tow bar

  1. Sgibson213

    For Sale Transporter Westfalia detachable tow bar only one key £70

  2. T

    Sold Witter detachable tow bar. £150

    For sale…witter detachable tow bar. Sold As seen in pics…not fitted before…. brand new. Fits a vw transporter t6 2016 lwb…should fit others but unsure which others. Surplus to requirements….local pick up in pe27 st ives cambs. £150 - bargain. Ono
  3. J

    Rear Bumper Excessive Flex / Movement

    Hi, I picked up a T6 that’s had a camper conversion and the top of the rear bumper is very flexible. You can literally push down on it and moves by about an inch scythe while of the back of the bumper. As you can see from the picture it’s had a tow bar fitted and I’ve read that often clips are...
  4. AdamT

    Wanted Westfalia detachable tow ball

    Recently bought a van that has the Westfalia detachable tow bar installed but the detachable tow ball part is not present . Anyone have one they’d like to sell ?
  5. G

    Found wanted tow bar for my vw t6 2016 any cheap ones out there please

    looking for a decent tow bar , some prices I've seen are a tad high lol vw t6 2016 i can fit myself located blackpool
  6. K

    Tow Trust Installer North West Recommendations

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere in the northwest that can fit a tow sure detachable tow bar, loom and code it? Cheers Kev
  7. Mikeje

    For Sale 2019 T32 SWB Trendline Kombi | 6-seater | Leather | Lined | 20” Alloys | Koni & HR | £28,000

    Looking for £28,000 no vat 69 plateT6 32 SWB trend line with 40500 miles (registered dec 2019) - I've had this from new and it comes with a full service history. I've had a number of pro upgrades done to the van. Only selling as want a larger van for converting. All leather seats...
  8. K

    Trailer wiring and NO park pilot

    Tackled my no park pilot issue today, and discovered the factory original loom was disconnected when the towbar was fitted. Circled in the picture is the original factory plug, and the arrow shows the towbar replacement plug. If I swap them I get park pilot, but no trailer light functionality...
  9. H

    Towbar bumper filler

    Has anyone found the bumper filler for when the towbar is fitted, Just Kamper price and shipping is ridiculous.
  10. T6ChrisO

    AA-Van wiring removal - Tow Bar fault puts van in to limp-mode

    Hi guys. Vans booked in for pop top on Wednesday and my vans going into limp mode due to the tow bar being removed (incorrectly) before it went to auction (and then to me) I need VagCom or something to tell the van it no longer has a tow bar
  11. L

    Witter Towbar and reversing sensors

    So i want to buy a Witter towbar, none removable but wasn’t sure what will happen with the reversing sensors ? Is it low enough to not be seen or will it beep constantly or can you somehow teach the sensors with Vagcom or something to ignore it ...
  12. M

    Umbra Rimorchi Tow Bar

    Morning all, Has anyone got experience of the Umbra Rimorchi detachable tow bars? They appear to be considerably cheaper than the competition but at what cost....... (I have already sourced the dedicated Westfalia wiring kit for a factory prep T6)
  13. Jonesy68

    Tow Bar removable or fixed

    I have read through various threads on here as I'm looking to get a tow bar fitted for a bike rack and possibly a trailer very rarely. The prices I've been quoted are £650 ish fitted for a detachable Tow Trust bar. But for a fixed one it's only £380. Apart from the obvious, being able to...
  14. campz

    Tow Bar vs Tow Hitch

    Hi All, After a fair bit of research I'm considering installing a tow hitch with a detectable tow bar as an option, rather than just a detectable toe bar. Does anyone have experience of this, and recommendations? I'm convinced it will give me more options for storage and pulling. Thanks, Mark
  15. sipep

    Rear clicking noise (toe bar related?)

    Hi all, So I've noticed a clicking noise from passenger side rear. I've only had the van for a week so still learning more about it. This clicking corresponds with using the indicators and brakes. I've checked the bulbs and they all work. The van has had a toe bar fitted by the previous...
  16. T

    Reuse t6 towbar on t6.1?

    Hi all I’m looking to change my van from t6 (was a shuttle originally) to a t6.1 ocean. I fitted and coded the towbar on the t6 and want to know if I can swap to the new van. Not purchased yet so checking out if factory spec towbar/prep is a route worth taking. A few Qs: - the towbar itself...
  17. G

    T6 tow bar wiring

    Hi all, Appologies is this has already been covered but has anyone fitted the PF jones 13pin tow bar wiring loom and how did they do it? Reading up on here people say to take it under the passenger seat to the fuse box then on to the BCM but the instructions say to take it up to the main battery...
  18. Texxaco

    Sold T6 -T6.1 Westfalia detachable towbar inc electrics - 1 year old

    Recently removed as sold caravan. Westfalia detachable towbar with the correct 13 pin electrics kit. Looking for £250, collection preferred but can post at your cost. Any questions let me know.
  19. Garyf123

    Any problems fitting a towbar to a camper conversion

    Finally made the decision to go with a westfalia detachable towbar with 13pin vehicle specific wiring. My van is a 2019 highline camper conversion. I was looking at some of the fitting videos and it was saying that in some cases, boot floors have to be lifted. Mine has the units built in and bed...
  20. J

    OEM tow bar module issue (some what urgent)

    Hello. And greetings to everyone. Been searching around this forum and it seems that trailer electrics is quite a common issue. Unfortionately, none of the existing threads match my problem (or cant find it). I get no lights on trailer whats so ever and my car does not recognize that the...