1. C

    Lower gloss black grille trim with adaptive cruise?

    Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I want to ds grown my front end and can find loads of grille inserts online without it, but not with. Cheers Col
  2. J

    For Sale T6.1 Sportline upper front grille

    Hi. Selling a few bits from my recent conversion. The parts for sale are taken from my T6.1 Sportline. Selling this Sportline upper grill. I'm based in Chingford, London. Local pick up or could look into posting. £200. Cheers.
  3. B

    Grille question - he’s lost his smile

    Hi everyone, my Leighton T6 has lost his upper grill trim. Can anyone help with where to buy another. Or an alternative idea? It’s not wrap, it’s hard plastic and a specific shape. I’ve posted a pic of the empty silver area and pics of the other side trim on its own
  4. J

    For Sale Gloss T6 grille. £65

    Selling T6 gloss black grill. Was going to go all front gloss but now changed my mind. All new and in original packaging from Leighton. Collection from Liverpool or could meet along the M62 as going to Hull next weekend. £65
  5. G

    DIY spraying of front grille and bumper inserts

    I’m looking to DIY spray my standard front grille (including bumper inserts) on my T6.1 gloss black. Would there be any reason why I shouldn’t use plastic grey primer and Plasti-Kote gloss black (spray cans) followed by a covering of clear lacquer? I know a body shop would be the best idea and...
  6. T

    Difficulties with fitting in a lower grille

    Hello all, Recently purchased T6 Lower Gloss Black Grilles 3pcs For Vehicles With Radar Sensor 15 Onwards for my t6 (2019 Shuttle) transporter but cannot seem to install it as the original ones are glued in with the front bumper. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance...
  7. P

    Standard grille with black trims?

    Hi has anyone one got a pic of the standard grille with either gloss black or matt black trims, preferably on Ravenna blue T6.1? I can't decide which way to go. I'm not overly keen on the full gloss grille and it's been done to death. Any other sensibly priced options 6.1 grille wise? Thanks
  8. Ambrose

    Hole in the front grille...

    It's not unusual to find the odd stone chip here and there each time we come back from a weekend away, but to discover this big hole in the front grille was a bit of a surprise! Does anyone know if this can be fixed without having to replace the entire grille? I am half tempted to just cover...
  9. B

    For Sale T6.1 Front Plastics / Grille and LV Roof Spoiler

    Selling the original front plastics after having a set painted. Cheaper and better than plastic replacements IMO! Offers for these (collection from solihull). Everything you need except badge (which can be swapped) Also still have unused Leighton tailgate spoiler. Prefer collection but it’s...
  10. Garyf123

    Front grille removal and replacement - how?!

    Hi, I have removed the front bumper on my 2019 highline. I have purchased the main grill, lower grill (3 piece) and fog light trims in gloss black. I have fallen at first hurdle trying to replace fog light inserts! Have released loads of clips but still cannot figure how it comes out. Seems that...
  11. M

    Grille trims - chrome or black?

    Looking to swap out my upper grille trim on my T6.1. I’m thinking my Ravenna blue would look good with black trim instead of the original chrome. Recently fitted gloss black badges so obviously gloss black grille trim would be the logical choice. Or is it! Can’t help thinking matt black would...
  12. N

    Gloss Black t6.1 grill - No stock

    Evening all - I’m currently in Birmingham travelling north to Scotland- does anyone know where has glass black grills in stock and will fit grill and lower panels on a t6.1? TIA
  13. .50

    [Guide] T6 removing upper grille chrome strips

    I made a video showing how to remove the chrome strips from the upper front grille on a T6. Might help others.
  14. MikeT6

    For Sale T6 Upper and Lower Grille Trims

    Due to a change of route I have the following for sale. All prices include postage but will do a small reduction if collected from Dibden, Southampton. Lower grill trims in Red. Brand new and never fitted. *Sold* Lower grill trims in gloss black. Brand new and never fitted. £25 posted. For a...
  15. Longy82

    For Sale T6.1 Front end

    In the process of converting my T6.1 and have loads for sale. Open to sensible offers on all the following. Front Bumper & Grille £250 Chrome side bars with brackets £40 Chrome roof bars £40 Original Front lights with Halogen bulbs £150 Left side sliding door step £25 Set ofRomac Venom Alloys...
  16. R

    For Sale T6.1 Grille.

    T6.1 Highline Front grille (complete) & in excellent condition. I took these off a 1 year old Highline when I replaced the entire front grille etc. No idea of it's worth, so I will take the best (reasonable) offer by next week Buyer to collect from Farnborough UK. :)
  17. CJW

    For Sale Custom Grille Badges

    Well, sort of 'for sale'. I'm building slowly up to be able to make custom grille badges for the T6 and T6.1 as a hobby. The idea is that you can tell me what you want your grille badge to say, or what design you want on it, I can send you a computer visualisation to approve, then I can make it...
  18. M

    T6.1 ‘Dog-Bone’ Black gloss trims

    Just to see anyones opinions on aftermarket gloss black trims for the “dog bone” and upper grill . Who has bought from where ? What’s good fitment or poor fitment ? Transporter HQ or Leighton would be more than likely best but has anyone got some feedback from fitting any of these I know...
  19. davek

    Found 2017 Trendline front upper grille

    Just had a fight with a pheasant, i won but now need to replace the front upper grill as he decided to take a chunk with him to heaven. Anybody got a good/perfect one for sale Cheers
  20. kevindu

    For Sale VW T6.1 E-grille EHU

    £200 delivery or collect from Cambridge