bike rack

  1. P

    Newbie Q - Replacements gas struts for bike rack

    Hi all, Well.. yesterday collected T6 camper! Still smiling and excited for the adventures to come! It included the VW 4 bike holder for the tailgate model which is the Thule Wanderway (I think). Once installed the struts are not strong enough to hold the tailgate and rack combination. I...
  2. Spookybear

    Wanted Rocking horse poo, erm I mean a VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi folks, I know they are a bit rocking horse muck at the mo but if anyone is thinking of selling their VW tailgate rack now the silly season is nearly over I'm in the market for one. Just ordered a new MTB but it won't be here till Christmas or later so no real rush but just putting feelers...
  3. D

    VW T6 Bike Rack - max wheelbase?

    Does anyone know the max wheelbase that the genuine vw T6 bike rack will take? Trying to work out if I can get my new Enduro bike on it at 1275mm and 29" wheels. The Thule Wanderway is too short. Fiamma Pro might just fit but the V2 genuine VW one looks to have longer rack lengths though from...
  4. nickwt6

    Tailgate bike rack & security/anti-theft bolts

    Recently bought a Thule Wanderway tailgate rack (which is fab!), but like other similar racks is only secured by 2 security torx screws, and I now realise that you can remove the rack without opening the tailgate if you're prepared to lose the two lower clamps, which I imagine are easily...
  5. H

    Would our existing Halfords Exodus tilting bike rack work with a T6 tailgate and/or barn door van?

    Hi All, We are looking to buy our first VW T6 camper van and wanted to get some advice on bike racks, We are a family of 4 with 2 adult, 1 x 24” and 1 x 26” bike. We already have a tilting bike rack which we use on our car, it’s a Halfords Exodus rack which we brought earlier this year. I’d like...
  6. R

    Suction Cup Bike Racks

    When we travel we use a Thule Backup box on our towbar, but we would like to take our 4 bikes with us as well. The problem is we have barn doors. I've seen suction cup bike racks and was wondering if anyone had used them on their barn doors? Or is there another solution to mounting 4 bikes on...
  7. M

    Best tailgate bike rack - bang for buck

    Afternoon. What is the general consensus on Tailgate bike racks?? I need a 4 bike solution. I have a Fiamma on my T3 and it’s been great. cheers
  8. P

    Bike rack - Tailgate vs Barn Doors - 4 Mountain bikes

    Hi, I am currently looking to buy a VW Campervan and notice the mixture of 'tailgates' and 'barn doors' types. Our main requirement for this campervan is to be able to take 4 mountain bikes on the back when heading off camping. Does that mean we should only be looking at 'tailgate' options...
  9. paul stevenson

    Bike rack barn door fitting

    When fitting a faimma bike rack to a van with barn doors, what is the ideal measurement from the edge of the door to the right hand clamp, thanks
  10. Tappers

    VW Bike Rack query

    Hi everyone! There’s a few threads about bike racks, but what I couldn’t find anything on was if people who have them have had any issues with marks on the paintwork where the rubber feet sit? I’m almost certain this is the rack I am going to purchase, but a guy I was talking to “has a friend”...
  11. J

    Bike Rack with Back Box

    Hi - we have a Thule back box on our barn door camper. Is there a bike rack that will fit on the back when the box is also fitted? Thx
  12. T28dov

    Bike Rack on tailgate van with Spoiler..

    Can anyone recommend a bike rack for 2 bikes that will fit a T6 that has a spoiler on the tailgate?
  13. Campervan Journey

    Atera Strada Video Review

    Hi, I have just uploaded a Full Video review of the Atera Strada Bike rack to my YouTube Channel. The link is here if you are interested Campervan Journey - Full Review of the Atera Strada Bike Rack
  14. Van Buddy

    Sold T6 Bike Rack inc Struts

    Genuine T6 bike rack including uprated 1150 N struts and 3 keys. Slight damage to one buckle, still works. £450.
  15. czmate1999

    Thule VeloSpace XT 3 Or Atera STRADA DL 3 - bike rack

    Hmmm. Stuck on these two bike racks. my needs, - Obviously robust and good quality - easy on and off. - good weight capacity for at least 3 bikes, possibly 2 electric in future. - ability to mount box or bag if needed - tilt / slide option to be able to open tailgate without bikes or rack...
  16. F

    Bike Rack

    What are the general thoughts around bike carriers? I want to be able to transport 4 bikes, am I best going for the VW Gen type one that mounts to the roof or are tow bar type ones better. Id like to be able to have a spoiler on the roof which is why I am thinking of the tow bar one however I’m...
  17. J

    Barn door bike rack + spoiler?

    Has anyone managed it? Yes I know the question has been asked a few times and the general consensus is it won't work. I have seen pics of one fitted with cut outs in the spoiler but I don't like that look. I did recently find this pic; Can't see if the spoiler is cut out or not? I don't...
  18. VDubnewby666

    Sold Genuine Vw Bike Carrier (tail Gate) For Sale

    Genuine VW tail gate mounted 4 bike carrier for sale. All bike clamp arms included. £400 - will consider sensible offers.
  19. Ayjay

    2 Bike Racks

    Or racks to carry 2 bikes!!! Now that I'm in my first full year with the T6 camper, I'm beginning to look at bike racks. I know that this subject has already been done on here quite a bit but I've just had an email from Camperco pushing what seems to be a new Thule rack - the catchily named...
  20. O

    Vw T6 Bike Rack - Retro-fit To A T5?

    Has anyone ever heard of the VW T6 bike rack being fitted to a T5? I much prefer the look of the new rack, but I can't find any evidence that you can replace the T6 mounting apparatus to make it sit on a T5 tailgate instead. Any help or suggestions much appreciated!