1. L

    FREE FoC F54 High Grab Linoleum Adhesive - collect from Bristol

    I've only used 20% of this. I have no further use for the remainder so if anyone wants it, it is free to collector from my place in Bristol
  2. Dub-noob

    Carpet adhesive remover. Glue remover

    After reading a few threads mentioning the hassle of removing carpet adhesive and folk using all sorts invluding brake fluid i was forced to raid the garage chemicals for same. Gave some WD40 Contact cleaner a go and found it works a treat, best of all the fumes aren't too bad and it dries...
  3. S

    Doing a sikaflex seal this time of year... no

    Hello, had our sca roof installed here a few years ago and the wind deflector was badly sealed.. I've just noticed that its not a great seal and i need to redo it.. here all garages are a mess with covid and we dont have a garage where i can do it in the dry.. so what to do?! Is the 10degC on the...
  4. S

    Best glue to use to fix this rubber seal?

    Hi. Just noticed this rubber in front of the pop top is starting to come loose. many ideas of best glue to repair please?
  5. moomin-j

    Best Adhesive?

    I'm looking to bond EPDM rubber to metal. Have tried 2 part Epoxy resin, that was so poor it should be renamed as Poxy resin. Small area, approx 100mm x 150mm Internal, dry use / application Anybody any ideas, suggestions or experience please?
  6. RyanGerry

    Sika 252 can anyone recommend anything better ?

    Can anyone recommend anything better than Sika 252, fitting my Thule Omnistor tomorrow and it sad to use this stuff but reading up on the forum it isn’t recommended!
  7. Deaky

    Man got Sika......

    I've got a bit of Sikaflex left and plenty of time on my hands. Should I sort out this final VanDoc bodge or leave well alone :unsure:
  8. M

    Other Uses For Sikaflex

    Hi, Sikaflex is widely raved about for conversions, but has anyone here used it for other applications? In particular, my previous efforts at sealing around the edge of our bath with the best “conventional” sealant I could find have failed miserably after a pretty short time. Would it work...
  9. T

    Roof Disbonded From Structure.

    Morning all, I am currently making use of my time at home by embarking on the sound deadening and insulation journey. So far all is going well and the panels have come off to leave no unexpected issues. I have noticed however that the roof has come away from all of the cross beams of the...
  10. Markymark

    Which Sikaflex

    Having a crisis of confidence! which of the many Sikaflex/Sikabond adhesive/sealants do folk recommend for sticking the batons to the metal floor before fixing new plywood floor? cheers Mark
  11. D

    Mounting Carpeted Panels With Velcro Hook And Loop Or Adhesive ?

    I hope everyone is well. I have a t6 tailgate van with no rear window but a plain metal panel. I have sound deadened and insulated this metal panel. I have the 4mm ply template carpeted and ready to mount. It is not possible to use screws or fixings as this metal is a single layer. As such, I...
  12. A

    primer for sikaflex 252 to bond ply battens to floor?

    Hi I've cut out 9mm ply battens for the low points in my 17 Reg T6 floor. I'm planning to stick them to the metal with sikaflex 252. I'm planning on giving the floor a really good clean first. The painted metal surface is in good nick. Do I need to use a primer before using the sikaflex...