1. burnsy79

    T6.1 Startline - Rear 'TRANSPORTER' badge position

    Does anyone have their original T6.1 2020 (barn doors) transporter badge still on the back? I've bought a black one to install and my chrome badge was on my grab handle. Any pics I can go off? Is this right?
  2. M

    Rear VW badge reversing-camera

    Good morning, has anyone successfully installed a Golf/ Passat reversing camera replacing the standard badge on a T6? I appreciate the tailgate will have to drilled, just wondered if it’s been done before?
  3. T

    Red VW front and rear badge

    Hi guys and gals, I'm looking for a red VW front and rear badge for my T6. Not the backplate but the actual VW part that is red. Apparently somewhere on the Internet sells them, but I can't find where. I've seen a few T5//T6 with them so I know they are a thing. Any ideas?
  4. RosscoPCole

    T6.1 Wing Badge - options?

    I'd like to add a bit of colour to my Cali. I've seen the black trim round the indicator and model badge in different colours. How is this done?
  5. stupot

    Black badges on rear (T32, TDI) how did you do it?

    Hi all I’ve had a go at spraying and refitting my T32 and TDI badges but they aren’t great. Any tips on best way to do it? I did rub down, primer, gloss and lacquer them (rattle can). Also don’t like the off the shelf TDI black badges as the lettering is different. Ideas welcome! Or I may just...
  6. Ads_Essex

    Found T6 Gloss black badges - Front & Rear

    Just noticed I’m missing a front badge. I may as well take the opportunity to change out my rear badge for a black version. So before spending £32 for Travelin-Lite’s finest, I thought I’d see if anyone here has any they don’t need?
  7. PullersSWK

    Startline front-end bumpers and grilles

    Hi Guys, Hope you all had a good Christmas. I’m needing some help please with a couple of things. I’ve just ordered front and rear bumpers from Travelin-lite to go on my ex RAC T6, it’s coming with a gloss black vw badge grille, I really wanted a non badged one, if I order a non badged grille...
  8. kingkambo

    Mystery front grill… badgless with Volkswagen lettering?

    A T6 drive passed me the other day which had ‘Volkswagen’ lettering across the top part of the grill instead of a badge- it looked fantastic! Any ideas where this is from or any pictures? have trawled the internet but with no joy… Thanks!
  9. S

    Gloss Black Transporter Letters (in italic) ?

    Evening folks, New van has gloss black VW main badge but the "Transporter" badge is factory chrome. I can see numerous vendors selling matt and gloss black Transporter badges but they all look to be non-italicized, presumably from T5 gen? My 6.1 appears to have a very slight italic to
  10. murat

    VW ABT roundel

    Bu logoyu Dünyada Hiçbir yerde bulamadım Ve sonunda kendim yapmaya karar verdim e İşte sonuç
  11. K

    T6.1 Gloss black grille and badges?

    Hello all, I'm new here. Recently bought a black t6. I'm looking into changing the front grille and the front and rear badges to all gloss black to make it full black. But I am not sure how it will look. Does anyone have a picture of this so i can see what it looks like? I would also like to...
  12. CJW

    For Sale Custom Grille Badges

    Well, sort of 'for sale'. I'm building slowly up to be able to make custom grille badges for the T6 and T6.1 as a hobby. The idea is that you can tell me what you want your grille badge to say, or what design you want on it, I can send you a computer visualisation to approve, then I can make it...
  13. chappers0987

    Wanted T6.1 4motion Front Grille Badge

    Hi all, After the 4motion badge for my t6.1, believe it differs from the t6 equivalent. Believe the part number is 7LA853948BMGM
  14. M

    New VW owner and confused about ‘T’

    Hi all, I've just taken on a new VW transporter kombi. On the paperwork it says its t32 but when trying to get accessories, websites are only intrested in it being T5 or T6. Can anyone explain this to me please?
  15. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 Fitting new wing badges

    Since getting my new van and having the @BognorMotors gloss front end i couldnt help but feel the wing badges looked a little out of place These were the only bit of matt plastic around the front of the van so thought they needed to get gone so got myself a set of gloss black/chrome bulli...
  16. N

    Gloss or Matt black badges?

    Evening all….. I’m looking for peoples opinions as I cannot decide. I have an indium grey t6 with the standard matt black grille on the front. I have no intention of changing the grille itself but I do want to remove the chrome badge and chrome trill. I will be adding a lower gloss black...
  17. Skyliner33

    Wanted OEM front grill badge

    Have you replaced your front VW badge? Still have the OEM chrome one feeling sad and lost in the garage/loft/shed? Want to help give it a new lease of life? I am looking for 1, part number: 7E0 853601 G Thanks.
  18. M

    Sold Badges / W/mirrors / Clamatic controllers / MFSW

    2017 highline van upgraded so original parts for sale (reasonable offers) Rugby based. Leather round steering wheel (no airbag) multi function, VW chrome front/rear badges, Revo badges new, wing mirrors /electric - pair, air con controllers - 2.
  19. Veedubd

    Wanted 4Motion Badges

    Has anyone removed their 4motion badges and dont require them anymore? im looking for both rear and front grille badges to have painted black :thumbsup:
  20. Veedubd

    4Motion badges

    Does anyone know if the 4Motion badges come apart at all? i want to spray the chrome section and retain the original finish on lettering etc, seems you cant buy gloss black versions