1. B

    How to apply front grill accent colours?

    Hi, I've recently bought my first T6 which is currently waiting to be converted. I've seen quite a few vans with the accent colours on a single bar on the grill. What is the best way of achieving this? I quite fancy a light blue stripe on either the bottom grill or top grill. Thanks.
  2. B

    Lower front grill mesh?

    Having just suffered a very expensive damaged front radiator from a stone through the lower front grill; is anybody aware of a remedy to avoid a repeat, grill mesh or other. Has anybody had the same experience. Seems to me the grill bars are part of the problem as not angled downwards like the...
  3. L

    Aftermarket Grille supplier?

    Hi, I installed my first mod earlier today which was upper and lower grills in gloss black. The upper grill is not OEM and unsurprisingly the fit is very poor. Some of the tabs to secure it to the number are miles off alignment and are fouling causing there to be a big gap between the grill...
  4. T

    Indium grey ideas...

    Hello, We have just bought a T6 conversion in Indium grey, and want to start personalising it with stickers etc. I’d love to see what colour grilles you’ve changed yours too and stickers you’ve used. After going to the beach the other day, we need to make ours a little different otherwise we...
  5. Daniel2929

    Wanted Front fog grilles ideally no sensors

    Hi people Does any one have any of the front bumper fog light holders ideally with no sensors Many thanks
  6. cy294

    Lower grille trim.

    Morning all, anyone taken the plastic lower trim off and sprayed it a different colour as opposed to buying ones from online suppliers? Stay safe.
  7. P

    For Sale T6 grille and bumper inserts

    Vw t6 grill and bumper inserts off 2017 van all in good condition no clips broke open to offers
  8. ei-aprilia

    Shocked and amazed!

    So driving to get my parents weekly shopping this morning a kamikazi pheasant decided to end it all and take out my upper grill. It did a proper job of it too, grill and badge obliterated! Just phoned my local vw garage, new grill including badge £56 + vat!! I still can't quite believe it I...
  9. T

    Matt Black Upper Grille Trim

    Hi all, Hope you're keeping safe. Looking for this, but in matt black for a T6 Highline, any ideas? Would rather buy the finished product as opposed to spraying/wrapping the existing. Thanks in advance.
  10. purplesurfer

    T6 Startline Front Chrome Trim removal

    helllooooo.... been tinkering like crazy in these lockdown times & need a little advice please! Have a 2015 startline T6 - any tips on getting off the chrome front trim either side of the VW badge without busting it up?? A little reluctant to force it... Any advice HUGELY appreciated :oops:;)
  11. andy greenwood

    OEM Highline front bumper cost ?

    Im on the look out for a highline front bumper to upgrade from my startline bumper. I've seen several on ebay for around £200-£250 which look ok and the listings say "all lugs in tact". I presume that means nothing is missing fixing wise on the back of the bumper and it would fit without any...
  12. G

    Wanted Sportline/caravelle Front Grille

    Looking for a Sportline or caravelle top front grille with the 3 chrome strips across. (Not 100% sure if caravelle and Sportline are the same?)With silver Vw badge or without. thanks
  13. RedUn

    Found Shuttle / Caravelle Grill

    Anyone got a shuttle or caravelle grill lying around they are happy to sell on? Thanks Rich
  14. Jay

    Gloss Black Lower Grille With Parking Sensor

    I am after a lower gloss black grille suitable for a vehicle with parking sensors and radar. Wondering if anyone had found one, or will i have to get it sprayed. J
  15. fezza68

    Sold Badgeless Grille

    Badgeless gloss black grille bought from thq. Been on my bus for 4 months. Good condition apart from a few of the tabs broke off on removal hence the price. Collection from M35. £60.
  16. Inthezone

    Sold 2019 High Line Std Top Grill With Badge

    I have just fitted the caravel top grille so have the OEM std one to sell £30 no damage and clean with OEM badge collection from Wokingham RG40
  17. B

    Grill Decals Strips

    Has anybody fitted any grill decal strips and happy with the outcome? Or will they need to be painted? Please attach photos and links if you can help
  18. H

    Mains Plug In Behind Vw Badge On Front Grille

    Hi, At the NEC last month I saw a really cool way of hiding the electrical hook up point behind the VW badge on the front grille, problem was I forgot who made it!!! Did anyone visit the show and spotted the VW company? The VW badge is hinged and swings out and beneath it the female 3 pin 230v...
  19. C

    For Sale Badge Less Grill

    Black Badge-less grill. Single seat base Single seat slider mechanism Rear inner bumper metalwork 5 heavy-duty (T32) steel wheels. All for sale, make me an offer, cash on collection from Bournemouth.