14. Pauly

    Crafter/TGE VIN numbers please

    Guys and gals, im digging and researching and pulling together some info around crafters and TGEs so if anybody could send me a VIN that would be great I understand if people dont want to post them in public so feel free to PM them to me and they will of course be kept private and not shared...
  15. Donk

    Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe - which size for MWB?

    Looking to fit one of these at the rear of my 2019 MWB van. They do two sizes though. Not sure which size to fit. Has anyone on here fitted them?
  16. Donk

    Crafter Remap - Yes/No

    So, I’ve just bought a 2019 140bhp MWB Crafter to convert. Anyone here remapped theirs? Always done my Transporters, just wondering about the Crafter.
  17. S

    Can a MAN TGE 4x4 join in?

    Hi, I've decided to buy an MAN TGE 4X4 as I'm fed up.of waiting for my T6.1 4 motion to be built. Can I join in?!
  18. W

    Factory fit leisure battery Crafter

    Have new Crafter with factory fit second battery which is in the engine compartment. Starter battery is under the floor in front of double passenger seat. Under the double seat is a fuse box and heavy guage battery wires. Does anyone know if these are for leisure battery or engine battery? If...
  19. Andy Cody

    Crafter Steering Wheel Controls

    Hi! We’re starting to outgrow the T6 so we’re going to make the leap to a crafter. I’ve seen a few nice ones online but it’s really confusing with only two trim levels to choose from. One thing I’ve noticed is that the buttons on the steering wheel seem to differ but I’m not really sure why...
  20. Raul a/3

    VCDS help with DPF.

    Hi guys, I’m in Germany, my crafter decided had enough, a damaged Dpf. I ordered a new one, today has arrived and fitted the new one. I have vcds with me, and I’m after guidance to run adaptation I think on the relevant values for a new dpf. I have used vcds a couple of times for scanning and...