1. C

    E-Grill in T6.1

    Anyone tried to fit an E-grill to a T6.1? I purchased a new gloss black grill and the E-grill kit but have found it way harder to fit than the you tube video suggested (although the video is for a T6, so expected it to be a little different. The biggest issue is getting the Exgrill to fit into...
  2. dErZ

    FREE Highline grille

    I was given this recently but I no longer need it. As you can see there's some staining on it but I don't think this would be visible with the bonnet shut. Collection from Surrey.
  3. Shaun Witts

    Van-X front grille fitted

    I’ve just fitted this new Van-X R-Line gloss black grille to my van. It seemed a good fit, though I’ll need to live with it a while before declaring I am fully satisfied with it. I decided to leave the badge off for now, but it came with a mount to keep it if desired.
  4. LakesT6

    T6.1 Caravelle grille - chrome trim removal

    Morning all. I’m looking to buy a gloss black grille and the lower gloss black trims for a 6.1 Caravelle. I’m trying to work out if I can take the chrome pieces off the original Caravelle grille and fit them to a gloss black badged grille from THQ/Leighton, before I push the buy button. -Also...
  5. C

    For Sale Highline front grille

    For sale VW standard front grill with lower grilles with gap for radar sensor taken off T6 highline kombi . £40 collection only .
  6. Andyman

    Front grille trim x4 (Caravelle) vendors

    Looking to buy some Blue grill trim Everywhere I look there is only 2 pieces available for the top grill and then the bottom grill Our grill has 4 pieces of chrome trim, 2 either side of the badge, anyone know where I can get all 4 pieces? As per attached image The obvious place like Vanstyle...
  7. J

    Who’s got the best gloss front grills online??

    Does anyone know where I can buy 2 gloss black inserts from (I have circled this in the photo?)
  8. T6180


    I have for sale a brand new, still in unopened boxes as set of front grills for a T6.1 in gloss black. This sale includes the top badged grill and the lower 'dog bone' grill set. As I say these are brand new and surplus to requirements as I have sold the van. Altogether these retail at around...
  9. T

    Badgeless grille on Startline bumper???

    Hi! My wife has kindly surprised me and bought me a badgeless grill for the van, only to find that the startline base kit doesn't separate! So gutted! Does anyone know of a way around this? I thought I may be ok as I've got an extra body kit on but nope! Any ideas would be appreciated
  10. T6180

    For Sale T6.1 Pure Grey Top Grill Trims

    These are vanstyle replacement grill trims which I had professionally painted in Pure Grey and never got round to fitting them and I've now sold the van so no longer required. As these are vanstyle I expect the quality and fit to be good. The painting cost me £100 so I'm happy to re-coup that...
  11. Velma2

    Awkward trim….going to get a hammer soon….

    Hi… bought the red vw badge and grill trims recently. Got the badge one fitted with only a little swearing….but the two outer silver ones are being a b@@@@@d to get off. I have a trim removal set… is there a trick to getting them off? I don’t want to break the grill itself!
  12. LakesT6

    For Sale T6 - Cheap / Free parts

    I’m having a clear out of bits and pieces left over from upgrading my T6. Highline grille - free Pair of standard repeaters - Gone Pair of chrome repeaters - £10 posted T30 shocks and springs - free Roof bars for a SWB (no fixings) - free Pair of Kombi roof lights - SOLD Collection from West...

    Sold T6 standard grilles with chrome inserts

    As above, removed from 2016 as upgraded to gloss black setup. No radar, no badge. With parking sensor holes. Collection only from near Oxford. £50 the lot.
  14. Pauly

    Sold Caravelle grille

    I have a brand new damaged caravelle grille, this was damaged before fitting so is in as new condition with the damage you see below The plastic has cracked a few inches along the top edge, if someone wants take the trims off and glue/plastic weld the cracked bits back together then potentially...
  15. Pauly

    For Sale T6 complete front end

    I have the front end from my van available, it was all removed a couple years ago when i did LED headlight upgrade and then headlight washers (that require a new bumper) I have everything you see in the photos below, its been sat around for ages in my office/workshop and i havent cleaned it so...
  16. Sackmycook

    For Sale T6 upper grill chrome trims

    For sale, Upper grill chrome trims by Vanstyle.....just taken them of so glue residue present but otherwise clean and tidy. Originally £22 from Vanstyle. £10 plus postage £3.85, 1st class Royal Mail.
  17. V

    For Sale Stock upper and lower grills - Delivery miles T6.1

    May suit hydro dipping. Swapped out with 75 miles on the clock. Collection only Cheltenham, Gloucestershire £100
  18. Macmain12

    Caravelle Grilles - interchange between T5.1 and T6?

    Hi All, Hope someone can clear up a question i have , we now have our heart set on a Caravelle and are searching and waiting for the right one to turn up, in the mean time I'm doing a little research, can someone tell me if the lower long grill is able to be fitted into the lower short grill...
  19. Knocker67

    For Sale T6 Front Grille for sale(with free badge),£50.00

    I have a T6 front grille for sale ,free badge,£50.00 collection only ,located in Streetly B74
  20. W

    T6.1 gloss-black grille and dog bones

    Has anyone successfully fitted these on their own, is it even possible, i am self-isolating due to being pinged by track and trace (bad timing as my Van only turned up this week :-) ) so want to make good use of the time and get as much as i can done on the van over the weekend