tow bar

  1. G

    Sold [eBay] T6 detachable tow bar, virtually like new, excellent cond, £120

    T6 tow bar, virtually new, taken it of due to changing van , no electrics, all bolts come with the tow bar, no rust or damage whatsoever . Pick up Manchester area . £120 sorry no offers
  2. P

    Ryder TF1170, L/B & towbar

    Hi everyone. I've taken on a 2016 Caravelle with some conversion work already carried out. It has a towbar fitted and there is a Ryder TF1170 fitted under the passenger seat. Anyone familiar with this device can help me overcome my confusion, hopefully. The un-switched o/p (4) is connected to...
  3. J

    Tow bar bumper protector

    Hello, Apologies if this had already been covered in previous posts. I would like to add a metal bumper protector but cannot see anything that's works for the type I have. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Jon
  4. S

    Westfalia Tow bar electrics kit

    Hope someone can help here, I'm halfway through fitting a Wesfalia Tow bar to my 2017 Shuttle. So I'm looking specifically at the point were three wires are connected to the extra fuse bar thats under the passenger seat. Now the instructions say that the three cables are fitted in spots 5,6,7...
  5. T6DSGChris

    Sold Witter gen towbar

    Bought by a colleague of mine whom actually ordered a new towball and the lot turned up, so this is all as new, just needs the ball end. Gave to me as pressy but our tiguan has a jazxy one on so i dont need tbh, said id sell and split dosh with him. Seem to be about £150 cheapest online...
  6. piper1

    Tow bar wiring harness - light and siren?

    I’ve just had a tow bar and dedicated wiring harness fitted to a 2017 kombi van. Can anyone tell me please if there is a light on the dashboard or an audible signal indicating that a trailer/caravan is connected. I thought maybe an indicator light might of been visible when in use?
  7. Barley53

    Towbar recommendations please

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations please for a company or fitter to install a detachable or foldaway tow bar to a 19 t6 converted swb, ideally Hertfordshire area but will travel pretty much anywhere for the best job. I'm seeing mention of PF Jones (and also the occasional trouble trying...
  8. S

    Front Tow Bar

    Has anybody found/fitted a tow ball on the front of their T6, I will be using the van to launch a boat and past experience tells me that having a ball on the front makes the job very much easier?
  9. Joblue

    Where to buy towbar and at what price? DIY

    I need to get a tow bar fitted to tow a small trailer, I have had a few quotes but just wondered what you guys might suggest as a reasonable price. Also should I get a removable or fixed hitch and will any electric work affect my warranty?
  10. H

    Coding in a tow-bar

    Hi, what does people use to recode their van after getting towbar fitted?
  11. shaiboyuk

    PFJ or Dealer to fit Towbar?

    Hi, So the Transporter is coming the next day or so, and need to get a towbar for going away. I've priced up VW one and Westfalia (PFJones), detachable, 13 pin electrics, extension lead (non TP) and Towbar plastic rail and fixings. VW one comes in at £592. Westfalia (PFJones) one comes in at...
  12. G

    Found Wanted - towbar for T5 T6

    Just a thread to see what used stuff about. After a towbar for my T6. Hardware only, no electrics needed.
  13. S

    Detachable to fixed tow bar

    Hi i have a detachable towbar fitted from new on my T6 T32 panel van however i now want the fixed type so i can mount a trials bike carrier via the 2 mounting hole bolts. Anyone done it ? Is it straight forward? Thanks

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  15. O

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    Hi I am looking for some advise on tow bar bike racks for 4 bikes. My T6 has a tailgate and wanting a rack which tilts so we can open the tailgate. I have seen the Witter ZX204/ ZX304 but does anyone know if this tilts enough to open the tailgate. The bike rack will only be for occasional use...
  16. Mick

    PF Jones appalling service.

    Despite a number of people telling me how good PF Jones are my advice at this moment is stay well away from them. I ordered a Tow Bar and electric from them 3 weeks ago. They initially gave me an install date of the 28th. I spoke to the fitters and they brought it forward to 9am today. Last...
  17. RunDSG

    Error: ACC and Error: Brakes… Workshop!

    Ok, someone please save me. I’m worried I’ve seriously wrecked something. I’ve just finished a series of jobs. Most likely to have caused the error, fitting Westfalia towbar electrics. I now get these two errors. Error: ACC *reading here suggests this sometimes happens after towbar install...
  18. J

    Westfalia detachable tow-bar self-fit [Guide]

    So I decided to purchase the Westfalia detachable tow bar this week and set about fitting it. I bought the towbar and dedicated electrics from PF Jones. I've fitted it to a 2017 T6 and taken a few photos which may help someone. Not a bad job, but I'm fortunate to have ramps at our garage. It's a...
  19. C

    Error ACC: Front Assist Unavailable

    Hi all, I've just had a towbar fitted with dedicated electrics to a T6.1 2021 model and I'm getting this error. Auto electrician reckons it'll clear when it's driven but I find this very hard to believe. Thanks Ian
  20. D

    Tow Trust swan neck - torque

    Evening all, This is my first post :) So, I bought a Tow Trust TVW9VK tow bar and the matching 'no trailer prep' can bus electrics. I've spent most of today gingerly tearing bits off the Caravelle and was nearly defeated by the rear bumper beam needing a wobble drive to get to the bolts...