1. Glenn Board

    Which engine oil-filter? 140PS

    Hi, would somebody please advise the correct oil filter to buy for a 2016 T6 140 BHP, and also do you know if the sump plug has to be replaced? Thanking you in advance.
  2. Mikey2ooo

    My new money pit

    Had for a couple of weeks now, cost me a fortune for a 5yr old van from GoExplore, Swansea Swb highline 140 Pendle mapped to 175 lowered on 20” lots to buy for her, the list is growing
  3. S

    Vibration 1600/2000rpm 140PS DSG

    I have a T6. 2017 transporter LWB. I have had a vibration since new. Taken the van to dealer 7 times with no success. ( that’s normal they say). The vibration is between 1600/2000 rpm. Sitting on 100kph in 7 gear the van vibrates through the floor. Steering wheel and dashboard. You can’t feel...
  4. M

    For Sale 2016 T6 T32 Highline Kombi. £28,995

    Apologies for the copy & paste of the ebay ad. Boosting the signal in case anyone here is looking or knows someone that is. Discount available to forum members and finders fee if you bring me a buyer. This forum has been an invaluable source of information both before and during my ownership...
  5. Dave F

    Sold DTUK tuning box and pedal box

    Testing the water as I’m thinking of getting a revo remap as my van is out of warranty. They are used and are on my 2016 Auto 140 euro 5 T6 £400 for the tuning box and pedal box
  6. C

    T28 to t32 prices

    Is a t32 worth more than a t28 ? What sort of difference are you looking at ? I have been offered a t6 from a friend who changes there Van's every 3 to 4 years but I cant find many 2016 t32 140 for sale to compare prices with to work out how much to offer him for it Thanks
  7. R

    Remap on a 140PS manual

    Got a 140bhp T6 T32. Looking for a remap to deliver a bit more power but mainly try and improve fuel economy even more. Anyone else done this?
  8. B

    T6 140 Euro 5 Or 150 Euro 6 Engine

    Hi all Probably a silly question but on a t6 dsg what is the best engine out of the 140 and 150 the newest one. as there is a big difference with the price I want reliability from coming from a Renault trafic.any help would be great.
  9. K

    AMD Tuning: T6 140 DSG Remap

    Has anyone used amd tuning in Thurrock, I am looking to get my 140hp dsg t6 remapped in Essex and not sure who to use?
  10. N

    5 Or 6 Speed Gearbox??

    Quite new to the T5 scene and looking to buy a SWB van, but really need the 6 speed gearbox. How from adverts on Autotrader Ebay etc do I know what gearbox is in there? Is there a specific vehicle model number? As it is now I am having to delve through photos trying to spot the gearknob. Or...
  11. T

    Pre-purchase Inspection

    Hi everyone! Newbie and 1st post! We are very interest in a late 65plate T6 Highline T30 DSG 140BHP, Euro5, 15k miles Hillside Leisure Birchover. But before we spend the life savings, wanted to get a pre purchase inspection done, but are the RAC type inspections really worth doing, thinking this...
  12. D

    140PS Remapping Options

    Hey everyone, I just purchased a new 2019 multivan comfortline (TDI340) and was wondering what the options out there are for performance tuning. Either chip tuning or complete ECU remapping, who has had success and what did you notice? Also what did each method cost? Any help and advice would be...
  13. S

    Re-map, And Improved Mpg?

    Now all the companies who other re-mapping, claim improved mpg, but has anyone experienced it? Come on, be honest.
  14. R

    t6 kombi 140 bhp or 180 what is the best engine dsg

    t6 kombi 140 bhp or 180 what is the best engine dsg
  15. Glenn Board

    Which oil? 140PS

    silly question , but I can’t Sean to find out what is the correct oil to put in the engine, could somebody please advise me as I need to put some in now?
  16. drew_greenday

    Mojave conversion

    I've had a t5 swb and a t5.1 lwb, both converted. The lwb was a poptop and units where the swb was more of a part conversion. I picked up 'hutch' two weeks ago from a vw centre in Newcastle. He is a 140 highline dsg in mojave. He's got factory fitted tailgate window and nothing else! Conversion...
  17. Rob

    How low is sensible?

    I really need to phone Vanstyle and get the van booked in to have some lowered springs fitted but really can not decide on which ones to go for. Due to previous people's experiences which knocking problems the H&R's are out of the window but there are still a few options ranging from Eibach Pro...
  18. Mark Howkins

    Power Upgrade

    Keen to look at pushing up the power output of a T6 180 DSG 4 Motion but want to be able to remove any evidence in case of warranty issues. What's the best option?