tow bar

  1. EcosseExile

    The TowBar Man, Hampshire.

    Just a quick shout to any of you lovely people who live in the Surrey/Hampshire area. After looking around a bit, I came across TowBar Man South based in Alton Hampshire. After speaking to the lady in the office, Mark (I assume to owner) called me back. He talked through all the options and...
  2. EcosseExile

    Towbar Mounted Storage Box

    Good morning, Does anyone use a towbar mounted storage box with their van? I'm after one to keep wet/dirty camping gear in, to free up space when travelling. Ideally it would drop down like a bike rack to allow opening of the tailgate. Does such a thing exist or have I dreamt it
  3. T

    Wanted Rear bumper Bracket/Bar

    Looking for a standard T6 rear bumper metal bracket, want to take my tow bar off Close to Salisbury, Wiltshire if possible
  4. T6wannabee

    Underslung gas tank and tow bar

    Hi all so our camper is now underway to being built or will be very soon and we have opte for a underslung gas tank and bbq point. only now I’m having a melt down because later down the line we are wanting to fit a detachable tow bar fitted . Is this going to hinder this.
  5. Dazza76

    For Sale 2016 T28 140PS Highline, poptop, 47k. £35500 NO VAT

    VW T6 transporter Highline T28 TDI BMT, 140Bhp 2016 (NO VAT) 47500 miles 2 owners (previous owner is a friend of mine) Full VW specialist service history. Genuine VW cambelt kit, water pump and aux belt fitted at 39819 miles. This is an immaculate and stunning VW T6 in reflex silver and...
  6. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  7. brian smart

    Enabling tow bar in VCDS

    hi i have fitted after market tow bar electrics by right connections which needs coding although i can see the tow bar module it is not enabled and i can not see how to do it i do have vcds thanks brian
  8. Paynewright

    For Sale Witter zx408 towbar 4xbike carrier

    As per title witter tow bar mounted, bolt on 4 bike carrier. Max weight 60kg. Labeled as a ZX408 which I think equates to the ZX204 in the current range. It does drop down but not enough to open the barn doors. I have a recollection one of wheel straps was broken and replaced with a pedal toe...
  9. Sackmycook

    Sold Buzzrack 3 bike towbar mounted bike rack

    For Sale.....Buzzrack 3 bike, towbar mounted bike rack, locks to towbar, tilting mechanism (won't clear T6 doors), 3 individual locking arms, used with general wear and tear. All keys present. No lightboard. Great cheap way to get around with bikes this summer. £75 ono......can deliver to...
  10. F

    Loud beeping when indicating with towbar bike carrier

    I just got myself a new tow bar and bike carrier on my 2019 T6 highline. Is there anyway of disabling the super loud beeping noise when indicating or at least reducing the volume? I guess it is a reminder if you got a trailer attached but does it have to be so loud!!
  11. T

    Fixed tow bar and parking sensors

    I’m looking at getting a tow bar fitted. The first decision is between fixed (flange plate fit) and removable swan neck design. Has anyone with rear parking sensors fitted a fixed one? Does a fixed one mess up the sensors?
  12. Ambrose

    North West Tow Bar Centre

    Shopped around to have a detachable tow bar fitted and ended going to Welcome to North West Towbar Centre Stockport | Established 1984 - North West Towbars Manchester as it was just down the road from me. Dropped it off this morning at 11am and got a call just after 1pm to say it's ready for...
  13. G

    Sold [eBay] T6 detachable tow bar, virtually like new, excellent cond, £120

    T6 tow bar, virtually new, taken it of due to changing van , no electrics, all bolts come with the tow bar, no rust or damage whatsoever . Pick up Manchester area . £120 sorry no offers
  14. P

    Ryder TF1170, L/B & towbar

    Hi everyone. I've taken on a 2016 Caravelle with some conversion work already carried out. It has a towbar fitted and there is a Ryder TF1170 fitted under the passenger seat. Anyone familiar with this device can help me overcome my confusion, hopefully. The un-switched o/p (4) is connected to...
  15. J

    Tow bar bumper protector

    Hello, Apologies if this had already been covered in previous posts. I would like to add a metal bumper protector but cannot see anything that's works for the type I have. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Jon
  16. S

    Westfalia Tow bar electrics kit

    Hope someone can help here, I'm halfway through fitting a Wesfalia Tow bar to my 2017 Shuttle. So I'm looking specifically at the point were three wires are connected to the extra fuse bar thats under the passenger seat. Now the instructions say that the three cables are fitted in spots 5,6,7...
  17. amo1968red

    T6 Detachable Towbar brand??

    Hi all After some a long-shot, but thought I'd ask. Recently purchased my first van, and have found that it has a detachable towbar (and electrics)...but alas no towbar neck. I'm trying to determine the manufacturer (so that I can look for a replacement neck), but I don't see...
  18. K

    Towbar prep - coding still required?

    Hi everyone, Quick question about fitting a towbar, my T6.1 was ordered with towbar prep, if I fit the towbar myself will I still need to take it to VW to have coding adjustments to make everything work? Are there any recommendations on which manufacturers to go to for a towbar and wiring...
  19. T6DSGChris

    Sold Witter gen towbar

    Bought by a colleague of mine whom actually ordered a new towball and the lot turned up, so this is all as new, just needs the ball end. Gave to me as pressy but our tiguan has a jazxy one on so i dont need tbh, said id sell and split dosh with him. Seem to be about £150 cheapest online...
  20. piper1

    Tow bar wiring harness - light and siren?

    I’ve just had a tow bar and dedicated wiring harness fitted to a 2017 kombi van. Can anyone tell me please if there is a light on the dashboard or an audible signal indicating that a trailer/caravan is connected. I thought maybe an indicator light might of been visible when in use?