gloss black

  1. D

    Painting Davenport plastic centre-caps

    I have just powder coated my Devonports gloss black and pleased with the look. I would like either to paint the grey plastic caps gloss black or change the caps for something better. Any suggestions on a paint to use or after market cap? These will just be for winter so can hand paint every...
  2. LakesT6

    T6.1 Caravelle grille - chrome trim removal

    Morning all. I’m looking to buy a gloss black grille and the lower gloss black trims for a 6.1 Caravelle. I’m trying to work out if I can take the chrome pieces off the original Caravelle grille and fit them to a gloss black badged grille from THQ/Leighton, before I push the buy button. -Also...
  3. M

    Slow Burner Reaches Paint Milestone

    Bit of a slow process this one for me, The first 12 months of my ownership I had it mothballed completing my T5 and a Range Rover project got in the way however I think it’s turned out nicely so far and as a bit of a newbie to transporters I can’t wait to attend some shows to help with...
  4. H

    Found 18" Sportline alloys, black with diamond-cut lip

    In the market for a good set of 18" Sportline alloys in gloss black with the polished lip, to suit a T30 along the lines of the ones that were on sale here:
  5. J

    Who’s got the best gloss front grills online??

    Does anyone know where I can buy 2 gloss black inserts from (I have circled this in the photo?)
  6. T6180


    I have for sale a brand new, still in unopened boxes as set of front grills for a T6.1 in gloss black. This sale includes the top badged grill and the lower 'dog bone' grill set. As I say these are brand new and surplus to requirements as I have sold the van. Altogether these retail at around...
  7. Ads_Essex

    Sold T6 Sportline wheels - gloss / diamond cut

    Set of four T6 Sportline gloss-black with diamond-cut edge alloy wheels. Pirelli P-Zero tyres fitted, 245/45/18, 100Y (800kg - T28). Two tyres with low tread (stamped 2016) will want changing (the other two are stamped 2018). There is lacquer peel on parts of the diamond cut sections - see...
  8. MarkW-T6

    For Sale Gloss Black Splitter

    1 x Gloss Black Front Bumper Splitter. T6 Front Bumper Splitter - gloss black Both have been fitted/used for short periods and as such have small marks associated with that use. Once fitted though most are hidden. I’ve tried to catch everything in the pictures. Collection only. Gloss...
  9. H

    Sold Stuttgart ST3 20" gloss black alloys with tyres £300 ono

    Now open to sensible offers. Wheels acquired with van purchase. Tyres have some life in them but aren't new. Similarly, wheels are in fair condition but would need refreshing to make them pristine. 815KG per wheel. Collection from Chesham, South Bucks.
  10. S

    Gloss Splitters- how well do they wear?

    I’m looking at fitting a front splitter, and considering a black gloss one, but how well or not do the fair after a few months on the road. I saw a T6.1 with gloss inserts at the front, and they were very chipped and pitted and it was a 70 plate.
  11. W

    T6.1 gloss-black grille and dog bones

    Has anyone successfully fitted these on their own, is it even possible, i am self-isolating due to being pinged by track and trace (bad timing as my Van only turned up this week :-) ) so want to make good use of the time and get as much as i can done on the van over the weekend
  12. Mike Dean

    Wanted T6 gloss black front grille.

    Need a T6 front upper gloss black grille. badge or badgeless. what have you got?
  13. Parvus

    Sold T6 Gloss Black Front Grilles (complete set)

    Full set of black gloss front end from Travelinlite for T6, radar version. Purchased, and still boxed never used. Cost £300, will accept offers over £250. Collection from Wiltshire area. Link - T6 Front Grille Lower Grilles & Splitter Gloss Black Transporter 15 On Radar
  14. cgtmiles

    Sold Gloss Black lower grills (with radar hole)

    Hi I have these travelinlite T6 Gloss Black grills with space for radar sensor for sale. Should fit all highline T6s with the sensor (or without in fact!) These were on the van for only a few months before I swapped them for the DRL version. Look like new to me but may have very small...
  15. M

    Wanted Gloss badgeless grille

    As per the title anyone got one they don’t want anymore ???
  16. j4ckal

    Best gloss black wing mirror cover?

    I've managed to lose my o/s gloss black mirror cap (upper), well, it got smashed off :rolleyes:, they were sprayed gloss black when i bought the van. Just wondering the best place to source one (or maybe a pair of already gloss black, so they match)? Are the aftermarket any good or do I need to...
  17. LT2019

    Sold Gloss trim

  18. Olliecurlywurly

    For Sale 20” t5/5.1 sportline style black/polished £400 price drop

    For sale set of four 20” sport line style alloys with tyres front are falken 255/35 20 xl load rating 97 with 4-5mm tread rear are “lanvigator” 255/35 20 xl load rating 102 with wear at around the wear marks 2mm 3 wheels in very good shape and one has been nicked a few times, I’ve pictured...
  19. The Van Cave

    Comfort Gloss-Black Dash Air-Vents

    Hi all, I want to change the dash vents in my Kombi for those that come with the comfort dash so that I get the separate wheel to close the vents. It’s bloody annoying having to adjust the vents every time you happen to close and then open them. Does anyone know part numbers and where I can...
  20. GONA66

    Travelin-Lite gloss-black grille fitting [Guide]

    Fitted my new gloss black grille upper and lower ,and even though the original had the parking sensors it was quite straight forward to adapt the new gloss product with the parking sensors. I also managed to fit the upper gloss grille without fully removing it from the vehicle ,which again was...