bike rack

  1. E

    Bike rack measurements

    I’m potentially looking at getting a tailgate bike rack; either the VW ver. 1 or the Thule WanderWay 4. VW ver. 2 might possibly foul the pop top so discounted that one. Of most interest to me, is how far they protrude from the van when folded up in their stowed position as I have limited space...
  2. Dubious

    Best way to secure wooden batten to D-rings

    Hi all I’m building a bike rack holder in the back of my swb kombi. I know how I’m going to build it but the only bit I’m unsure of is how to I’m going to secure the wooden batten to the d-ring. It needs to be secure enough to hold the 4x2 wooden batten so that the bikes don’t move and yet I...
  3. R

    T6 bike rack- both clips broken

    Good Afternoon I’m looking for replacements for these clamps for my T6 black bike rack. They stop the rack front folding down, but have both become brittle and broken. I’m not having much luck finding replacements so was wondering if anyone knew the part name and where they could be sourced...
  4. C

    Bike rack, powder coating

    Hi, I have this bike rack and am looking to get it powder coated. Does anyone have experience of taking apart/getting all the plastic off? ..and then back on again. will i need any special tools for the job?
  5. S

    Thule Bike rack for barn doors

    I really want to get a Thule bike rack but I can’t get definitive answers on these questions. 1. Will I still be able to open the barn doors with a Thule EasyFold XT 2 towbar bike rack when it is tilted. 2. Does the Thule G2 sport compact fit? New on here so apologies if this is the wrong...
  6. K

    OEM Bike Rack - Paint protection sticker set advice

    Hi, Just come across this on Amazon.. anyone have any experience of this set? Does it come with instructions of where to fit etc, or do I avoid and go genuine? Thanks
  7. J

    New owner - Looking for expertise from this group!

    Hi All, My wife and I have recently taken the plunge and bought a 2019 T6 highline campervan, and we are gearing up for 5 weeks away with our two kids over the summer. In the last minute panic there are a few questions that i could really do with some help on. Apologies that they are slightly...
  8. T

    Newbie Advice for bike rack installation

    Hi, First post so go easy. I have lots of questions and not sure whether to post all separately or just as one? Just read some of the Hints and Tips thread and the don’t buy anything till you need it seems so true. Like a kid in a sweetie shop, want everything and want it now! Priority...
  9. K

    Sold Brand New Genuine VW T6 / T6.1 tailgate four bike carrier (All black)

    Brand New Genuine VW T6 / T6.1 tailgate four bike carrier refinished in satin black. These have been professionally dismantled, prepped and powder coated before re-assembly using the original type fixings and finally carefully re-packaging in the original box. Suitable for only VW Transporter...
  10. VioletVW

    Bike rack woe

    So, my van went in for it's first service (9000 miles) and I asked them to sort out a rattle in the rear drivers side. Anyway, had a call saying there were parts missing from my bike rack?? When I arrived they were dismantling two of the arms that hold the bikes on. Turns out the large black...
  11. R

    Fiamma bike carrier - barn-door to tailgate fitment!

    Hi All, has anyone ever tried to fit a barn door fiamma bike carrier to tailgate? Reason I ask is I have a t5 atm with barn doors but a t6.1 on order wondering if the barn door will work as a temporary solution on the t6.1 when it finally arrives?
  12. Garyf123

    Bike rack that can hold folding steps?

    Hi, I have a tailgate mounted Thule Wandaway bike rack for 2 cycles. I think it is brilliant and would definitely recommend it. However, the 2 cycles we have are e-bikes which are quite heavy. Lifting on is not such a problem but putting them back after a strenuous ride is not so easy! Folding...
  13. A

    Tailgate bike rack dimensions from tailgate (Quasimodo and Kylie) for clearance whilst towing?

    Hi all. We have recently purchased a VW T6 SWB camper with a tailgate (we were previously of the T25 brigade for many years, so are delighted to be back to van life!). I am looking for some advice if any of you good people could assist please? However, we plan to buy a rear mounted bike rack...
  14. H

    Folding Bike rack

    Hi all, T6 with twin side-opening (Barn door??) rear doors which allow access to rear facing toilet cassette and filler for toilet and domestic fresh water. has a gooseneck tow bar. We have 2x e-bikes so opted for a fold down ATERA rack however the doors will not fully open without snagging the...
  15. Sabre

    Wanted Bike rack clamps

    Has anyone got a VW bike rack that might be knackered and has spare arms and clamps going? Could do with the longest one and mud length one, if there are any going?
  16. J

    VW T6 Gas strut issues!

    Hi All, I was hoping some of you may be able to help with an issue I have with my Tailgate struts on a T6 (Kombi). having bought the van as is it has come with a wheel carrier on the back of the tailgate and the struts have been replaced with the pic below, (NS-V-14-300 Variable Force Gas...
  17. K

    Sold Fiamma bike rack in black. £150

    Fiamma Carry Bike T6 Pro in deep black. Little used, less than a year old - I've gone for a tow ball rack now. It fits T6 or 6.1 with hatchback. Takes two bikes and folds flat (upwards) when not in use. Needs collecting as too bulky and heavy to post - I'm in the MIdlands. Will take £150
  18. A

    “6 bike” bike rack??

    Morning all, first post for me as recently bought a T6 camper! Big question for me is, can you get a bike rack for 6 bikes???? Got 4 kids so ideally would like to take all the bikes, but if we just have to buy one for 4 then so be it. Be interesting to know if anyone has seen one or has any...
  19. D

    Sold Thule Velospace XT 2 938

    I am collecting my T6.1 on Wednesday next week and will be carrying my bikes inside from now on. Coming from a Ford Ranger where I used my tow bar for this Thule Velospace XT 2 938 rack. Arguably the best tow ball mounted bike rack available, especially for big enduro, downhill and e-bikes...
  20. Blondesparky

    Wanderway Thule

    Good evening, we have a four way Wanderway bike rack and the clamps that attach to the bike frame have seized. I have tried Penetrating fluid but to no avail. Any other help would be good. Thanks