1. Skyliner33

    Swapping BCM PQ module to go from H80 to 81

    As in the title I want to swap out my BCM as I have the H80 versions and I would like to upgrade to the H81 module. I have searched on the forum and cant find what I need. I would like to know the part mnumber I need to buy and also any info on how to swap them over. Thanks
  2. B

    BCM interesting link

    Interesting read for anyone requiring info about BCM body control module.Hoping link to other sites is allowed. https://www.veedubhub.co.uk/what-is-a-bcm-and-why-it-matters-on-a-t5-1/
  3. S

    Resolved: Possible Faulty rain sensor?

    Hi, I am new on here and new to T6 ownership. I have just purchased a pre reg 69 reg Kombi Highline, which appears to have an issue with the windscreen wipers. Hopefully someone can help? Dealers are useless. When the windscreen wiper stalk is in the off position mine is still switched on. So...
  4. gerry

    BCM ?

    HELLO I have a BCM PQ25 Max4 H81 0744 it is possible to change it by a bcm pq25 max4 h82 0752 and what would be the advantage? thank you gerry
  5. bilko

    Battery Went Flat And Now All Hell Breaking Out..

    I did not use my 3yr old t6 Caravelle for two weeks and when I went to start it there was not even enough battery to open the doors. I charged the battery overnight with an AGM charge setting. The van will start now but doors will not open on remote so only driver door opens with key, lights on...
  6. Dellmassive

    Full Van Ecu Reset (capacitive Discharge) -- How I Done It --

    Full Van ECU Reset (Capacitive Discharge) -- How I Done It -- The T6 is full of ECU`s, Modules, CAN Buses and Data packets . . . . . Just like your Phone or PC right. The motor vehicle industry has spent years with research and development making the modern car/van Data and electrical system...
  7. Littleblackflash

    Quick Help Needed - Bmc Connector

    Hi All Finally I'm trying to run a wire from my tailgate conversion to the BMC. I've run the wire, removed the BCM and opened the black connector. What I can't see is where pin 23 is in the connector. Does anyone have a diagram showing where the pins are? Thanks in advance
  8. R

    Retrofit Cruise Control To 2017 T6 - Been Told Can't Do It!!??

    Hi, I'm desperately hoping that someone here will tell me that this is not true! Just bought a VW T6 Transporter Shuttle, booked in for B14's, wheels on order...everything lined up. Just had a call from local VW garage saying that they can't do the retrofit cruise control I booked the van in...
  9. Dellmassive

    T6 BCM Central Electrics Module 09 Byte Screen Shots 2019-03-06

    BCM Central Electrics Module 09 Byte Screen Shots MY18 204 T32 DSG PV following on from @Loz great detailed list, heres mine.