bike rack

  1. W

    Fiamma carry bike barn door opinions

    Hi Does anyone have any useful experience of the Fiamma bike rack designed for barn doors? Does it damage the door at all or leave marks? I don’t think I can justify the outlay currently for a tow bar plus bike carrier and the the Fiamma appears to be the only other option. Thanks
  2. R

    VW bike rack version 1 or 2

    Hi, sorry if this has been answered, have tried to find out; When the VW bike rack is folded back without bikes, does it sit at or below the van roof line? Some pictures I've seem looks like it sits proud. I want to leave it on all the time and still use the 2.0m car parks when no bikes are...
  3. E

    Looking after a bike rack?

    So I have a vw 4 bike rack. Do most people leave them on and if so do you do anything to look after it, bit of grease or oil on the nuts and bolts. Will UV eventually destroy the plastic bits? Cheers Toby
  4. H

    Skyline Aurora and VW tailgate bike rack v1

    Hi all. Sorry, seen a few threads on this topic with people talking about how the v2 tailgate bike rack fouls the Aurora when both roof and tailgate are open. They've talked about needing to sell the v2 and buy something else instead. Can anyone confirm definitively please that the v1 is...
  5. A

    Wanted T6 tailgate bike rack

    After a genuine VW T6 (version 1) bike rack. Happy to travel. we are in Dorset.
  6. A

    Menabo bike rack

    Hi all I’m looking at getting a bike rack for the t6. Obviously they are very expensive! Currently it’s just for 2 bikes but will slowly grow to 3 and then possibly 4 over time. It won’t be used that often so I‘ve been looking at cheaper options. I’ve come across The menabo shadow online but...
  7. M

    Sold VW T6, T6.1 Tailgate Bike Rack - Version 2 - As New £470

    Selling my VW T6, T6.1, Tailgate 4 bike, Bike rack - Version 2. This has only been used once and is only for sale because you cannot fully open the tailgate when the Skyline Aurora pop-top is up. The Bike rack sits proud of the roof/tailgate. The rack was purchased from Vanstyle 28/06/21, and...
  8. M

    Skyline Aurora & T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi all, Does anyone else have a Skyline Aurora and VW tailgate bike rack combo? If so, does your bike rack hit the Skyline roof when it's popped up, preventing the tailgate to fully open? We've had a bit of a mare with ours plus two broken rear lights.
  9. S

    VW Bike Rack fail

    Hi, I have an OEM Bike rack where both the wheel clamps failed. Has anyone else had this issue and is it possible to purchase replacements, does anyone know? Thank you
  10. peteslack

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    What are people using for towbar mounted bike racks ? I've acquired a Thule 943 - 3 bike rack and as you can see it won't tilt far enough to allow the tailgate to open ?? I have a Westphalia detachable swan neck tow ball.
  11. S

    Sold Black Genuine T6 Bike Rack

    OEM rack recently professionally powder coated matt black. Been used once since (my MTB has really fat tyres which don’t fit the tracks properly!) comes with everything it left the factory with, instructions, wrench tool & spare keys. Stands me around £700 so would like most of my money back...
  12. claudejnr

    Black bike rack T6 version 2

    I couldn’t find another post on this yet. I’ve seen a few T6s recently with the version 2 of the bike rack but in black. They look rad and would go nicely camo with my black T6. It’s the one with the wider frame. Here it is in silver...
  13. T

    Removable flange towbar for T6 - to carry motorbike?

    Hi, New member here & first post - I just bought a '17 LWB Camper conversion. Happy bunny. I would like to add a towbar to the van so I can carry my full-size enduro (motocross) bike on a Dave Cooper rack or similar. These racks attach to flange towbars - I can find plenty of those, but...
  14. R

    Bike rack spare part needed.

    Hi all. I'm missing one of the end pieces off my VW bike rack, which I assume has fallen off or been pinched at some point. I have spent 2 hours searching the interwebs (I'm not kidding) and so far haven't found anything. Has anyone any spare ones I could purchase, or know of any spares? I've...
  15. N

    3 bike rack T6 with barn doors

    Hello! I have just purchased a VW camper T6 with barn doors. Looking for a 3 bike rack for the back. Any suggestions please? Thank you
  16. Bronco

    Sold Genuine VW T6 four bike, bike rack! Tailgate

    Genuine VW four bike bike rack in good condition. Has the extra arm for the fourth bike and four keys with it. Located Penrith Cumbria. £495 or near offer.
  17. A

    Which bike rack should I get for 4 cycles?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a towbar attached bike rack for 4 cycles that tilts enough to be able to open the tailgate on a T6 Caravelle.
  18. W

    Bike rack problem

    Hi all. We have a T6 Transporter with barn doors and have had a Fiamma 2 bike carry rack fitted to it. One of the 2 upper door latches (the rhs one when you look at the rear of the van) seems to be twisted slightly and doesn’t seem the be hooked over the door properly. The other day it popped...
  19. Parvus

    Uprated gas-struts for bike rack weight

    Hi all, Well.. yesterday collected T6 camper! Still smiling and excited for the adventures to come! It included the VW 4 bike holder for the tailgate model which is the Thule Wanderway (I think). Once installed the struts are not strong enough to hold the tailgate and rack combination. I...
  20. Spookybear

    Found VW T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi folks, I know they are a bit rocking horse muck at the mo but if anyone is thinking of selling their VW tailgate rack now the silly season is nearly over I'm in the market for one. Just ordered a new MTB but it won't be here till Christmas or later so no real rush but just putting feelers...