1. Reedspeed46

    Vw transporter drops colours for 2023

    Looks like theirs a few colours being dropped from the t6.1 for 2023,Danish Green,& Copper Bronze being the two for now, with nothing replacing them on vans, theirs 3 new two tone ones on Californias , based on a silver top half, red, blue & met grey lowers
  2. Lukavell

    Best Swamper Colour

    Just cleaned some tar spots off the van and the state of the paint work got me thinking about getting a wrap. The A1 has not been kind to my paint work! Whats the best colour for a swamper?
  3. JonnyTee

    What colour wheel? Team Black

    Hello, I pick my 1st VW T6 Camper up on Tuesday and need some Wheel Colour Help… it’s a black Camper with everything done in Black including the 20” Cross wire alloys. Not too keen on These And will be getting some Navis Twin 5’s and using original tyres as new,, Just need some colour help I’ve...
  4. T

    …about to order a shuttle but cannot settle on a colour

    About to order t6.1 shuttle, LWB, but torn between bay leaf Green or ascot grey. Unable to see anything in forecourts due to lack of stock which makes the choice harder! It’s through motability, so can only make minimal changes, but we want our wee man, the wheelchair user to have a cool van! We...
  5. Proberts

    What colour wheel? Team Bayleaf Green

    Afternoon all. I have very recently ordered a Bay leaf green T6.1 so got a long time to decide but my dilemma is what colour wheels shall i go for? I have looked through bay leaf green thread but nothing is quite jumping out at me yet. Only ever seen one on the road but went passed so quick, i...
  6. Kyle lannerz

    What colour wheel? Team White

    Evening guys and girls i am am having a rite headache, I have a candy white T6 t32with black 20’s on at the mo just had had some kw v1 coil overs fitted today at @The Van Cave by @ChrisR changed the side bars to freshen her up a bit. I am having a mare now thinking of changing my wheels looking...
  7. W

    New T6.1 order - what colour should I get?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to both the forum and to Transporter ownership. I currently own a 17-year old Mercedes Vito, but the time has come to change and a new T6.1 it is. I’m just struggling to decide on the colour. I’ve narrowed it down to Pure Grey, Indium Grey or Bay Leaf Green. What’s...
  8. HUG-T6

    What colour wheel? Team Blackberry

    Hi All.... picked up a blackberry T6 a two weeks ago & I need some alloys! I'm after some suggestions for colours - I'm thinking maybe matte bronze in 18 or 19"? Any suggestion or photo's of yours would be great...
  9. W

    What colour wheel? Team Silver

    All, Looking for some advice, for some reason the salt has totally destroyed all 4 wheels on my van. Never had this issue last year and drove all through the winter with the same wheel so for the life of me can't understand why they have now been damaged so badly. They are diamond cut and after...
  10. Jim&Michelle

    Indium grey - What colour for pop top canvas

    Hello all After several years of thinking about it we have finally just taken the plunge and bought a T6 LWB highline DSG in indium grey. We are booked in for Skyline Aurora pop top in March and deliberating on canvas colour choice. I quite fancy orange canvas with reupholstered orange/tan...
  11. D

    T6.1 Colours

    I’m in the process of ordering my new 6.1 high line and why is it so difficult to find a proper colour brochure from Vw ? I asked my dealer what the new pure grey is on the vans I’ve seen on YouTube and he told me it’s a new Ascot grey colour but I can’t confirm it because there doesn’t seem to...
  12. M

    [Guide] Grille Coloured Strip Vinyl Wrap Mod - £6.50

    (apologies if this has been done as a guide before, I couldn't see anything when searching) I've been in the VW scene for over 20 years but I've recently bought my first van and I am truly shocked at how inflated some of the prices are for some things, these coloured bumper strip bars being...
  13. Lukavell

    Caravelle Lower Interior Colour Code

    I've searched high and low but no luck. I'd like to match the upper plastic parts to the lower parts with some plastic dye. Anyone know the colour code? It's almost black but not quite.
  14. chriscroft

    If You Could Choose Any Colour??

    This would be my choice.. James Bond Aston Martin DBS Superleggera revealed - pictures Aston Martin - Arden Green with some
  15. Rossi17

    New T6 - what colour should I get?

    High Guys and Girls, I'm about to order my new Highline and totally stuck between the 2 colours Starlight Blue and Solid Grey both with black alloys. I think it might have to go with a flip of a coin :confused: Thanks
  16. T6dder

    Poll: Which T6 colour do you own?

    A members Poll to find out which colour T6 you have bought: