1. K

    Wanted T6.1 Front Radiator Grille

    Can anyone advance where I can get an Indium Grey version or if anyone can supply a painted version please?
  2. Garyf123

    For Sale Grille / Struts / Taillamps / Side Bars

    Hi all, Just been sorting garage out and came across the following parts from my 2020 registered T6 (2019 model) Highline. Full set of front grills (standard) as all replaced with gloss black. Pair of tailgate rear struts as replaced when bike rack fitted. Pair of standard tail lights as...
  3. A

    Identifying Upgraded T6 Startline Grille and Bumper

    Hi, My van is a Startline base model, but prior to me buying it, the front end was updated. I was looking at getting a front facing camera in the VW, but mine looks like a cheap silver VW on a flappy bit of plastic... So thinking new grille with VW badge that can accommodate the camera. The...
  4. S

    Sold T6 Front Bumper Grilles Set OEM £80

    Hi I have for sale a full set of OEM front grilles due to replacing mine with gloss black ones. Standard upper grille with chrome badge and grille strips (inlay behind badge is missing as I had to reuse it on my new grille) Centre grilles with braking assist cut out and parking sensors...
  5. Smarterzipoo

    For Sale T6.1 Gloss Black lower grille

    Brand new gloss black lower grilles for T6.1 still in box. Brought from THQ Collection preferred Southampton £100
  6. T6Plumber

    Sold T6 Upper/Lower Grilles & Fog Light Surrounds

    I have for sale Upper & Lower Grilles, and also fog light surrounds from my T6 Highline. Basically I’ve swapped all the textured plastics for Gloss Black, so selling these as now surplus to requirements. The Grilles have had the chrome trims swapped for Gloss Black. The badge backing plate...
  7. Drive Wayne

    Sold Ascot Grey T6.1 Startline Bumper/Grille 1 piece £100 ish...

    Removed today, currently residing in our conservatory until wifey spots it's taking up her summer space. The Ascot Grey part is pretty damn perfect, the Glossy Black grille and fixed dog bones need 'touching up'! Bear in mind this is one piece, not splittable like the Highline variety. The...
  8. F2JON

    Found T6.1 front grills

    As title I’m after some genuine t6.1 grills top and bottom dog bone without parking sensors. Let me know what you have preferably in the midlands or willing to post . Thanks
  9. P

    Wanted T6 lower fog light and grills

    List t5 front underth plastics needed Front lower fog lights and insurts wanted. Possibly nice set off 18/19 inch alloys black / bronze / gold
  10. The Flying Scotsman

    Can you change lower bumper grill on a Startline ?

    Hi I’m hoping to change the lower bumper grill on my T6. My bus is a startline so has a different lower grill than highlines. I’m wanting to fit a gloss black grill with DRL’s but they are only available for highlines. Is it possible to replace the startline lower grill with a highline one? I...
  11. Texxaco

    Sold Gloss black fog light surrounds

    I have these from my old bumper for sale. Two gloss front bumper fog light surrounds. They are not the easiest to fit, front bumper off and loosen the bumper brackets left and right the clip the surrounds in place and reseat the brackets. The fog light for in easy enough. £40 plus postage.
  12. secretK9agent

    Dogbone lower T6.1 grille insert disaster - Advice?

    Replaced the lower inserts with THQ gloss black replacements - disposed of originals A month later the paint is cracking on replacement inserts - THQ sent new ones. The replacements again have paint issues and multiple broken clips on opening from box. I'm done with replacements. I'm now left...
  13. The Van Cave

    For Sale T6 Caravelle Grille - £50

    T6 Caravelle Grille - £50. Good condition, see photos below. Collection only from the cave, TA13 5DJ. Please understand that collection only means exactly what it says, collection only.
  14. C

    Lower gloss black grille trim with adaptive cruise?

    Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I want to ds grown my front end and can find loads of grille inserts online without it, but not with. Cheers Col
  15. J

    For Sale T6.1 Sportline upper front grille

    Hi. Selling a few bits from my recent conversion. The parts for sale are taken from my T6.1 Sportline. Selling this Sportline upper grill. I'm based in Chingford, London. Local pick up or could look into posting. £200. Cheers.
  16. B

    Grille question - he’s lost his smile

    Hi everyone, my Leighton T6 has lost his upper grill trim. Can anyone help with where to buy another. Or an alternative idea? It’s not wrap, it’s hard plastic and a specific shape. I’ve posted a pic of the empty silver area and pics of the other side trim on its own
  17. J

    For Sale Gloss T6 grille. £65

    Selling T6 gloss black grill. Was going to go all front gloss but now changed my mind. All new and in original packaging from Leighton. Collection from Liverpool or could meet along the M62 as going to Hull next weekend. £65
  18. T

    Difficulties with fitting in a lower grille

    Hello all, Recently purchased T6 Lower Gloss Black Grilles 3pcs For Vehicles With Radar Sensor 15 Onwards for my t6 (2019 Shuttle) transporter but cannot seem to install it as the original ones are glued in with the front bumper. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance...
  19. Catmalvin

    Sold T6 Front Grille and Bumper Trims

    Genuine T6 Front grill and bumper Trims selling as changed mine for gloss back. All clips intact, ideal as a spare set for someone to get painted. Collection in Oxfordshire, may be able to post at buyers cost. Ideally sell as whole lot but happy to split. £60
  20. P

    T6.1 main grille trim-piece: colour?

    Hi has anyone one got a pic of the standard grille with either gloss black or matt black trims, preferably on Ravenna blue T6.1? I can't decide which way to go. I'm not overly keen on the full gloss grille and it's been done to death. Any other sensibly priced options 6.1 grille wise? Thanks