1. LambethBoy

    Recommendations for air-ride

    Currently running B14s on my T32 4mo now seriously considering the change to air ride. Any recommendations and ones to avoid? Picture would be great to
  2. S

    How to prevent van body roll when stationary?

    I have a 2012 VW T5 Shuttle lwb, with original factory suspension setup on 17" Devonports. When in it, and the van is stationary, if I move slightly, the van rolls ever so slightly on the suspension, and then corrects itself. Totally normal behaviour. If it were just me in the van, it...
  3. Jayjmac

    Air suspension

    Hi All, I just wanted everyone’s input regarding all types of air suspension for myself and anyone in the future that is looking to get “bagged”. I’m currently booked in to have a full air system installed and I was just wondering if anyone wants to share their thoughts or reviews of any air...
  4. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  5. T6 dork

    For Sale Vb Full Air Suspention

    fitted to my T5.1 2013 in 2014 working perfect im going to fit B14,s if any one fancys a go at diy fitting these £1500
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  9. L

    Vb Air Remote

    Guys know bit of a strange question but people with vb air where is their preference to have the remote mounted in the front please? Was going to get it mounted below on the gear box casing? Ideas much appreciated
  10. Ozbar jim

    Driving In Kintyre...dreaming Of Air Suspension!

    So Mrs Ozbar and I have been driving all over Kintyre. Over all roads arnt too bad..but it would be amazing to be able to control the ride height have more travel..and be able to gun it abit more knowing that im not going to kill my suspension if i hit a pot hole at 80mph. Is Air suspension...
  11. SeanyT5

    Suspension Upgrade

    Hi guys, My new Daily workvan has had a overhaul. So firstly i would like to say thank you to those who have given advise etc regarding Air Suspension. There are a lot of options out there and after reading everyones opinions and reviews and my own research i ending up going for the...
  12. Shaun Witts

    Vb Air

    Got my van back today after having VB Air installed by Exploria. The 1 hour drive home was enough to convince me of the merits, the ride is soooo much smoother than the standard T32 suspension. Of course, being VW approved, it doesn’t go that low, and the lowest for normal driving is just 2 or...
  13. E

    Those With Air

    How does the van stay level when loaded and unloaded? Is there auto leveling sensors fitted? Thanks Elliot
  14. Skyliner33

    Drop Links. When And Why To Use Longer.

    There is loads of information on this site about lowering springs or coilovers and a bit about air. As well as H&R anti roll bars. However I can find very little about drop links. So you guys who have lowered how did you know if it was necessary to install longer drop links, if it is even...
  15. L

    V B Air Suspension

    Thanks guys was asking about b14’s last week and now some of you’s are tempting me on the Air suspension. Before i rob a Bank is everyone happy with their’s. I’m not fussed about going really low. Mainly for Comfort and the self levelling factor and lowering the van for easy entry . What is the...
  16. Brickie

    Air Ride

    Just wondering what’s the best air ride kit I can get for my t6. And best place to get them fitted. I’m near Cambridge. And are they worth it ?
  17. Z

    Accuair E-level Self Install Here..

    so I have just installed air ride, have a look here and if I’ve done anything wrong please let me know... 3rd Time Around... Indium Grey LWB
  18. Leehoops

    Choosing Correct Wheel With Vb Air

    hi guys , I’m hoping someone can help me on choosing the correct wheel and tyre choice for my van which has had vb 4c air suspension fitted , it’s taken me ages to find the 20inch wheels I would like and they come in two sizes so this is what I’m thinking :- 20x 8.5 offset 35 on the front and...
  19. kn0bby

    VB Air Suspension - Let's Discuss...

    Sounds like a few members on here have the kit.. I am interested to hear their thoughts. So its a parking mode, sport mode, standard mode, off road mode and a self levelling mode for camping. Doesn't sound like the Sport mode isn't as low as the B14's.. but from what i've read the ride...
  20. Keaney

    Team Air

    Inspired by another post let’s have a neb of those on air. Pics and setup would be good for those looking to get involved Abpsuspension Accuair Elevel 5 gallon underslung tank 2 x viair 444c underneath HR Arbs Polyflex rear adjustable bushes RTA Design dash mount