tow bar

  1. Superowls

    Sold Westfalia fixed swan neck Towbar for T5 or T6

    Just had a towbar removed from my T6, previous owner had it fitted under a year ago so not had much use The fitter that removed it told me it will fit all T5 & T6's, it comes with electrics and is non detachable It's a Westfalia so not a cheap one I dont know much more than that about it but...
  2. L

    I want a discreet Tow bar

    Hi. I’m in the market for a tow bar for my T5.1. A lot of the ones I’ve seen on eBay and other sites are big ugly things hanging off the rear bumper. Has anyone got any ideas. Many thanks. Lui
  3. Paynewright

    Todays top towbar tip..

    When trying to remove your detachable Westfalia towbar, try pulling the handle out and turning it before resorting to the big rubber hammer! Regards Ian
  4. M

    WARNING - towbar mounted bike racks

    Thought it best to share today’s experience and caution others. Please please please check and recheck any towbar mounted bike racks. Even though we triple checked before setting off, ours decided to part company today whilst travelling at 60mph on the M1. Standing helpless at the side of the...
  5. T6Paul

    Sold Westfalia Detachable Towbar

    Brand new unused Westfalia detachable towbar and 7 pin electrics £160 Collection from Bristol or Gloucester.
  6. Ayjay

    Cost for Westfalia Detachable Towbar + Fitting

    I've still got to phone around to a couple of other potential fitters tomorrow but has anybody got an idea of whether or not a quote from PF Jones for the above is competitive and / or reasonable. I used their on-line quotation tool for the following: Westfalia Detachable Tow-Bar 2018 T6...
  7. czmate1999

    VW tow bar keys

    Really hate those little red keys, unpleasant to turn and you can't attach them to anything... Local locksmith done me proud and with a bit of extra filing we have a solution. :) Happy days. You can tell i have nothing better to do!
  8. T5SUG

    Tow Bar installer in the Midlands

    Can anyone recommend a tow bar installer in the Nottingham/ Derby area ? Looking to have a detachable swan neck fitted. Any info welcome and prices paid
  9. M

    Best tailgate bike rack - bang for buck

    Hi All, Im looking at getting a spoiler and a Bike rack for the tailgate of my T6. Is there any racks you would recommend? I've seen a Fiamma Pro rack, would this work? Thanks in advance.
  10. Pie

    Foam inserts for tow-bar - cheapest vendor?

    Where is the cheapest place to get the foam inserts you need when fitting the Westfalia detachable tow bar. Just Kampers do them but it's £38 for the 2 needed !!!! Thought that was a bit pricey. Cheers
  11. A

    Bike Carrier options

    Hi, I have looked at the various threads relating to bike carrier & options - I come back to the same options - but just want to check I'm not missing anything... I'm after a Tow Bar mounted Bike Carrier - one that can carry 4 bikes and importantly can tilt so the barn doors can still be...
  12. Kev23

    Tow bar removal

    Any one know if this part of the tow bar comes off? Need to get it painted
  13. Dazzah71

    Unidentified Electronic Box

    Hi There, reaching out in case anyone seen one before ? We are just currently having our T28 van converted it is 2019 plate and was leased for 6 months only before we bought it. This box is under the engine and the VW dealership are not sure what it is and I cannot take it in yet but it is...
  14. czmate1999

    Factory Tow Bar - Checking What Should Be There...

    Hi All, Just got the van back from convertors, very happy and a bit of a build thread coming, but just wanted to double check i got everything back for the tow bar - not having overly paid much attention to it when it was bolted to the back of the van. Please could someone conform what should...
  15. Village

    The Towbar Company

    Had a westfalia detachable fitted by Gary at the Towbar Company yesterday. He’s based in Bournemouth but will travel. Very accommodating guy and very professional instal. Highlight recommended and can give his details on request. :thumbsup:
  16. Farnorthsurfer

    Sold Trailer Control Unit

    The box and bracket usually found under the drivers seat. Part number 1K0 907 383 H. From a 2017 Highline. Surplus to requirements. Comes with the bracket and screws that fix it under the seat. £30 delivered by Collect+
  17. OllieGBR

    Coding For Tow Bar

    I’ve fitted my tow bar and now need to have the electrics coded. I’m waiting on a price from the dealer, but have seen on the forum that it’s possible to do this yourself. I’m assuming I need a box of some description along with software that connects to the ECU via the diagnostic port. What is...
  18. Paynewright

    Vw Tow Bar Storage Parts

    As per the Westfalia detachable tow bar instructions I’ve purchased the polystyrene holder and strap. Holder is 7h0804897a @ £23.06 and strap 7h0867749 @ £23.60. I have two observations:- 1) the holder is bagged and appears to also contain a strap. Do I need two straps? All I can think of is...
  19. S

    Westfalia Towbar

    Hi I’m looking to buy a westfalia fixed or detachable tow-bar for my T6 2017 T32 highline Kombi SWB but unsure which model number/code is the correct one. Please can anyone advise on this matter. Many thanks Pete
  20. B

    California Advice Needed

    Hi - I couldn't find answers to these questions but apologies if it's covered elsewhere. My wife and I have a 20-month old and we've decided to upgrade our beloved 2007 barn door 2.5 TDi T5 conversion to a new or nearly new (2019/8 plate) California Ocean. I'm looking for advice in three areas...