bike rack

  1. A

    “6 bike” bike rack??

    Morning all, first post for me as recently bought a T6 camper! Big question for me is, can you get a bike rack for 6 bikes???? Got 4 kids so ideally would like to take all the bikes, but if we just have to buy one for 4 then so be it. Be interesting to know if anyone has seen one or has any...
  2. D

    Sold Thule Velospace XT 2 938

    I am collecting my T6.1 on Wednesday next week and will be carrying my bikes inside from now on. Coming from a Ford Ranger where I used my tow bar for this Thule Velospace XT 2 938 rack. Arguably the best tow ball mounted bike rack available, especially for big enduro, downhill and e-bikes...
  3. Blondesparky

    Wanderway Thule

    Good evening, we have a four way Wanderway bike rack and the clamps that attach to the bike frame have seized. I have tried Penetrating fluid but to no avail. Any other help would be good. Thanks
  4. D

    For Sale Thule Elite G2 Standard 306560 Bike Rack

    This rack is for a motorhome / caravan, not a T6. I have a Thule Elite G2 Standard bike rack, bought for a project that never materialised. It has been very lightly used by a previous owner but is almost as new, see photo where anodising has dulled, this seems to be common, maybe a reaction to...
  5. mlh677

    Sold Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack

    **SOLD** Genuine 4-bike VW T6 tailgate rack Collection only. Located near Glastonbury, Somerset. Recently bought from another forum member as I needed to transport 4 bikes on a trip with some friends. All 4 bike arms are present with keys & locks - the 4 locks are identical and so only a...
  6. Nigel W

    Solar panel on bike rack

    I really don’t want to fix panels to my roof so what are your thoughts on fixing a panel to the bike rack? We don’t have any bikes so it is currently just a very expensive washing line and it occurred to me that I could fix a panel as per the picture. The cabling is already in place as I have...
  7. Sackmycook

    Sold Buzzrack 3 bike towbar mounted bike rack

    For Sale.....Buzzrack 3 bike, towbar mounted bike rack, locks to towbar, tilting mechanism (won't clear T6 doors), 3 individual locking arms, used with general wear and tear. All keys present. No lightboard. Great cheap way to get around with bikes this summer. £75 ono......can deliver to...
  8. Gino D’Campervan

    Thule G2 compact bike rack

    Does anyone have any experience with this bike rack? Pros v cons vs the Fiamma version would be appreciated!
  9. G

    Extending T6 OEM Reversing Camera onto a Bike Rack

    Hi I am relatively new to the forum and have had a T6 Transporter camper conversion for a year now. I have recently got a Thule Easyfold tow bar mounted bike rack and am wondering if it is possible to retro fit a reversing camera to the bike rack and hook into the existing OEM camera display...
  10. R

    Bike rack options for high roof L2H2?

    Hello all Seems a minority of us own a high roof T6. The options for bike racks are limited to say the least - anyone got any good ideas? I bought a Thule G2 Sport Compact but even at 55cm(+5 for the brackets) it’s too wide for anything above mid level on the doors. (There is a potential to...
  11. Nomad

    Sold SOLD Genuine VW bike rack for T6 (Tailgate) carries 4 bikes SOLD

    NOW SOLD I have my genuine VW rack for T6 with tailgate (Made by Thule) for sale. Located near Bicester, Oxfordshire For health reasons I have had to switch to an e-bike but for those same health reasons I am not able to hoist a bloody heavy e-bike onto the rack! So the e-bike goes in the...
  12. S

    Wanted Wanted VW tailgate bike rack

    As per the title based in London very keen to get one of these for a p[lanned trip win 3 weeks if anyone has one for sale
  13. D

    Famina barn door cycle rack

    I have installed (with some difficulty) a Fiamma barn door bike rack and it is lop sided and the bottom right hand side bracket is coming away from the door. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Many thanks in advance!
  14. Oldrat

    Sold Used Atera Strada DL3 for tailgate T6

    The T6 has long since gone and I need the shed space so this superb bit of kit has to go. It’s had little use (perhaps 5-6 trips) but is quite dusty from storage and is deep on my shed so no pics but it’s this one here.. LINK Atera STRADA DL - 3 bike carrier (UK lights) no. AR2603 Lighting...
  15. Toufic_13

    Barn doors outer storage

    Hello everyone! I am looking for storage solution(s) for the outer part of my barn doors. (Similar to the photos attached) All I found is the sherpa ladder. Anyone has any recos? Thx!
  16. D

    For Sale Buzzrack ‘buzzwing 3 ‘ towbar mounted folding 3 bike rack £100

    For sale my lockable buzzrack 3 bike rack, includes lighting board and key. Please note the titling mechanism doesn’t work (think it needs a new bolt washer and nut). This video gives you the idea Collection from Lincolnshire
  17. G

    Wanted Bike Rack for Barn Door

    Bike rack wanted for barn door. East Yorkshire
  18. Propavanda

    T6 cycle rack Unistrut add ons

    Hi All I am wanting to use my T6 cycle rack frame to carry load like jerry cans. I have seen some images that show a unistrut system add on that can then be used to mount jerry cans etc. Does anyone have any idea if these can be bought as a kit ? Thanks
  19. P

    Thule 9403 electrics

    I’ve just acquired a Thule 3 bike rack to fit on my T6 towbar. However the electrics don’t seem to be working - no lights or brake lights coming on. The outer cap is damaged so doesn’t sit in the rows at electric adapter comfortably. Could anyone help please? Many thanks
  20. R

    For Sale New Black Genuine VW V1 Bike Rack

    Purchased from VW direct. I dismantled and then reassembled after having it professionally powder coated. 4 x bike arms professionally etch undercoated and then sprayed. Never been used. Compatible with electric tailgate. I have a 2021 T6.1. I made the mistake of purchasing without realising...