1. R

    Skoda Windscreen Ticket Holder

    Has anyone fitted the Skoda Ticket Holder to the A-Pillar of their T6? If so, how easy was it to fit?
  2. Steved55

    Parking ticket clip

    Hi - just been in my mates skoda and it has a really useful clip on the drivers A pillar for holding car park tickets. Have found stick on ones on line but can anyone recommend one that fits behind the pillar trim? Thanks
  3. C

    Water in the offside A post

    Hello, Has anyone had this issue? If so how was it rectified? The drive side A post has recently started filling up with water and over flowing through the large wiring hole that the cables for the door run through and into the van. The van is a 66 plate, I’ve had roof bars on since new and...
  4. ma77y

    Wanted A pillar trims

    A pillar trims needed for speaker pod build. Exterior condition not important however must still have clips to mount and grab handle holes. Cheers
  5. Adst6bus

    Sold A pillar trims

    Pair of A pillar trims comes with standard speakers. In good condition £25
  6. carlg

    B Pillar Vinyl

    Little mod done today
  7. C

    Wanted T6 A pillar trims

    Does anyone have A pillar trims for sale? Need both drivers and passenger side
  8. Mixersmate

    Damaged a-pillar trim during dash-cam theft

    Morning all - Forgot to lock the van last night so Grimsby’s finest have had away with my dash cam, whilst yanking at the cable (before giving up and cutting it) they have slightly damaged some trim, is it possible to repair or do I just have to replace? Thanks,
  9. ma77y

    Pssound audio fix

    If any of you are really into sound quality in cars, YouTube channel Pssound has video on a T6.1. The owner had the system installed by another installer and just shows the lack of care and attention they have when it comes to 1000s of pounds of customers equipment. Be interesting to know...
  10. vwski

    Audio: anyone seen these A pillar tweeters...

    Saw these the other day... Think they look really cool. Anyone seen / heard them yet?
  11. Skyliner33

    Stereo volume linked to electric windows.

    I noticed something strange the other day, well, apart from the fact it was both dry enough and warm enough to open the windows. So the “interesting” observation. If I open my drivers door window below half way the stereo turns down the volume to the drivers a pillar speaker. Window back above...
  12. I

    A Pillar Speaker Build - Worth it?

    Hi - A question for the car audio team.... I'm looking to build a system for a LWB PV and really can't work out if there's value in forking for a pillar builds for tweeters and mids. I'll be using a DSP, possibly stand alone possibly within an amp TBC. I understand the concept around time...
  13. Paul Binding

    A Pillars

    Anybody have any close up picture of A Pillars suede lined. Interested to see how it looks round the tweeter. Are you able to pop the speaker out, line the pillar and then pop speaker back in or is it a trim around job. Must admit I haven’t had a close look at mine yet.
  14. Savgav1

    Bonding in tweeters

    What are you guys using to bond in tweeters to behind the A pillar trim. Have hertz mpk 165.3 pro tweeters to fit
  15. Petro

    [GUIDE] How to retrofit A-pillar grab handles on T6 and T6.1

    My T6.1 came without a-pillar grab handles. Having those in my old T6 I really wanted to retrofit them. Took some photos and decided to do a how to- guide for anyone thinking about doing this. Step 1, removing a pillar covers. Before I pulled out the a-pillar cover, I took the dashboard side...
  16. Jayjmac

    Found A pillar and B pillar internal trims

    Looking for some standard A and B pillar trims complete if anyone has these kicking around.
  17. L

    Annoying dashboard rattle

    Hello, After reading lots of previous posts regarding similar issues I've tried all the advice (removing the wiper blanking hole plugs, removing the square sun sensor rom the front of the dash) but to no avail. There is a rattle coming from the front of my dashboard pretty much all the time and...
  18. T6180

    A&B Pillar Plastics

    Ok time to for a clear out. I have the following trim that needs to go A&B pillar trims....now please read carefully! The A pillars have no holes for grab handles and I've taken the speakers out and removed one of the grills (which I still have) I was going to trim them but had the original...
  19. j4ckal

    Best route to get to overhead cubby hole, across floor up 'A' pillar or 'B' pillar?

    I'm currently routing some wires up to the overhead cubby hole area as I'm going to mount some switches up there. One from under the drivers seat and 4 or 5 from behind the drivers seat (fuse box/relays are mounted at forward end of kitchen unit, directly behind the drivers seat). I've took...
  20. Winstans

    A pillar grab handle delete

    Evening all, I would like to remove the grab handles from the A pillars in the van. Personally think they are ugly, are there any blanking plugs avaliable for the A pillar grab handles? Or can i buy replacement A pillar trims with no holes in? Part numbers and advice appreciated ! Cheers :)