1. Wills

    Wanted T6 grill VW badge and back plate

    Does anyone have an original badge and backplate they’d like to move on?
  2. Ayjay

    Removing the Front VW Badge

    Good evening. I'm looking to put some vinyl wrap on the inner (black) portion of the front VW badge. Before I attack it, is there any recommended method of getting it off without destroying it? I have a set of trim tools in various shapes and sizes. Cheers in advance.
  3. Paynewright

    Re-attaching Badges

    We all like to modify and customise our vans and badge removal is one of the simplest (apart from the sticky goo left behind!). Anyway, come sale time we might want to revert some of the modifications so as not to put off potential buyers. I wrote this on another forum following an attempt to...
  4. B

    Fitting VW Badge to Vanstyle Grill

    Hi I have bought a vanstyle gloss grill and there site says the genuine VW badge will fit but on attempting to fit the badge I’d say it’s hardly engaging on the locating tabs, they do line up with the the grill but to honest if I press any harder I think I’m going to break the grill. Anyone...
  5. ChrisR

    Cleaning Up My Rear End

    I've finally got round to cleaning up my rear end. It's gone from this....... To this........ Spoiler delete, wiper delete, and a change of badge. I think the badge and backing, inspired by @cgtmiles, make a huge difference. I even had some help with this group of mods, the kids must've...
  6. RikParr73

    T6 2017 - Front VW Badge Retaining Plate

    Hi I've broken the rear retaining disc (Not sure on name) the part number on the back is 7E0 853 719 but this is for the chrome badge and the plate, I just need the plate only as want to paint it. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get just the disc? TIA, Rik.
  7. S

    T6 Front Grill Badge

    Can anybody point me in the direction of where I can buy or has anybody got for sale a spare original silver front grill VW badge for a 2016 T6? I hit a pheasant at 70mph and he’s blown it clean off! I’ve tried about 10 different eBay sellers, numerous scrap yards and my local parts sellers are...
  8. R

    Old School Logo

    Finally got around to replacing the Transporter lettering and replaced it with this!
  9. fezza68

    Sold Badgeless Grille

    Badgeless gloss black grille bought from thq. Been on my bus for 4 months. Good condition apart from a few of the tabs broke off on removal hence the price. Collection from M35. £60.
  10. D

    T6.1 Campervan Instead Of Transporter Badge

    Hi, is there anyone out there with a 3D printer or access to a cnc mill to produce replacement campervan badges coming off the headlights on the new t6.1. I’d definitely buy a set if available. looking at the dvla criteria for changing use of the vehicle one of the criteria was ‘is the van...
  11. J

    My Vw Badge Fell Off....

    Well, it's fell off or been nicked. (Does anyone even nick vw badges anymore?) Either way my front gloss black vw badge is now missing :-( Is it common for these to fall off the aftermarket gloss black grills? I'll glue the the next one on. Mine was a genuine one sprayed black by...
  12. Bemmy GY

    Vw T6 Carbon Fibre Honeycombe Badge Set.

    Evening all, I'm trying to find somewhere to buy the above badges? I have seen some advertised for the T5/5.1 but not for the T6? Anybody have any ideas where to purchase? Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  13. C

    Lettering & Decals

    Hi all, Got the van going in for repair to rear tailgate on Wednesday but am struggling to find replacement lettering / decals and get them to me in time! Paint guy said its best to get new as they’ll more than likely get damaged when removed for painting? As below and I also need the...
  14. F

    Which T6

    Hi all I have a t6 lwb in acapulco blue which I'm converting to a camper, my question is :it's a 6 speed 150ps highline On the log book it's a t30 110ps highline but if I search my vehicle on line it comes up as a 150ps,also on the tailgate the only badge is a tdi with a red I. I've driven a...
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  17. bullracing

    Black Bulli And Side Indicator Trims

    Is there such a thing as black side indicators (genuine vw) and Bulli badges as those in the shop? If not has anyone with them able to confirm if the trims might be removable for painting? I wouldnt mind the sequential ones too but I cant have everything. The right colour over a flash suits me.
  18. andy greenwood

    New Front Badge Required

    @Pauly Hi, what is the cost of a new front badge please as I seem to have lost mine Are they the same price from the forum shop as they are from a vw dealer ? ( i have one not far from me so thats why i asked ), thanks Before and after shots...
  19. Sabre

    Travelin Lite Front Bumper Vw Logo

    Hi, Has anyone else had the travelin lite bumper package as an upgrade from the startline? Reason for asking is how did you apply the VW logo? I have the little black disk that's supposed to go on there but it won't stay and the logo from the original bumper falls off. Without the black disk it...
  20. F


    Hi all, new member alert I have a t6 t30 150 highline BMT but on the tailgate there's only a tdi with a red I. Can anyone tell me why vw didn't fit all appropriate badges to my transporter?