ceramic protection

  1. H

    To Ceramic Coat or not Ceramic Coat?

    Ladies and Gentlemen I have searched the forum but can’t quite find an answer to this one. I have just taken possession of a brand new van and am considering whether I should invest in having the vehicle ceramic coated professionally. I live in the Scottish Highlands and in the winter time...
  2. A

    Ceramic coating - DIY

    Hi, I just bought some Hydrolex ceramic sealant. Just wondering if anybody has done there own cermic coating? Are you happy with the result? Any tips? Cheers
  3. T

    Experiences with nano coating?

    Hey guys I was thinking about a nano coating for my T6, bacause I found this website Car Coating | Nanotechnology at the cutting edge | nanoCare Now I am really hyped about it and want to try it out. Do you have any experiences with any coating like this and is it useful? What do you think?
  4. C

    Paint enhancement question

    Hello, if I were to pay to get my van paint machine polished and waxed, dare I ask if anyone knows roughly how much it costs?.. basically the vans black and there's some minor swirls everywhere, and it's already annoying me. I'm in Swindon if anyone is near Wiltshire and knows or can recommend...

    Ceramic Coating 6 months on

    Cleaned the van for the third time since having it coated. Feel like I’m properly ontop of it now... don’t get me wrong the paint work isn’t perfect , but it’s black... and I don’t think I’ll ever get ALL the swirls out. Ps, @Tourershine , can I be your son yet?
  6. T

    Pearl Black Swirl Marks...

    Morning all. I recently purchased a 2016 LWB Kombi in Pearl Black. She's done few miles and while mechanically sound the paintwork has evidently seen a few car washes... I've been over the whole van a couple of times with a DA and a couple of different scratch removal compounds and while...
  7. GONA66

    How Can I Tell if it’s been Ceramic Coated?

    Having recently acquired a T6 which is just over 2 yrs old , how do I tell if the vehicle has ever or recently been subjected to a ceramic coating ? Apart from the obvious lack of swirl marks in the paint ,are there any other tell tale signs or checks I can perform ? Really keen to find out ...

    Paint Correction & Ceramic Coat Progress

    Hey guys, so I’ve had so many quotes for the above title... and they’ve all been 600-1200 to do. I’ve managed to get a lad who does it out of his garage for a seriously good price, I gave it to him Tuesday and he said it’ll be done Sunday,,, so here’s a few progress pics so far. Paint work was...
  9. Lighty

    Shiny Shiny Ceramic Coating

    Full iron removal De-Tar 2 stage clay 2 stage machine polish including the alloys Hand polished Then a multi layer of Gyeon ceramic coating applied :)
  10. Steve H

    Phase A Commenced..

    Having collected the new van just 250 miles ago I thought it would be wisest to start on the exterior first, and so Phase A has started.. I've always been told it's just a phase I'm going through, so we may as well continue with them.. I dropped the van off at Gtechniq's UK HQ earlier. For the...
  11. T6180

    Best Wheel Sealant?

    So I'm due to receive some freshly powder coated wheels and been looking at the best way to seal them in time for the winter, what do other member recommend? I'm not sure to use polish sealant or ceramic, but I'm leaning towards poorboys wheel sealant or Gtechniq C5