alloy wheels

  1. stuartfras

    Sold 20 inch anthracite/ silver alloys with tyres - £450ono

    Hello! Changed to steelies so selling the alloys which came on my T6 when I bought it. Load rated at 980kg per wheel. Have Davanti DX640 tyres all round (275/40Z R20). Two front wheels have a little over 6mm tread on each and the ones from the back 7.8 and 7.5mm. Fantastic condition, don't...
  2. BlayneKinley

    Alloy wheel choice - Exterior styling help required!

    Hi all. I believe I'm having a midlife crisis with alloy wheel selection for my van. I'm currently on set no. 3 and this week I feel I have fallen out of love with the current choice on the van :cry: I currently own a natural grey T5.1 which is lowered around 40mm all around on KW STX coil...
  3. S18RVW

    Wheel Woolies

    Hi Guys, I'm getting some new alloys fitted in a couple of weeks and I'm just wanting recommendations on keeping them looking good. Wheel woolies, cleaner and tyre dressings.
  4. W

    Cracked 22” alloy wheels

    Hi Everyone Please help !! I've recently joined the T6 brotherhood and bought a converted Caravelle T6 which ticked all the boxes to transport family and dog. I have however had a couple of problems, the main one is finding that 3 of my my 22" alloy wheels have cracks in them !! Initially I...
  5. A

    For Sale 4 x VW 16” Clayton Alloy Wheels / Goodyear 215/65R16c tyres

    For sale, a set of 4 X 16” Clayton Alloy Wheels with Goodyear Marathon 215/65 R16C tyres taken from my New VW California Beach. The wheels have around 200miles on them (delivery from JCT600, Sheffield). Alloys in pristine condition. Was going to use them for Winter tyres but for COVID...
  6. DeadRandom

    Sold 17’ Cascavel alloys+excellent tyres. £500

    For sale are my mint condition 2019 Caravelle exec 17inch Cascavel alloys with the black and diamond turned surface. They have no chips or curbs and in stunning condition. These come with Bridgestone Turanza 235/55 r17 103v tyres with excellent tread. Locking wheel nuts included. £500 also on...
  7. Andy_l

    Tiguan chrome trims discoloured

    Hi all Can anyone help me, my trims are discoloured on my Tiguan and they are driving me mad. any ideas??
  8. C

    Alloy Wheel rust marks.

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help or has the same problem. I have been getting rusty water coming out the holes on my alloys as per the attached photos. I think these holes are for alignment and the rust may be coming from the axle. Has anyone had a similar problem and is there any way to stop...
  9. tonywvr

    Sold 20" RS6 replica wheels with tyres £650 ONO

    Hi all, For sale are my 20 inch RS6 replica wheels. Wheels and tyres were new on the van when I bought it December 2019 and have covered less than 2000 miles. Wheels are 9J, ET35, load rated to 850KG. All have some water ingress on the polished surface. This is mostly on the rear wheels, the...
  10. JTT6

    Sold Wolfrace Assasin 20" Alloys with 275/40 ZR20 106Y load rated Tyres

    These will be coming off a T32 T6 Kombi and have appropriate load rated tyres. In good condition, I think only 2 are marked but please see pics for more info. Tyres have a mixed amount of tread but definitely would do you over the coming winter and then some. Looking for £500-600 Based near...
  11. LeightonVans

    LV-1 20" Staggered Alloys (Leighton Parts)

    Our LV-1 20" staggered wheels are the perfect addition to any VW Transporter, they are available in two sizes and three finishes. We can also supply with tyres. View them on our website here. Finishes available (with links to website): - Gloss Black. - Matte Bronze. - Matte Grey/Machined Face...
  12. P

    Stone Chip On Wheel

    Hi can anybody recommend a way to tidy the wheel up where it looks like a stone as hit it. The wheel s are five years old with only this little mark on them and I really do not want to have the whole wheel done thanks.
  13. nigeltreves

    VW Palmerston wheels

    Im looking at getting a set of these wheels. Does anyone know if they suffer from the same problems that the vw sportline wheels have with the dreaded worm corroding the finish
  14. J

    Why Are More Alloys Not Jj Rated?

    Hello all. Just a question really, firstly how many are running JJ rated and your experience with them against buckles and cracks agains those using normal J rated alloys with the same experience. I have had double figures of alloys on my T4 some of which are massively load rated and have...
  15. Marcoevo9

    For Sale 21”bentley Ssr11

    Hi all I have my 21” 5x120 Bentley ssr11 for sale with virtually brand new Dunlop sport maxx gt tyres(2654021-105yxl) best part £1.6k(6-7mm). These wheels came with my van when I purchased it from Raceline. They look the dogs dangles on any t5/6 pics below looking for £2500(ovno) for these...
  16. T

    All terrain tyres - recommendations and pictures

    hi all, does anyone have all terrain tyres on their van? I love the look but am interested in how loud they are compared to smoother tyres and if there are any other draw backs people have encountered, thanks
  17. czmate1999

    Tyres / Alloys - No Clue - Help

    Hi All, I am a complete newbie when it comes to cars/vans and modifying them in any way - have been trying to learn as much as possible and am just coming on to the wheels and, as I have had a great experience on this forum and with all the posters so far, I thought it might be worth putting...
  18. czmate1999

    Tyres / Alloys. What's Best To Do...

    I have factory ordered my van and have the all weather tyres and, what are I think, 17 inch Devonports (whatever comes as standard on T32 4 motion). Is it best to change them right away and achieve maximum price for them? I would like to continue with all weather tyres (maybe the cross climates...
  19. chris denney

    18" or 20" rims

    Any advice on what size to go for on my T6 204 DSG Kombi ( build week 49 ) I have been toying with which size to go for , was also planning to lower her using B14`S Any advice greatly appreciated :-)
  20. Eli

    General Consensus

    So having narrowed it down to the following, anyone any thoughts. I’m thinking 2nd or 3rd picture