tow bar

  1. Joblue

    Where to buy towbar and at what price? DIY

    I need to get a tow bar fitted to tow a small trailer, I have had a few quotes but just wondered what you guys might suggest as a reasonable price. Also should I get a removable or fixed hitch and will any electric work affect my warranty?
  2. H

    Coding in a tow-bar

    Hi, what does people use to recode their van after getting towbar fitted?
  3. shaiboyuk

    PFJ or Dealer to fit Towbar?

    Hi, So the Transporter is coming the next day or so, and need to get a towbar for going away. I've priced up VW one and Westfalia (PFJones), detachable, 13 pin electrics, extension lead (non TP) and Towbar plastic rail and fixings. VW one comes in at £592. Westfalia (PFJones) one comes in at...
  4. G

    Found Wanted - towbar for T5 T6

    Just a thread to see what used stuff about. After a towbar for my T6. Hardware only, no electrics needed.
  5. S

    Detachable to fixed tow bar

    Hi i have a detachable towbar fitted from new on my T6 T32 panel van however i now want the fixed type so i can mount a trials bike carrier via the 2 mounting hole bolts. Anyone done it ? Is it straight forward? Thanks
  6. S

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post? But possible new van will need a westfalia detach bar used GT towing before but there prices are way higher and they still scratched my bumper lightly on the current van. Wasn’t impressed with the staff arguing over the price match they had offered...
  7. peteslack

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    What are people using for towbar mounted bike racks ? I've acquired a Thule 943 - 3 bike rack and as you can see it won't tilt far enough to allow the tailgate to open ?? I have a Westphalia detachable swan neck tow ball.
  8. Mick

    PF Jones appalling service.

    Despite a number of people telling me how good PF Jones are my advice at this moment is stay well away from them. I ordered a Tow Bar and electric from them 3 weeks ago. They initially gave me an install date of the 28th. I spoke to the fitters and they brought it forward to 9am today. Last...
  9. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...
  10. J

    Westfalia detachable tow-bar self-fit [Guide]

    So I decided to purchase the Westfalia detachable tow bar this week and set about fitting it. I bought the towbar and dedicated electrics from PF Jones. I've fitted it to a 2017 T6 and taken a few photos which may help someone. Not a bad job, but I'm fortunate to have ramps at our garage. It's a...
  11. C

    Error ACC: Front Assist Unavailable

    Hi all, I've just had a towbar fitted with dedicated electrics to a T6.1 2021 model and I'm getting this error. Auto electrician reckons it'll clear when it's driven but I find this very hard to believe. Thanks Ian
  12. T

    Removable flange towbar for T6 - to carry motorbike?

    Hi, New member here & first post - I just bought a '17 LWB Camper conversion. Happy bunny. I would like to add a towbar to the van so I can carry my full-size enduro (motocross) bike on a Dave Cooper rack or similar. These racks attach to flange towbars - I can find plenty of those, but...
  13. N

    Rear Bumper valance and tow bar ??

    Hi folks, Probably a can of worms but has anyone found any bumper valances/extensions etc that actually work with a removeable tow bar on T6 barn door. I've tried PP tuning and asked 3 times however they have not come back to me. Xtreme vans are not sure the list goes on! ABT won’t. the list...
  14. T

    Which detachable Tow Bar?

    I'm doing my research ahead of getting a tow bar fitted. I definitely want a detachable one, and want the electrics to be out of sight when not in use. Looking back at old threads here, I see conflicting info about whether some brands (Westfalia, Tow Trust, for example) actually do this...
  15. R

    Cycle rack with spoiler and trailer

    Hi all, I have a t6 with tailgate and looking for a cycle rack for a couple of bike while towing. I have a roof spoiler and don’t want to roof mount, the tow ball is detachable. Is there anything on the market available? thanks
  16. D

    Towbar install problem - Dealer installed

    Hi guys & gals. We have a 70 plate T6.1 150 Highline panel van that we have an issue with. Basically looking for someone that has had a factory towbar and electrics fitted at a dealer after build, hope that makes sense? Our van came from the factory without a tow bar or Trailer prep. We...
  17. L

    Tow Bar Wiring Earth Point

    Fitted a Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar earlier in the week. Just picked up the 13pin wiring kit from VW to fit over weekend. Kit supplied has the code 7F0 055 204 B. Just looking through instructions and it only seems to show a flat bed and mentions single or double cab. It's also shows...
  18. Paul Binding

    Westfalia tow bar

    I already have a fixed swan neck tow bar and electrics fitted to my t6. Do all tow bars use the same mounting points. I would like to remove my tow bar ( not sure what make) and fit the westfalia with removable ball hitch. Is this a easy thing to do? Plan on use the existing electrics so...
  19. sparkywig

    Rear bumper adjustment

    Evening all. Is there any adjustment on the rear bumper height? Mine seems to be rubbing the bottom of the tailgate for some reason.
  20. Superowls

    Sold Westfalia fixed swan neck Towbar for T5 or T6

    Just had a towbar removed from my T6, previous owner had it fitted under a year ago so not had much use The fitter that removed it told me it will fit all T5 & T6's, it comes with electrics and is non detachable It's a Westfalia so not a cheap one I dont know much more than that about it but...