1. F2JON

    How should t6.1 headlights work?

    Ok this may be a daft question but how to the standard t6.1 headlights work, Tonight I’ve changed my bulbs h7 and h15 drl bulb, I’ve just been out for a drive but when I put my high beam on it kills the main beam?? It just leaves the drl on , I've also noticed that the drl stay on with the main...
  2. T6180


    I have for sale a brand new, still in unopened boxes as set of front grills for a T6.1 in gloss black. This sale includes the top badged grill and the lower 'dog bone' grill set. As I say these are brand new and surplus to requirements as I have sold the van. Altogether these retail at around...
  3. L

    T6.1 PanAmericana cooper metalic

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum and first want to say hello to all of you :) I have question on which I couldn't find answer on this forum and basically anywhere else in the internet. Does any one have the "life" pictures of T6.1 PanAmericana in Copper bronze? There is nothing here nor on...
  4. BikerPa

    T6.1 Parking sensor Carista error codes

    Annoyingly PDC has failed again having just been fixed under warranty by dealer I’m fed up of doing a 70mile round trip to sort it again so can anyone help with these error codes please. I believe they are rear sensor related but don’t want to have to go hunting blindly for which one(s) TIA Mike
  5. D

    Plugging 2 iPhones into T6.1 USB-C?

    Out of curiosity, what happens when there are 2 iPhones plugged into the 2 USB-C ports in the T6.1? Do you get to choose which phone to have on CarPlay?
  6. Cgdudderz

    T6.1 Discover Media Navigation

    Hello all, just received my T6.1 Highline from the dealership. Other than the terrible sound system, my only complaint is with the SatNav. I have the Discover Media Navigation system with 8” display. When it is in auto mode (I.e, the map moves with vehicle and always keeps the vehicle on...
  7. Andysmee

    For Sale VW T6.1 Driver's captain's seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim

    VW T6.1 Drivers captains seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim. Height adjustable driver's seat with leather armrests and leather headrest, and brand new 2020 front double seat fitted with VW folding bracket (not reclined, Vancraft 10 degree reclined bracket available for...
  8. Carl1974

    T5/5.1 decals, T6.1 style…

    Added these last week which I got from wagen_werks, just something to change the look on the front.
  9. Paulstewart20

    T6.1 Highline or Sportline

    Hi, Im struggling what to do VW are offering 30,000 for my 2016 panel van swb t6 highline 4motion on 59,000 miles in Acapulco blue it has discovery media too seems good price to me not sure if its worth more, Im toying with part ex for a Kombi 6.1 sportline or highline. Sportline benefits are...
  10. B

    T6.1 tailgate open / close using key-fob??

    Sorry very new to the world of the T6.1 so would be grateful if people can clear up the mystery that several dealers have caused me. When initially looking for a van (brand new transporter/shuttle SE LWB) some dealers told me that the electric tail gate both opens and closes from the key fob...
  11. D

    T6.1 startline Retrofit front fogs

    Looking for some advice please. I have a T6.1 startline and want to fit factory fit front front lights. Has anyone done this and can offer advice? Is there a wiring kit with switch available for the 6.1 or can I use a T6 kit? I’ll buy the fog lights from VW Thanks
  12. vwski

    How do I remove this piece of plastic on my roof?...

    Hi, Does anyone know how I remove this square piece of plastic on my roof please? Does it simply pop off with a trim tool? Also, what does it do exactly?! Thanks. David
  13. S

    T6.1 Steering Assist part/no's

    I'm looking for potential compatible replacements for my T6.1 MY21 RHD electric power steering which seems to have a lower limit of 50km/h for lane assist (HCA). Other VAG EPS parts / configurations apparently have lower limits such as: 1K0 909 144 M (HCA steering down to 20 km/h, no steering...
  14. G

    Team British Gas Blue T6.1!

    Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve browsed a good car forum, life seems to have just got in way of late! However, here I am and it’s my first step into the world of vans and conversions. I thought I’d start off with a bang and just go for a subtle British Gas Blue T6.1. It’s a beauty and...
  15. T

    For Sale 2021 T6.1 199PS Kombi - Great Spec

    For sale is my T32 Kombi van which has been professionally converted by our very own Bognor Motors, spec as follows: 2021 T6.1 bought & registered March of this year (21 plate) and taken to Bognor upon delivery for conversion work Indium Grey DSG 8,000 miles Highline spec Factory extras...
  16. The I Man

    T6.1 poor handsfree phone connection

    Hi all, bought my first ever VW Transporter dsg 204 lwb this year, it’s a 21 plate so feel very fortunate to own one. Only regret is that I should of bought one sooner . Had a few mods, 30mm lower, 20” alloys, complete black pack everywhere, changed double front seat for single and had kombi...
  17. F2JON

    Sold T6.1 gloss black splitter

    As title I have a t6.1 splitter for sale, bought it with my fakelift kit but decided against fitting it. £50 collection from Rugeley
  18. M

    T6.1 highline standard head unit support media formats

    Hi everyone, The head unit in my new van has a more polished interface when compared to my MK7 golf. Does anyone know if it supports media formats beyond what these might have in the past (MP3,WAV)? I can spend time trying but thought I would post on there to see if anyone is in the know on...
  19. A

    T6.1 Add / Change vehicle image on Infotainment system

    The infotainment system on my T6.1 has no vehicle image. I'm pretty sure there should be a van on the vehicle status page, here is mine:- Would be great for someone to send an image of their 6.1 vehicle status page(s) Playing with Carista Beta there are options to change the vehicle...
  20. R

    part number: T6.1 taillamp

    hi chaps just wondering if anyone has the part number for a rear driver side LED tail light for a tailgate t6.1? i would normally use oem epc but website is down.