1. Donk

    Remap - Yes/No

    So, I’ve just bought a 2019 140bhp MWB Crafter to convert. Anyone here remapped theirs? Always done my Transporters, just wondering about the Crafter.
  2. W

    Factory fit leisure battery Crafter

    Have new Crafter with factory fit second battery which is in the engine compartment. Starter battery is under the floor in front of double passenger seat. Under the double seat is a fuse box and heavy guage battery wires. Does anyone know if these are for leisure battery or engine battery? If...
  3. Andy Cody

    Crafter Steering Wheel Controls

    Hi! We’re starting to outgrow the T6 so we’re going to make the leap to a crafter. I’ve seen a few nice ones online but it’s really confusing with only two trim levels to choose from. One thing I’ve noticed is that the buttons on the steering wheel seem to differ but I’m not really sure why...
  4. Raul a/3

    VCDS help with DPF.

    Hi guys, I’m in Germany, my crafter decided had enough, a damaged Dpf. I ordered a new one, today has arrived and fitted the new one. I have vcds with me, and I’m after guidance to run adaptation I think on the relevant values for a new dpf. I have used vcds a couple of times for scanning and...
  5. Oldrat

    Reclassification as a Motor-caravan: don’t bother

    Apparently the DVLA think that my Crafter is a van with windows and not a Motor Caravan, despite meeting EVERY ONE of their own criteria. Whats the hope for a converted T6 I applied to have my Crafter V5 class changed only because it’s relevant to getting it up-plated, the speed limit isn’t...
  6. V

    Help.. T6.1 Camper or Crafter Camper which should i get??..

    Hi, so we're a family of 5 (kids are 14, 10 & 3) plus medium dog and we've never had a volkswagen van/camper before. I currently have a Transporter Sportline Kombi LWB on order since April 21 with the plan to have it converted into a Camper when it arrives (if it ever arrives). All this time...
  7. S

    Stolen ignition barrel

    Good morning peoples, Need your kind advice, some 1 stolen the ignition barrel from my 2017 vw crafter van, i have asked 3-4 mechanics/auto locksmiths but no 1 have the idea how to program if i get a part from vw even. Any solutions for that, The 2nd problem is the steering wheel is locked...
  8. bullracing

    Crafter Specific forum?

    Not to jump on this amazing groups back but is there any crafter forums that are NOT on Facebook? I think we need a more down to earth system where searches actually work and they are indexed properly plus the info is held properly and not the property of Facebook. I would look to create one if...
  9. S

    Crafter / MAN TGE Ignition live.

    Hi guys, Not fully a crafter but very close I am struggling to find a fuse diagram for a 2021 MAN TGE. I am looking for an ignition live for the CTEK 250 if someone had any info on which of the fuses bottom right under the steering wheel would be best to take a feed from. Thank you for...
  10. Oldrat

    Show Us Your Crafter

    Post a pic of my Crafter, just a little big bigger than my old T6. (There isn’t a show me your Crafter thread!)
  11. RedUn

    4x4 Crafter or...

    Seriously considering swapping the T6 for a bigger van that we can do extended stays (months) in fully off grid as a family. I've got a hankering for building something like an expedition vehicle but I do need to keep it sensible so it'll probably end up like a half way house. My question...
  12. bullracing

    I have moved to the bottom of the forum into the Crafter pages. Bye Bye T6

    So the T6 sold and I pick up my new Crafter on Wednesday. Its a MWB with business pack and few other little bits, not a full high spec though, I plan on doing a conversion. Blimey parts are hard to get for these. One thing I was wondering if any of the T6 guys are looking, Can things be added...
  13. Dave F

    Amarok Manaus wheels onto Crafter

    Looking to put my 18”” Amarok alloys onto my crafter they have the same amount of studs and are spaced the same so the question is will they be ok?. I was going to try them today but the studs have been put on to tight for me to get off. I realise I will have to Chang the tyres and am a bit...
  14. begazzz

    Davenport 17” load rating. (Not tyres the actual wheels.

    Hi all. Does anyone know what the load rating the save ports are. I may sell to a friend with a cr3500 (crafter gross 3500kg) mine is a T32. Tyres are fine at 1030kg each. Seem to remember something about 2types if Davenport but I can’t see VW bothering with making 2 types. TIA.
  15. campergeek

    Found Crafter 16" Black Steel Wheels x 4

    Was missold these, got my money back and now have no use for them. They're in really good condition and looks like they might fit a T6 with the correct spacers, but not 100% on that. Anyway, free to a good home otherwise they're getting scrapped next week. Rims only, no tyres, no centre caps...
  16. campergeek

    16" (Crafter) steels won't fit over T6 brake callipers

    Got my new (2017) T6 (T28) this weekend, and it has 16" Claytons on it. I've bought some black VW OEM 16" steels that I thought would be a straight swap, sold as T5/T6 wheels. Just been told by my tyre guy that the steels are rubbing on the caliper and won't fit. Do I need spacers or different...
  17. Dave F

    MWB Crafter Conversation ideas wanted

    Hi. Trying to find pictures/options on converting my 2017 crafter into a camper im trying to see what it would / could look like inside as it’s only a MWB. I am thinking of putting a pop top roof on it for sleeping to maximise the space for relaxing.
  18. A

    VW Crafter part numbers

    Hello all. I'm actually getting a Crafter on Friday but it's very quiet over that side of the forum and this post isn't Crafter-specific.... I'll be looking to retrofit the RH second armrest onto the non-highline seat it'll have, which I'm hoping is possible. However, I can't find any RH...
  19. ABusAndBeyond

    Can anybody tell me if the new shape Crafter can be retrofitted with an OEM spec cruise control?

    Can anybody tell me if the new shape Crafter can be retrofitted with an OEM spec cruise control?
  20. S

    Sprinter v Crafter

    we are thinking of another business van mob Crafter or Sprinter ,anyone driven a new sprinter ? if so what's your impression apart from it being a bit fuglly