1. Deaky

    T6 Climatic Wiring Diagrams 2020-05-17

    Wiring diagram for Climatic HVAC
  2. Daniel2929

    Heater Control Question

    Hi People Recently just purchased a startline kombi it has air con but has the manual dials to adjust the temp is there anyway of swapping this to the one that comes in the highline? Thank you in advance
  3. Climatronic


  4. M

    Climate Control Not Working Driver Side But Fine Passenger Side And In The Back

    Just noted our T6 Caravelle isn't changing the temp of the climate control on the drivers side (ie the display shows 26 but blows almost as cold as 18). I've tried multiple settings to see if whatever gubbins are controlling the direction of the air can be 'nudged' back to working. So far...
  5. S

    Issues with the "Climatic" A/C blowing just hot air, no cold air

    Hey, so I just bought the Caravelle T6, longer version (manufactured 12/2015) with mileage around 8000 (so almost fresh new) and the standard Climatic A/C. No matter what settings I use, the A/C blows only hot air from the roof exhausts in the passenger area. While from the driver's seat...