alloy wheels

  1. T

    For Sale 20" Velare VLR08 Staggered in Satin Bronze

    I have 2 sets of wheels and had to clear out my garage unfortunately so for sale are my; T32 load rated wheels and tyres. Staggered set up front 8.5j rear 10j. There is kerbing on both rear wheels (red highlights in photos), but in my opinion, you wouldn't notice it because of the satin bronze...
  2. S

    Alloy size, how do I find it out?

    My alloys are on They have 265/40/20 tyres in them They are 20" Velare VLR-07 For the life of me I can’t find out if they are 8j or 10j. If 8 then I have the wrong tyres on them
  3. D

    Sold Leighton Vans (LV-2) Gloss Black Alloy Wheels + Tyres + Bolts / Locking Nut

    Selling a fairly new set of Gloss Black LV-2 Wheels These come with a full set of premium tyres: Continental AllSeasonContact, measured at 275/40 R20 Y XL Tyres and alloys have been used for less than 2,000 miles Alloy wheels were given a 3 year ceramic coating when first purchased These are a...
  4. I

    Alloy wheel: Paralysis by Analysis!

    Hi. New here, first time post and sorry if this is a lame post!! I’m currently looking at new alloys for our 2016 T6 transporter (T30). We’ve had her since new with 18” Springfield’s. They’re a bit tired and need a refurb, so was thinking now was a good time to upgrade as well as add a few...
  5. BarneyRubble

    For Sale AEZ Strike Graphite 20's - used

    Hi all, Looking to change up the wheels on my van and thought I would list my old wheels here first. I have 4 x AEZ Strike Graphite 20" 9J x 20 ET46 (I think- see photo of casting) These came with the van when I bought it second hand, have a few marks, general curb rash and centre caps are...
  6. Mickb11

    Sold 20” LV2 Gunmetal/Polished Alloys & Tyres For Sale £900 ono

    VW Transporter T5 T6 T6.1 Staggered Alloys LV-2 Gunmetal Polished Leighton LV-2 Gun Metal and Polished Staggered Alloy Wheels (for VW T5 T6 T6.1) A premium wheel with a high-end finish,specifically to fit the VW Transporter and other premium vehicles. None have been kerbed or scuffed. ‘ R ‘...
  7. abunnyuk

    Alloys vs Refurbish Steels

    Greetings! My T32 currently has 17" steel wheels that are structurally sound but have seen better days. I'm currently debating whether to look for second hand Devonports or to have the steel wheels refurbished. Reasons for/against are: Alloys Refurbish Steels For Simply put, they look...
  8. Velma2

    Sold Clayton’s. £200

    Vw Transporter T6 Genuine Alloys from my Highline With Good Tyres. Lots of tread left and are in good condition. One has very minor scuff that may polish out . See photos. (Hardly noticeable) Only done 16k miles when replaced with new set. Have been cleaned and have a cardboard wheel boxes to...
  9. AndyNichs

    How to choose new Alloys?

    Hi all, I'm fed up with my current alloys (factory fitted 20" with cheap tyres) and was looking at changing them. Does anyone know if their is a website or something along those lines where you can see the different type of alloys on a similar van type and colour to your own? I've been through...
  10. Bainie

    For Sale T6.1 Sportline Black Edition wheels. £2000

    I have a set of Spotline Black Edition , matt black alloys for sale . Drove the van home and took them off , wheels and tyres are like new . took photos of one wheel , they are all exactly the same , the wheel still had the plastic over the centre cap , which i removed for the pictures . i...
  11. Bluephantom

    Show us your 16s

    I couldn't find the show us your 16s thread, I can't be the only one who likes the 16" rim size.... Can I?
  12. Tellmewhatsnew

    What colour wheel? Team Indium-Grey

    Hi, just ordered my Kombi in Indium grey and have 14 weeks to wait for delivery. That gives me time to shop around for alloy wheels. My initial thought was going for a light alloy wheel to contrast the darker paint, however I've seen some pictures of grey Kombi s recently with gloss black alloys...
  13. S18RVW

    Wheel Woolies

    Hi Guys, I'm getting some new alloys fitted in a couple of weeks and I'm just wanting recommendations on keeping them looking good. Wheel woolies, cleaner and tyre dressings.
  14. W

    Cracked 22” alloy wheels

    Hi Everyone Please help !! I've recently joined the T6 brotherhood and bought a converted Caravelle T6 which ticked all the boxes to transport family and dog. I have however had a couple of problems, the main one is finding that 3 of my my 22" alloy wheels have cracks in them !! Initially I...
  15. A

    For Sale 4 x VW 16” Clayton Alloy Wheels / Goodyear 215/65R16c tyres

    For sale, a set of 4 X 16” Clayton Alloy Wheels with Goodyear Marathon 215/65 R16C tyres taken from my New VW California Beach. The wheels have around 200miles on them (delivery from JCT600, Sheffield). Alloys in pristine condition. Was going to use them for Winter tyres but for COVID...
  16. DeadRandom

    Sold 17’ Cascavel alloys+excellent tyres. £500

    For sale are my mint condition 2019 Caravelle exec 17inch Cascavel alloys with the black and diamond turned surface. They have no chips or curbs and in stunning condition. These come with Bridgestone Turanza 235/55 r17 103v tyres with excellent tread. Locking wheel nuts included. £500 also on...
  17. Adbo

    For Sale 20” Wolfrace Assassin Wheels £275

    4 x Wolfrace Assassin wheels all straight no dents, but a few probably need refurb as are pitting where the polish has come off. They were on my VW T6 Transporter T30 camper van up until recently so are weight loaded. Collection from Abridge RM4 preferred, but could possibly meet locally if...
  18. Andy_l

    Tiguan chrome trims discoloured

    Hi all Can anyone help me, my trims are discoloured on my Tiguan and they are driving me mad. any ideas??
  19. C

    Alloy Wheel rust marks.

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help or has the same problem. I have been getting rusty water coming out the holes on my alloys as per the attached photos. I think these holes are for alignment and the rust may be coming from the axle. Has anyone had a similar problem and is there any way to stop...
  20. tonywvr

    Sold 20" RS6 replica wheels with tyres £650 ONO

    Hi all, For sale are my 20 inch RS6 replica wheels. Wheels and tyres were new on the van when I bought it December 2019 and have covered less than 2000 miles. Wheels are 9J, ET35, load rated to 850KG. All have some water ingress on the polished surface. This is mostly on the rear wheels, the...