1. P

    Is there a possible t5.1 bcm daigram

    Linbus output / and possible grey steering as struggling getting paddles to work or illumation on buttons
  2. mmi

    T6 BCM Central Electrics Decoder - Codings, Adaptations, Measurement Blocks 2024-01-01

    VIP Membership is required to download this document Excel 2016 spreadsheet for decoding T6 BCM Codings, Adaptations and Measurement Blocks. The decoding procedure is straightforward: just copy coding string from VCDS, OBDeleven, Carista etc. to the cell. An Excel function spreads out the...
  3. StewartCortez

    2016 T6 Multivan BCM / ECU failure

    Hi everyone! I am a new member and i want to ask for your help, please. 2016 T6 Multivan We made a common VCDS diagnostic on the car. There were no error code. I begin to read what is written on the komfort part and what plus options can we activated on the car. (for example: coming home/leaving...
  4. M

    Caravelle H7 Headlight issues

    Found a couple of threads on this but no real answer. Caravelle - 2016. I have THQ V1’s fitted and noticed the light bulb out warning popping straight up. My Drivers side has the dipped beam out. My Passengers side has the high beam out. So far tried. Removed THQ lights put back on...
  5. T

    BCM short to ground Help !!!!

    I have on and off been having issues where the interior lights in my van stop working and i need to reset the fault with carista where they will work again for a while 03434 - Output terminal 30G for interior light: Short circuit to ground Freeze frame : Priority: 3 Malfunction frequency...
  6. M

    BCM 09 - can’t code T6.1 module

    Why can’t I code anything in this module?
  7. P

    T6 electric rack ( bcm canbus help)

    T6 electric rack. Any one know which canbus pins are used. From the bcm As there’s a few from bcm. I assume it’s not hvac as there differnert colour
  8. P

    T6 bcm (087p)

    On a t6 bcm dose anything run off the module Regards. Dsg gearbox / window motors / cluster ? If so anyone help advise with bcm number I need. 2016
  9. Lightrofit

    Little tip for people that need to pin the BCM

    I mentioned this in another thread ages ago, not sure on who knows this but this is usually how I gain access to the T6 BCM plugs when I need to add pins. Done it this way for years. It doesn’t add much time for certain installs, such as cruise control, plus it gives you somewhere to...
  10. J

    Weatfalia Towing Electrics - BCM Pin?

    Can anyone confirm which pin in the Black BCM module on a 2008 T6 does the brown and red wire go to. I think its 53 or very close to it
  11. JimbobT6

    LED headlight fault [Resolved]

    Hi all, Would anyone have a dummies guide / schematic to the oem LED headlight system? My 69 plate T6 has a developed a fault on the near side dip beam where it comes on for a few seconds and either goes off altogether or comes on and off every couple seconds..! Very annoying for the vehicle I...
  12. Dav-Tec

    Test bench loom

    Done a quick search and couldn't find anything. Before I go digging drawings out and making my.own just wondered if anyone had made their own test bench loom for testing purposes? I have one I'm going to adapt so i can swap front a Transporter BCM/Gateway to a Caddy gateway as I tend to work on...
  13. L

    BCM Amarok for folding mirror retrofit.

    Good evening guys, I have a doubt, I wanted to see if you could help me, I have an Amarok 2014 with manual transmission, originally it did not come with the folding mirrors, but I wanted to retrofit the car and ended up buying the rear view mirrors and the button command, I made all the...
  14. zer0byte

    Powertrain CAN bus - BCM only?

    Folks, anyone managed to locate another location to hook into the powertrain can-l & can-h instead of white plug on BCM? Soldering to the orange/black & orange/brown twisted pair seems a nightmare in that location. I see the main loom runs through bulkhead but hoping a location in the cab might...
  15. M

    BCM upgrade

    Hi All, I've a BCM ending 087 and want to upgrade to 090. can this upgraded BCM come from any VW or does it have to be off of a Transporter? I know that I'll need to match the end letter for the keyfob frequency etc and copy across the settings in VCDS etc, just curious of the T5 / T6 had a...
  16. KennyW

    BCM Pin sizes

    I need to add two connextions in my BCM, pin 10 and pin 63. I ordered 4.8mcp terminals, but they are too large for the pin 10 slot and too small for the pin 63 slot. Can anyone twll me what size I need for these?
  17. TheDumbOx

    Tail lights and side lights not working mystery (T5.1) [Resolved]

    Hi all so I'm hoping someone can help before I rip out the interior and call in the infamously grumpy auto-electrician*. Also, I know this is the T6 forum and mine is a T5.1 but I couldn't see the electric forum on the T5 section. Feel free to shift to more appropriate place. So, neither my...
  18. D

    BCM pinout diagram with wire colours available anywhere?

    Hi everyone I’m trying to track the colour of wires into the bcm A (black) and B (white) plugs as the diagrams I’ve seen so far only show partial bits and bobs some of which don’t match the colours in my 2019 T6 Caravelle. is there something somewhere that shows only the T73a and T73b...
  19. Bainsey1695

    Body control changes for sunroof retrofit

    Hi guys and girls , looking for some help , I have retro fitted a factory sunroof but struggling to get power to it , I have fitted the oem loom from the donor van , will I need to get the bcm re programmed to allow power to it ? Many thanks Steve
  20. K

    BCM location on the T6.1

    Its Ok I've found it. couldnt delete this so I've edited it. Thanks anyway