cool box

  1. T

    Day van cooler box 12v recommendations?

    After any recommendations for a 12v cooler box to run of my leisure battery Any help appreciated
  2. N

    For Sale Dometic Combicool ACX40 3-way top loading fridge - 12V, 240V and gas

    Selling our Dometic Combicool ACX40 Fridge - £235 If you've done your searching you'll know how great and versatile these are. Silent running and the option of in-car, mains or gas running. Has been used but is in great condition (see pics). Any questions just shout. I MAY be able to deliver...
  3. drays

    Sold VW Cooling Warming Box BNIB

    I have a genuine VW cooling warming box for sale. I specced it with my T6 Caravelle so I could get the leisure battery fitted - they wouldn't let me have a leisure battery on its own. it fits to the Caravelle rails using a removable mounting plate and plugs into a 12V lighter socket. I have my...
  4. S

    Cancelled Holiday: Emergency Weekender Power-options

    So here's the situation I find myself in with the T6 I was planning to go away to France in the T6 and stay at a friends house - this has now been scuppered by the delay on passports and the fact their house is in the French Red zone. Holiday was booked and I have to take the time off so we...
  5. Dellmassive

    Fridges & Cold Beer -- How I Done It --

    Fridges & Cold Beer -- How I Done It -- For Most Beer Lovers, Cold Beer is a Must. (especially Larger) and for Her-Indoors a cold wine or G&T will always help smooth the situation . . . . maybe even Cold POP for the kids (My nanas term) Then there is the necessities of camping and Fridges...
  6. Skyliner33

    Anyone got a Dometic CFF 35 or CDF 36? Looking for Opinions.

    As the title, Im looking for a fridge. But so many choices even if you just look for Dometic I'm getting a bit lost. Whats the difference between them as they range in price a lot. Eg CFX3, 35 or CFX 28 or CFF 35 or CDF 36. So, basically is it worth getting Dometic or are alternatives like the...
  7. J88arv

    My leisure bat set up?

    Hi all, I purchased a t6 with a leisure battery set up already Installed. The kit chargers the battery and also runs a couple of USB ports and a 12v outlet. However the kit I have like I say works bang on but a friend of mine seems to think it looks odd?? please help? Ow and mines a stop start
  8. Skyliner33

    Is This Fridge Any Good?

    Just wondering if this fridge is worth a punt? Current draw seems low enough to to run on solar Off grid?
  9. Kingsway

    Cool Box

    Just seen these Aldi thought it was just a coolbox now looked at it line and it keeps stuff warm as well. Blue/Grey Thermoelectric Coolbox Seems cheap to me and runs off 12v or 240v
  10. dmk

    Fridge - Any Good And How Does It Fit?

    Just looking at this fridge and like it due to it fitting in my caravelle floor runners. VW CoolBox (Fridge) 32 Litres Volume, Anthracite Any thoughts on whether its any good please? Also, can i clamp it in the boot area, easily, or do you have to remove all the seats to be able to slide it...
  11. drays

    For Sale Vw Cooling Warming Box

    Genuine VW cooling warming box brand new in box. I have a March 2019 Caravelle with leisure battery - when I ordered I didn't have the option to spec the battery on its own, so I got the cooling warming box which included fitment of the second battery. It is still in its box un-opened. £250...
  12. Gillon Johnstone

    Which Fridge?

    Hi, Looking for recommendations or advice on buying a car fridge, We are taking our van to Spain via Portsmouth this year and since we had a little unexpected bundle of joy in November we are going to have to be able to keep baby food, milk etc chilled, not to mention food and drinks for the...
  13. J

    Fridge or cool box?

    Hi wondering if anyone can help. Having just purchased a t6 lwb we are travelling to France in it in a few weeks. When we go the van will be lined, and have rock and roll bed but no units we plan to just use carver boxes and portable hob. However our concern is the fridge...we will be running...
  14. Phil Harris

    Anyone Used Icey Tek Coolboxes?

    anyone had any experience? Will they keep a load af beer cool for three/four days?
  15. TassieT6

    House Batteries and Refrigerator in Multivan

    Here's a picture of my battery and refrigerator setup in the back of my van. 2x130AH AGM, Redarc BCDC1240 connected to the 'Analog' panel feed under the passengers seat. The Engel 39l fridgeis around 25 years old. The batteries are covered by a carpeted panel so are secure and hidden. It may...
  16. Andy Cody

    Glovebox 'coolbox'

    hello! Our new little polo has a vent in the glovebox which feeds cold air from the air con and keeps stuff nice and cool. Having a look inside the T6 glovebox there appears to be a blank where this vent would be and interestingly when you remove the glovebox there's an outlet ready and...