axle weight

  1. M

    New VW owner and confused about ‘T’

    Hi all, I've just taken on a new VW transporter kombi. On the paperwork it says its t32 but when trying to get accessories, websites are only intrested in it being T5 or T6. Can anyone explain this to me please?
  2. D

    T6 LWB highline T30 vehicle weight?

    Hello, I am looking to buy some ramps to get the rear end up and provide enough room for me to move a RIB 120 bed to the left side as a numpty put it in the wrong place. However, ramps seem to be either 2T (£40) 2.5T (£80). The reason i ask is, websites state that the T30 is 3 tons! if i am only...
  3. Sooty6.1

    T6.1 Weight on leaving factory

    Hi, been looking and can’t find the answer to my questions so hope it’s ok I’m posting them here. 1) What’s the standard weight of a VW T6.1 T28 Startline 110bhp SWB on leaving the factory, i.e. prior to any conversion work. 2) Is it right that the sliding door of my VW camper doesn’t lie...
  4. D

    Shuttle query Alloy/Tyre T30 or T32?

    Hi All New to the the forum but not T5/T6s, had a fair few. But for the first time im confused lol, bought a 65 plate shuttle that says T32 on the logbook but the front struts are the normal version. Then the weight play in the engine bays says 1610kg front 1575kg rear, looking at running 20s...
  5. Boomshanker

    T28 Tyre Ratings

    Hello All, Looking to get some new tyres, a friend can get Pirelli's at staff discount but they are a slightly different spec. The old tyres have a rating of 103Y and the possible new ones would be 99Y. Would this matter?
  6. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  7. Pau1GTI

    T28 As A Camper Weight Limit

    Big day for Bryan our camper tomorrow. He's due to be weighed and I'm slightly nervious with him being a T28 and a fully loaded camper. I over looked this at the start as always thought it would be more than enough. No roof just yet so all should be fine for now but hoping with only two of us...
  8. markob

    Shuttle Lowering T30 Or T32

    Does anyone know if the shuttle is a T32 ?
  9. Y

    T6 Caravelle T30 Or T32??

    Not sure if anybody can clear this question up please? T6 Caravelle executive 204dsg It shows under the bonnet gross weight 3080 same as V5 but when I phone VW they tell me it's a t32 because it's got the larger suspension arms 55mm not 50mm on build sheet So is it a legal requirement to have...