bike rack

  1. D

    Famina barn door cycle rack

    I have installed (with some difficulty) a Fiamma barn door bike rack and it is lop sided and the bottom right hand side bracket is coming away from the door. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Oldrat

    For Sale Used Atera Strada DL3 for tailgate T6

    The T6 has long since gone and I need the shed space so this superb bit of kit has to go. It’s had little use (perhaps 5-6 trips) but is quite dusty from storage and is deep on my shed so no pics but it’s this one here.. LINK Atera STRADA DL - 3 bike carrier (UK lights) no. AR2603 Lighting...
  3. Toufic_13

    Barn doors outer storage

    Hello everyone! I am looking for storage solution(s) for the outer part of my barn doors. (Similar to the photos attached) All I found is the sherpa ladder. Anyone has any recos? Thx!
  4. D

    For Sale Buzzrack ‘buzzwing 3 ‘ towbar mounted folding 3 bike rack £100

    For sale my lockable buzzrack 3 bike rack, includes lighting board and key. Please note the titling mechanism doesn’t work (think it needs a new bolt washer and nut). This video gives you the idea Collection from Lincolnshire
  5. G

    Wanted Bike Rack for Barn Door

    Bike rack wanted for barn door. East Yorkshire
  6. Propavanda

    T6 cycle rack Unistrut add ons

    Hi All I am wanting to use my T6 cycle rack frame to carry load like jerry cans. I have seen some images that show a unistrut system add on that can then be used to mount jerry cans etc. Does anyone have any idea if these can be bought as a kit ? Thanks
  7. P

    Thule 9403 electrics

    I’ve just acquired a Thule 3 bike rack to fit on my T6 towbar. However the electrics don’t seem to be working - no lights or brake lights coming on. The outer cap is damaged so doesn’t sit in the rows at electric adapter comfortably. Could anyone help please? Many thanks
  8. R

    For Sale New Black Genuine VW V1 Bike Rack

    Purchased from VW direct. I dismantled and then reassembled after having it professionally powder coated. 4 x bike arms professionally etch undercoated and then sprayed. Never been used. Compatible with electric tailgate. I have a 2021 T6.1. I made the mistake of purchasing without realising...
  9. P

    For Sale Thule 298 expert bike racks

    Hi all, I have 3 brand new unopened Thule 298 expert bike racks for sale. Cost £120 each. Looking for £280 for the 3 collection only. Thanks
  10. Ragster13

    Sold T6 T6.1 Genuine VW bike rack £400 ONO

    Vw T6/T6.1 Bike rack, some light marks on the brackets from storage, 3 keys, collection from nr Syston, Leicestershire £400 ono
  11. octaneJ

    Wanted Bike rack T6 tailgate (not electric)

    3/4 bike rack needed.
  12. Gino D’Campervan

    Thule G2 compact

    Does anyone have any experience with this bike rack? Pros v cons vs the Fiamma version would be appreciated!
  13. M

    Thule VeloSpace XT-3 Bike Carrier on T6 with barn doors … ?

    Ok, so there are lots of people comparing the Thule VeloSpace XT-3 to the Atera Strada DL 3, and I know the problem with the former is the lack of clearance on a T5/T6 meaning the barn doors barely open, but has anyone actually moved the tilt cable from the 50 degrees mounting point to...
  14. Texxaco

    For Sale 3 x Thule Bike Racks for sale

    Hi All, I have 3 x Thule bike racks for sale, been used twice. I have 2 x Thule Proride 591 Roof Mounted Bike Rack with original 1 x key for each - purchased from Halfords, current price £104 each I also have 1 x Thule Proride 598 Roof Mounted Bike Rack with original 3 x Keys - again...
  15. McFlude

    Buzz Rack tow bar bike rack

    I need a bike rack for two bikes very occasional use. I have a tow bar and have been considering the Buzz Rack Moose or Buffalo racks. Is anyone aware if they tilt enough to allow the tailgate to open? (I know that Altera and Thule have racks which would suit but unfortunately my budget won't suit)
  16. G

    Bike rack for high-roof T6

    Hi team, just wondering if anybody has a added a Thule Sport G2 - 2 Door Bike Rack on a barn door high-roof T6? Welcome other suggestions as well.
  17. SAF1981

    Sold Genuine T6 Tailgate Bike rack

    T6 bike carrier £200 I'm selling my genuine T6 bike rack that can carry 4 bikes. The price reflects that two of the arms have seized but can be supplied if you can work your magic with WD40! Also one of the black dial screws has come off the second from bottom rail but has no effect to the rack...
  18. Ozi

    OEM bike rack security

    Thinking about buying an OEM bike rack, but wanted to check a couple of things with anyone that already has one: 1. Does the bike rack have any lockable fixings to secure the bikes? 2. Does the tailgate still open ok with the rack on (obviously without bikes on) if you have a pop top roof?
  19. A

    Sold Genuine T6 bike rack

    Genuine VW t6 silver Version 1, 4 bike rack, minor discolouration on the corners, but this is very minor. Collection from Northampton, although I am in chesterfield next weekend. Pictures to follow. £475 Images added showing minor discolouration of silver.
  20. McFlude

    Bike rack advice sought

    I am making a trip in my T6 tailgate van in the spring and would like to take two bikes. It is unlikely that I shall have a need to take bikes for the rest of the year so am reluctant to purchase a new rack. I could try to purchase a second hand one but as they always seem to be collection only...