cate carrier

  1. Kisha

    T6 for transporting motorcycle & road trips

    Dear all, For about half a year now, we've been looking at vans, mostly VW Transporter (T6) and are considering trading our every day car in for it. We'd like to use it for: - Daily commute - Groceries, shopping, larger purchases - Road trips & vacations - Road trips with our motorcycles...
  2. L

    Tow Bar Box

    We want to take an inflatable kayak with us when camping, and we’re looking tow bar boxes. And recommendations please?
  3. B

    Tow Bar, Back Box And Bikes

    Good evening all. New to the camper game and recently took delivery of our T6 highline with tailgate. Just about to have a tow bar fitted and unsure as to what combination I should have for the extra storage and bikes. So far I've seen the Westfalia cargo box as well as the Thule easy base...
  4. Shaun Witts

    Has Anyone Fitted The Cate Motorbike Carrier/rack?

    I lived in Germany for a while, and this rack was (is) available for a number of vehicles. A friend fitted one to a Chrysler Voyager to carry his KTM Duke on. It seems that they are approved for up to 250kg when fitted to the Transporter, which is enough for my Honda Bros. Such a rack would also...