1. sippe

    Position Sensor for Rear Air Distribution Flap 2

    Good evening! Trying to figure out where this one can come from (code below), but not sure... I tried opening up the box where the rear blower sits, and playing around with the airco. Everything seems to be working in a normal way, flap opens and closes when changing between hot and cold (I...
  2. C

    For Sale Heater/AC consol

    Heater/ AC consol removed from a 2017 high line van £25 + P&P or collect from rm 13
  3. M

    Sold Badges / W/mirrors / Clamatic controllers / MFSW

    2017 highline van upgraded so original parts for sale (reasonable offers) Rugby based. Leather round steering wheel (no airbag) multi function, VW chrome front/rear badges, Revo badges new, wing mirrors /electric - pair, air con controllers - 2.
  4. R

    Part number for heating controls wiring

    Hi Folks I would like to move this from its standard place, to here As there is a tonne of wires, it strikes me that the easiest way to move it is to buy the wiring loom that plugs into the controls, run it to the new position and put matching plugs onto the other end so that it can connect to...
  5. S

    Heater Blowing Hot until dial at coldest point then blows cold [Resolved]

    Hi, my 2016 VW transporter T6 seems to only blow cold air when the dial is set to the coldest setting. Soon as you move off the coldest setting it blows hot air. Anyone else seen this before and can help?
  6. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...
  7. Ayjay

    Uneven Air Con Blowers [Resolved]

    My van has Climatic air conditioning and with the heat today I started the engine and set the air con to the lowest temperature with maximum fan and blowing into the face (as in the picture below). The air came out of all vents cold enough but I did notice that the the strength was rather...
  8. M

    Climate control issue

    Hi all, I have a 2016 T6 (T30 Highline) with the manual climate controls. First long work drive in months yesterday and noticed the vent control had stopped working. Kind of. Selecting windscreen, feet or dash vents didn’t do anything, although selecting defrost would switch on the ac but not...
  9. M

    Climatic to climatronic

    Hi all, looking to do a little lock down project to take out my climatic air con system and replace with the climatronic version. Granted I’ll need a climatronic air box and control panel. Are there many other changes between the two? Has anyone done this?
  10. Shanz

    Aircon/heat director control panel

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the fuse is for the Aircon/heat director control panel (the one below the stereo)? Mine has stopped working as follows: - There is no LED backlight - The left hand knob (temperature control) doesnt do anything - The middle knob (heater fan speed control) works...
  11. cbrblade

    HVAC faults

    Can anybody help with this Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 7E5-907-047.clb Control Module Part Number: 7E0 907 047 AK HW: 7E0 907 047 AK Component and/or Version: Climatic-T5 H22 0708 Software Coding: 0000000003 Work Shop Code: WSC 02737 790 50316...
  12. Pauly

    T6 Climatic Air Conditioning Wiring Diagrams 2018

    Climatic HVAC circuit diagram Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015, second release is for vehicles manufactured from June 2016 onwards VIP Membership is required to download this document
  13. Adam_T6

    My Air-Con Retrofit thread

    Hi, I have started collecting parts to retrofit air con to my van. Has this been successfully completed by anyone? I see it is commonly done on T5s but only an aftermarket kit is fitted by Alpinair to the T6. Does anyone know of any other parts required or have any wiring diagrams etc...
  14. Daniel2929

    Heater Control Upgrade Question

    Hi People Recently just purchased a startline kombi it has air con but has the manual dials to adjust the temp is there anyway of swapping this to the one that comes in the highline? Thank you in advance
  15. Climatronic


  16. M

    Climate Control Not Working Driver Side But Fine Passenger Side And In The Back

    Just noted our T6 Caravelle isn't changing the temp of the climate control on the drivers side (ie the display shows 26 but blows almost as cold as 18). I've tried multiple settings to see if whatever gubbins are controlling the direction of the air can be 'nudged' back to working. So far...
  17. S

    Climatic A/C blowing hot air to rear pax, no A/C

    Hey, so I just bought the Caravelle T6, longer version (manufactured 12/2015) with mileage around 8000 (so almost fresh new) and the standard Climatic A/C. Possibly known as a Shuttle in the UK. No matter what settings I use, the A/C blows only hot air from the roof exhausts in the passenger...