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  1. J

    T6.1 Gloss-black Front Grill

    Anyone had there original plastic grill sprayed black? I think for the T6 you could buy an ABS replacement gloss black grill but doesn’t look like much choice for the T6.1 from what I’ve seen. If you have had your original plastic grill sprayed has it lasted, does it look good, did spraying it...
  2. S

    Sold Leighton Vans LV1 20” Gloss Black Alloy Wheels

    Set of 4 Leighton Vans LV1 20” gloss black staggered alloy wheels. For the sizes of the wheels see the photos, the sizes are on the boxes. Brand new in boxes, never fitted. Supplied with wheel bolts including the locking bolts and spigot rings. Upgrading my motorhome means the planned buying of...
  3. Gillyg46

    Hi everyone, new member here! Selling my brand new 20” black T6 VW alloy wheels with brand new tyres. I’ve just swapped them for the swamper look. I’m in the Glasgow area. Looking for £850 but open to offers. Tyre size 255 35 20 thanks
  4. Jayjmac

    Sold Front splitter

    Front splitter for sale I think it’s the travel lite one.. it’s only been on a couple of weeks. Just taken it off. Collection only really as it’s a pain to send due to size. If you want to arrange collection that’s fine as I still have a box for it. £45
  5. Peclaran

    Sold 17” Cascavel Alloys & All Seasons

    I’ve secured some bigger wheels so selling my 17” Cascavels with all season tyres 235/55/17. Wheels are in good condition and will be off sometime next weekend. Two Michelin cross climates in the front purchased in February 2020. Done about 300 miles. Two Royal Performance (M+S) in the rear...
  6. P

    Gloss Black Stainless Sidebars

    Hi. I’m after some OEM style Gloss Black sidebars in stainless steel not mild steel. I bought these which are powder coated stainless but when they arrived today they were matte, not gloss which was disappointing. Now I can’t find an alternative. Any recommendations?
  7. IMG_8509.jpg


    My Base van - 2019 Edition Kombi 150 DSG Wanting to achieve Caravelle ride quality and rear interior seating , a bit of VEE DUB style and a bit of extra storage space in the voids.
  8. J

    Gloss black bumper on highline

    Hi, can anyone help I’m looking at replacing the grills with gloss black ones, I can find the sets but I can see any for the bottom where the fog lights go I’m looking at the Van style or the Trans lite versions, is there any out there that might be the best to get?
  9. cy294

    Black grill trim

    Afternoon all, hope you are all keeping safe. I'm seeking your assistance in pictures of Indium grey T6's with blacked out badges and grill trims. I'm looking to do this mod by wrapping the trim and badge in gloss black. I would use black insulation as a trial, but haven't got any. Pics...
  10. Jay

    Gloss Black Lower Grille With Parking Sensor

    I am after a lower gloss black grille suitable for a vehicle with parking sensors and radar. Wondering if anyone had found one, or will i have to get it sprayed. J
  11. Ads_Essex

    Sold Travelin-lite Gloss Black Cover For Side Indicator Repeater

    As per the title, I have two new and unused indicator covers that I no longer need. I think the RRP is £15. £5 posted? Also have side indicators, if anyone is interested..
  12. cgtmiles

    Wanted Gloss Black Badged Grill

    Hi All I have a THQ gloss black badgeless grill and I think I would prefer a badged version. So if anyone has a badged gloss black grill then please let me know. If you want to exchange for a basically new unbadged grill then that would be ideal. Equally, if anyone wants a nearly new unbadged...
  13. fezza68

    Sold Badgeless Grille

    Badgeless gloss black grille bought from thq. Been on my bus for 4 months. Good condition apart from a few of the tabs broke off on removal hence the price. Collection from M35. £60.
  14. Ads_Essex_T6


  15. LambethBoy

    Vw Factory Front Sportline Spoiler Question?

    I wanted to ask anyone that ordered a T6 from a Vw garage that had the sport line front spoiler fitted to it (yes I know these were added after they arrive in the uk) if the fog light surrounds were gloss black or matt finish, e.g the same as the grilles above? was thinking about ordering one...
  16. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  17. ChrisR

    Found Gloss Black Grill

    Hi All, I plan to fit a gloss black grill to replace my current gloss black grill! My current one has a chrome strip, I want all gloss black. Badge-less or with badge considered. Let me know if you have one going spare. Cheers.
  18. F

    Wing Mirror Plastics

    Hi I wanted to get my wing mirror plasrics painted black. I’ve read on here it’s a bit of a pain to remove the plastic that attaches to the body from the wing mirror itself. So if I do remove the wing mirrors to be painted I will be without the van for a few days. So 1. With the Caravelle...
  19. Mrpowwow

    Lower L+r Led Grills With Pds Holes

    Hi Guys Happy New Year, can anyone steer me in the right direction please. I have damaged my front end and need to replace both L+R lower grills, my existing but broken ones have DRLs and PDS holes in them. I only need the plastic part but am struggling to find these in a gloss black, I can find...
  20. GONA66

    Full Gloss Black Upper And Lower Grille's Inc Parking Sensor Fitting.

    Fitted my new gloss black grille upper and lower ,and even though the original had the parking sensors it was quite straight forward to adapt the new gloss product with the parking sensors. I also managed to fit the upper gloss grille without fully removing it from the vehicle ,which again was...