1. JonriceT6

    Best way of putting poptop down?

    Picked up my new conversion today, has an Austops pop top fitted, the converter showed the best way to fold it down and Made It look so easy, I’ve had a couple of goes but can’t seem to pull it down and get it flush with the roof. It’s maybe. Sitting 1cm or so off the roof. What’s the best...
  2. C

    For Sale Rainbow Screens Poptop cover for Austop roof SWB T6

    Hi Everyone with a T6 SWB with an Austops roof. I have Rainbow Screens pop up cover in perfect condition (used for couple of nights only) Colour blue/Silver with bag. Less than half price £120. Collection from near Buckingham/ Milton Keynes. Might post at cost.
  3. ASW

    Austop pop up roof canvas change

    Hi I have an Austop Pop top and am thinking of changing the canvas has anybody done this? I know with some roofs the canvas is easily detached. Thanks
  4. C

    Help? Bubbling/Raised areas on Fibre Glass Austop Pop up Roof

    Can anyone please advise. I have a 3 year old van fitted with an Austop pop up roof. There are several areas that have bubbled and are uneven. As its a fibeglass roof, is this to be expected or is it a warranty issue? I know that Austop give a 5 year warranty but will this be covered? Any help...
  5. B

    Austops fitting instructions/measurements

    It's a long shot but does anyone have any fitting info for Austops pop tops? T5 LWB would be ideal. Thanks!
  6. phoenixfc7

    Austops Pop Top Install Help! (not installed by Austops BTW who have been brilliant)

    Hi, I would like some advice on what to do about a recent install of an Austops pop top T6 SWB. At this point I want to make clear that Austops did not the roof so this thread is no reflection on the Austops roof or the company but looking for guidance on the install. Lots of pictures bellow...
  7. L

    Sprung Wooden Bed For Austops Elevating Roof Fitted To T6

    We are awaiting conversion of our LWB T6 Kombi by a local company. We would prefer a sprung wooden base as been advised these are more comfortable for larger kids and adults but this seems to be a sticking point. Has anyone with an Austops roof had a sprung base fitted ? What make did you use...
  8. R

    C Rail On Poptop

    hi I’m having a austop fitted and I have a c rail fitted in the gutter will I be able to keep it with this top does enough body now thanks
  9. Spaghetti

    Vw Bike Rack With Austops Pop Top

    Has anyone got a genuine VW tailgate rack in use with an Austops roof? Just wondering about clearance etc. Any photos would be appreciated. Ta!
  10. J

    Coloured Canvas On Pop Top?

    hi I’m new to this forum but as previously a member of t4 forum. Now proud owner of lwb t6 in white. Have decided on austops pop top in white...but was considering getting a coloured canvas. I like the orange but was worried it would let the light in and blind me in a morning . Has anyone any...
  11. K


    Anyone got experience with this company or their product? A search on the forum brings up surprisingly little information.
  12. C

    Sca, Reimo & Austops - Review By A Fitter

    8Ball have produced three reviews of the roofs they offer as options when completing conversions, as the title suggests SCA, Reimo and Austops. I'd narrowed it down to Reimo and Austops and welcome the reviews which have now confirmed an Austops is for me and I'll have the scenic canvas on the...
  13. D

    Weight limit on roof rack with pop top up?

    Hi there, I'm having my LWB T6 converted soon and trying to decide between an SCA or Reimo Easy fit pop top. I'm planning on taking a loaded roof box away with me and want to choose the roof that allows the most weight with the roof up. I have read that the SCA roofs are rated to 70kg...
  14. drew_greenday

    Mojave conversion

    I've had a t5 swb and a t5.1 lwb, both converted. The lwb was a poptop and units where the swb was more of a part conversion. I picked up 'hutch' two weeks ago from a vw centre in Newcastle. He is a 140 highline dsg in mojave. He's got factory fitted tailgate window and nothing else! Conversion...