T6.1 Gloss black grille and badges?


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Hello all,
I'm new here. Recently bought a black t6. I'm looking into changing the front grille and the front and rear badges to all gloss black to make it full black. But I am not sure how it will look. Does anyone have a picture of this so i can see what it looks like? I would also like to hear your opinions.
Thanks in advance.
I removed the chrome and prefer the look. Also fitted THQ LED headlights and which are more 'blacked out' compared to the standard OEM light along with smoked side repeaters. It's obviously down to personal preference but I like it and it's a cheap option to change the lock.

Liking the Smokey lights and repeaters may try do the same but I’ve only just got the van so still new to it all
Go for it @krt6! Next step for me is THQ lights like @wavey66. Relatively small modifications (badge, grills, front splitter) that when put together change the whole look. Plus they won’t cost a fortune! IMG_9717.jpegEnjoy the new van!
Gonna get some of those I would like to get the dark look headlights too but not sure if I could actually change those without causing any damage to the grill paintwork