auxiliary belt

  1. S

    Power steering pump - replacement cost.

    Hi all. Has anyone had any experience with replacing power steering pumps? My dealer has informed me that’s it’s weeping oil and recommends it to be replaced. The van is due a cam belt and water pump which they have quoted £890 to conduct the work, PLUS a further £968 to replace the power...
  2. flyingging

    Size spanner for the auxiliary belt tensioner

    Spanner size please. Ridiculous spot to get at !
  3. L

    Belt squeaking?

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with what is possibly a squeaky belt. When driving along everything is fine. As soon as I take my foot off the accelerator, it sounds like a belt is squeaking. When I put my foot down it goes. It also disappears if I press the clutch in. I've had the...
  4. Sharrie

    V belt and tensioner help

    Help and advice please, my camper went in for an Mot and it was a little noisy, the man said it’s possibly the V belt and tensioner. He suggested taking it back to VW as recently had new cambelt and water pump fitted. The van runs lovely, albeit a little noisy, VW said they would recommend a...
  5. Martinf

    Poly V belt running off to one side [Resolved]

    I had a recent 4th year service and MOT undertaken by VW Beadles Van Centre Chelmsford. I was advised that “Poly V belt running off to one side, advise new Poly V belt, tensioner and bolt” at a cost of £212.53. The van has a 5 year Factory Extended Warranty which VW website says is “exactly the...
  6. Peter007

    Torque settings for aux belt tensioner and idler please :-)

    hi everyone, hope your all well :D i'm changing my aux belt, tensioner and idler as a precaution as there's a slight noise from them that i don't like... :eek: what's the book torque values please for; bolt holding tensioner to engine block? and idler pulley bolt? the other idler comes...
  7. Johnny666B

    T6.1 Auxiliary belt snapped, engine seized - 1250 miles!

    Hi T6 Forum, My 2021 T6.1 done 1000 miles from new to find auxiliary belt squealing and out of line, took it to VW and the mechanic said that don’t look right or sound right, and as you guessed, we have never seen this before. We will book you in for warranty work in 3 weeks, a week later at...
  8. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 Aux Belt Tensioner Removal 2020-08-10

    VW workshop manual section for removal and replacement of the V-Belt and V-Belt tensioner.
  9. Loz

    T6 V-Belt Removal 2020-04-26

    Section of the workshop manual for removal and refitting of V-Belt
  10. B

    Possible Cam Belt Tensioner?

    Hi, New to T6 ownership, I’ve got a 68 plate on 16k miles, and noticed this noise when I first got it home. At the time just thought it was a characteristic of the engine, until I started to read on here about tensioner problems. So recorded the engine idling today to see if you guys think it...
  11. Tourershine

    Cam & Aux Belt Tensioner Noise, Recorded.

    So it's been widely reported that VW are aware of an issue with certain year/vin number Transporters that are developing noisy tensioners. I noticed a while ago that mine was starting to sound a bit noisy on start up when cold, but the noise would slowly disappear as the engine warmed up. The...
  12. rmo69

    Auxiliary Coolant Pump Failure

    Engine management light on again, Back at dealers again, No courtesy vehicle again, Missed deliveries and pissed off customers again. Apparently the 2nd auxiliary coolant pump has failed. Moral of the story? If you don't want to be a VW R&D guinea pig, wait at least two years before buying a...