1. marsie

    Sold 18" defender steels with 235 55 18 grabber £600

    For Sale 4 x new defender steel wheels with general grabber at3 tyres New take off wheels with a couple of small marks from tyre fitting. Tyres done less than 1000 miles so as new condition . Fit with standard bolts. Have also got 4 genuine vw centre caps which can be modified to fit Only for...
  2. T

    235/55/18 Tyre pressures

    I've just fitted a set of Cross Climate 235 55 18 tyres to my T6.1. Does anybody know what pressures I should run these at? I've set them to 48psi (cold) all round. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  3. R

    235/55/18 All Terrain Fitment

    Hi! Currently have a 2019 T6 LWB T30 with H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni shocks and am looking at putting General Grabber AT3 235/55/18 on my amarok alloys (7.5j +45) As far as I can research on here I think it should work but would appreciate it if anyone running the same or similar set...
  4. S

    18" Amarok Steel wheels with 235/55 Grabber AT3 tyres as new

    Bought new last year but never fitted. Buyer collects from Lancaster £900
  5. N

    AT3 tyres? 235 55 18 or 235 60 18?

    Hi there I'm pretty set on General Grabber AT3s for my non-lowered T6. Was thinking 235 55 18 or 235 60 18. What's the difference from a ride/performance perspective? Presumably the 60 will look 'bigger'. Many thanks
  6. M

    Sold Michelin Primacy 3 235/55 r18

    I have for sale a set of 4 Michelin Primacy 3 tyres in 235/55 r18 load rated at 104, I purchased these and I had them on my vehicle for approximately 3-4 weeks and did approximately 100 miles in that time, but I decided to change to 255/45 r18 tyres instead. £350 collection from Dagenham RM8.
  7. T

    Sportline’s with AT3?

    Anyone fitted 18” inch sportline alloys with 235 55 R18 general grabber AT3’s Will they work if it’s lowered 40mm
  8. Jimmi

    Slight Knock/thud When Reversing On Full Lock

    As post says, it doesn’t happen all the time. Possibly happens more when under load ie. on an incline. But it’s happened a few times now so staring to get concerned. Has anyone experienced this? I should point out that I have a 4motion running 235 55 18
  9. ehuplad

    18” Tyre recommendations

    Hi All, I am trying to spec up the types to go with a set of Zitto 935 18's. They are 8.5J wide. Custom Vanz and others are using 255 45 R18's is this the best spec, or should I consider something else? Also which brand-model do people recommend, I am inclined to go with the big brands but...
  10. liaoyang

    AT 235/55/18 - does the extra sidewall cause issues?

    Hi does anyone run on 235/55 r18 instead of the usual 235/50 r18? Because they are 12.7mm more in diameter, I wonder if they look like swampies or whether the difference is not noticeable. I appreciate the speedo will under read by 3% but is the gearing noticeably higher? Cheers
  11. SkyMonster

    Recomended tyres for Sportline wheels

    Im going for a set of T6 Sportline wheels 18" 8J ET50 - is there any recommendation on tyres.
  12. Captain Mainwaring

    Tyre pressures for 18" wheels

    Hi guys, my first proper post apart from the new members forum so please go easy. I have looked through other posts and also trawled through the T5 forum but cannot find a definitive answer so hopefully I am not duplicating I took delivery of my T32 Kombi 4-Motion a few weeks ago but replaced...