1. C

    T6.1 accelerator pedal kickdown

    Hi all I've been taking it easy with my new van but now it's a few months old I've floored it a couple of times. In doing so I've noticed there's a point in the pedal travel that you can feel like it hits something. It's as if there's some resistance half way down. Anyone else noticed this or...
  2. R

    T6.1 199 4motion - MPG??

    Just wondering if anyone knows what mpg you are getting from a T6.1 199ps 4 motion. Thanks.
  3. campz

    T6.1 permanent live under drivers seat?

    Hi, New to the VW world! I’ve seen some posts about a factory fitted perm live being available under the drivers seat in some 6.1 vans. We have just purchased a 6.1 shuttle and will be fitting a split charge, is this true or will we need to run a new cable from the engine battery? thanks!
  4. K

    Don’t really want to go to the tip with this new suspension.

    So After a week of trying to get my t32 t6.1 suspension off mixed on eBay I’ve made no progress. They’ve only got 400 miles and all looks like new but I guess nobody wants it. So if nobody here would like them then I’ll have to take them to the tip as we are moving house this week and don’t...
  5. P

    T6.1 front ABT bumper spoiler

    can anyone tell me where i can buy the front bumper spoiler add on for T6.1 - The one that GTE campers fit on there vehicles (Im not after the lower splitter) thanks
  6. Hoppy

    T6.1 Security - do I need to add aftermarket measures?

    Afternoon all. just got my T6.1 high line with tail gate. what’s security like on these? Coming from a transit what if any locks would you recommend? (Work van)
  7. C

    Trouble with app connect on new 6.1 (and first impressions)

    I started another thread but it seems to have been side tracked with iPhone users. Anyway I'm starting another thread to see how many other people are having the same problems I'm having. I have a new T6.1 with the standard composition media unit and use an Android phone. I connect the phone...
  8. B

    T6.1 Delete saved phone profile from H/U

    Hi My new T6.1 4 motion was delivered Friday I have managed to load someone’s phone on to it and also the delivery drivers phone is on it and now can’t remove them, I have followed instructions in manual but does not seem to work . can anyone please tell me what I need to do to remove them...
  9. Petro

    T6.1 LED high beam signal feed for auxiliary lights (led bar)?

    In the old T6 you could get the feed for auxiliary lights from the LED's and probably halogen too from the wiring harness behind headlight unit. However, the T6.1 has much fewer wires coming to the LED headlight. Anyone know can you get the feed from one of these, or how is it done on the T6.1?
  10. Petro

    T6.1 rear wiper deactivation with VCDS?

    Im deleting the rear window scraper, and I'm wondering if anyone could tell me where to look on VCDS to find an option to deactivate the rear wiper, or more precisely the washer function on the stalk for the rear window. I was hoping to leave the hose in the tailgate not having to worry about...
  11. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-Fibre MFSW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched non DSG steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning Cost me £659 will sell for £500 , postage should be £10 . Any questions...
  12. W

    Help with under seat sub

    Hiya I wired up my jbl nano under seat sub today But I can’t seem to get any power to the sub I got a skipton harness so I wouldn’t have to cut into the t6.1 wires any help would be great
  13. J

    T6.1 retrofit sat nav.

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6.1 highline, looking to do the digital dash conversion but I’ve been told it’s not possible unless you have the satnav/stereo option (forget what they’ve called the head unit) as this has a module installed to the glovebox and the head unit is simply a screen? I’m no...
  14. W00dy101

    How do I Edit the 'We Connect' Avatar?

    Does anybody know if it's possible to update the standard user image that shows on the display next to the user name? it looks like a standard image designed to be replaced with a custom photo or logo by the user but I can't find anywhere on the unit, the we connect app or the we connect web...
  15. F

    T6.1 overhead cubby-hole ideas

    Has anyone got a photo of a T6.1 cubby hole so I can show @Jono to see if it's the same as the T6.. My Van is still on order and not many of them in Oz yet. P.S its the Van.
  16. S

    Does the front T6.1 bumper fit a T6?

    Does the 6.1 bumper fit a t6......???
  17. R

    T6.1 purchase options - can someone explain..

    Italian to English Hi everyone, I am purchasing a new volksw. T6.1 KOMBI and not even the dealer can explain the difference between the following options: 1. Autonomous water heating with radio frequency remote control; 2. Autonomous water heating with timer; 3. Autonomous heating with...
  18. A

    T6.1 wireless charging

    do some having one retrofitted wireless charging ??
  19. B

    T6.1 Highline rear view mirror

    Hi Guys, I'd really like to get rid of my rear view mirror from my full bulk, windowless panel van, it's a bit of a distraction and is pointless. I read a few threads that mention that the light sensor on the back is used for auto headlights and HBA on the T6 but I'm not sure is this is the...
  20. B

    T6.1 Interior grab handle / sunglasses holder p/n

    Hi Guys, As you are probably aware, the T6.1 come without a driver side interior grab handle or sunglasses holder. I nabbed the sunglasses holder out of my T5.1 before it went off to auction, with the intention of fitting it to my T6.1 but have have found they also didn't fit the mounting...