1. S

    For Sale T6 front bumper with grilles

    Genuine VW 2019 Highline bumber and grills A few scuffs but only one split as photographed. Collection RM postcode. £100. Cheers Steve
  2. B

    For Sale Original front grill and plastics

    Now that I have my painted grill and trims on am selling the originals. All in good Nick if anyone is looking to do the same. 35 quid collected from solihull.
  3. P

    For Sale T6 Highline main and 3 piece grille

    Just removed off my t6 top factory grill and lower 3piece set in factory finish with sensor and radar all in great condition collection Worcester make me an off. Thanks
  4. JimDiesel

    Wanted T6 badged grille

    Hi all, looking for a badged front grille for a 2019 t6, ideally in a1 or great condition, in or around Leicester, derby or notts preferably, happy to collect or pay postage for further afield…
  5. O

    Front grille square

    Hi, I have just got a T6.1 camper conversion and wondered if anyone can help? I’m wondering what is the reason for the blank squares on the front grill? I have circled them on the picture below? Its just something that makes me wonder what the need of it is? Thanks in advance.
  6. TW2904

    Grille painting cost

    I’ve just had a quote from my local body shop to paint my OEM grills in gloss black, with a red insert in the lower grill for £384. Just wandering if this is similar to what others have paid? The equivalent from Travelin Lite is £255 and the quote feels expensive!
  7. Carl1974

    T5.1 Removing silver strips on grille.

    I’m looking at replacing the silver inserts on the grille for green to match the strip below, I’ve noticed that some of the silver has started to flake. I purchased a roll of green but how would I fit it if the silver strips have clips?
  8. F

    Wanted grill plastics

    Hi all T6 front bumper plastic grills wanted, and grill if possible for T6 highline no radar hole, going to paint them gloss black. cheers firthy
  9. H

    Wanted T6 Grilles

    I'm doing the usual startline bumper upgrade and need a genuine upper grill, lower grill with the cut out for radar and the 2 x side grills. Has anyone got any they want to sell? Cheers
  10. K

    Aftermarket 3 piece lower grill issues

    I bought the gloss black 3 piece lower grills from 2 of the main suppliers, both terrible quality and appear to be made at the same factory. Other items I’ve bought from them both have been ok so think there’s just a quality control issue wherever these grills are made. Is there a supplier that...
  11. B

    How to paint grille trims?

    Hi, I've purchased some front Grille Trims (ABS) and also some Wing Mirror Trim Lines (powder coated stainless steel) from Vanstyle, see links below: Grill Trims (ABS) Gloss Red ABS Lower Grille Trim Insert Set - VW T6 2015 - Vanstyle Wing Mirror Trims (Powder Coated Stainless Steel) Red...
  12. L

    Front badge replacement.

    Hi all, relative newby here. Love my T6 particularly for getting changed in after a cold water swim - heater switched on, exit van, swim, return to toasty warm changing room = bliss. However, some low life has decided to pinch my chrome front badge :mad: I have bought a matt black one and aim to...
  13. R

    T6.1 yellow grill clips

    Hi guys Bought a new t6.1 van converted by CamperKing last weekend. We have seen the clips that can be added to the grille to add a bit of colour. We have seen pictures of vans with yellow trim on the grill and would like to purchase for our van. But can only seem to find them in orange, red...
  14. U

    OEM T6 Front badge - where can I buy?

    I'm after a genuine 175mm front badge for a T6 if anyone has one that I could buy from them please. I have a design project I'm working on, thanks.
  15. C

    E-Grill in T6.1

    Anyone tried to fit an E-grill to a T6.1? I purchased a new gloss black grill and the E-grill kit but have found it way harder to fit than the you tube video suggested (although the video is for a T6, so expected it to be a little different. The biggest issue is getting the Exgrill to fit into...
  16. dErZ

    FREE Highline grille

    I was given this recently but I no longer need it. As you can see there's some staining on it but I don't think this would be visible with the bonnet shut. Collection from Surrey.
  17. Shaun Witts

    Van-X front grille fitted

    I’ve just fitted this new Van-X R-Line gloss black grille to my van. It seemed a good fit, though I’ll need to live with it a while before declaring I am fully satisfied with it. I decided to leave the badge off for now, but it came with a mount to keep it if desired.
  18. LakesT6

    T6.1 Caravelle grille - chrome trim removal

    Morning all. I’m looking to buy a gloss black grille and the lower gloss black trims for a 6.1 Caravelle. I’m trying to work out if I can take the chrome pieces off the original Caravelle grille and fit them to a gloss black badged grille from THQ/Leighton, before I push the buy button. -Also...
  19. C

    For Sale Highline front grilles (radar)

    For sale VW standard front grill with lower grilles with gap for radar sensor taken off T6 highline kombi . £40 collection only .
  20. Andyman

    Front grille trim x4 (Caravelle) vendors

    Looking to buy some Blue grill trim Everywhere I look there is only 2 pieces available for the top grill and then the bottom grill Our grill has 4 pieces of chrome trim, 2 either side of the badge, anyone know where I can get all 4 pieces? As per attached image The obvious place like Vanstyle...