1. T

    For Sale Genuine VW rubber mat set 3

    Set of three front rubber mats cost £115 sell for £80 delivered
  2. P

    For Sale T6.1 electric steering rack

    Will add pic and number ( one rack end missing ) Otherwise complete 200
  3. M

    BCM 09 - can’t code T6.1 module

    Why can’t I code anything in this module?
  4. K

    My T6.1 OEM Heated Seat Retrofit

    Thought I’d start a new thread as I’m reading threads about doing it on the T6 expecting it to be similar in the T6.1! Anyway my van doesn’t have heated seat so just has the standard manual AC controller. I’ve bought a used one from a 2022 model which includes heated seat buttons & heated rear...
  5. T

    T6-T6.1 LED headlight loom

    Hi I’m new here really needs some help T6-t6.1 headlight fitting. I’ve bought a salvaged van and upgraded it from t6-t6.1 headlights the last one I done was easy plug and play bower it looks as tho this one has oe t6 xenon headlights. The same travelinlite t6.1 led headlights I’ve bought will...
  6. G

    T6.1 door mirror DAB cable connection

    Hi everyone. Recently I have fitted T6.1 folding door mirrors and a heated front screen to my T5.1GP. I have lost all of my DAB signal from the screen mounted aerial and was considering connecting to the DS door mirror aerial. Can anybody please tell me what type if cable with what end...
  7. C

    Warning beep when leaving lights on t6.1

    I have a question around the audio beep when leaving lights on in a t6.1. It’s a startline without auto lights. I have noticed that if I leave my side lights on take key out of and open the door it beeps to warn me I have left the lights on. But if the switch is set to full headlights and I...
  8. F

    Think I’ve been missold by main dealer

    Just bought a 6.1 T30 150bhp highline Transporter pre reg from a main dealer (this one deal in Nissans but have a VW branch elsewhere) and had it delivered. I asked repeatedly it was a 150bhp as insurance seems to expect it to be 110bhp. When it arrived it had 5 gears which I thought was strange...
  9. Leigh-r

    T6.1 Cali Night Heater settings

    Hi. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I can’t select the heat setting that I want in heat continuously mode. (Up and down don’t do anything) To change the level I have to adjust the level in heat immediately then go back into heat continuously for it to change. I’ve pulled the...
  10. Indigrey

    For Sale 2021 T32 LWB 150PS Kombi Highline manual. £35k No VAT

    Here is my 2021 T6.1 which I've owned since new. 28k miles, full VW service history with another service included. Indium grey Highline spec with: Single manual slider Manual gearbox 150ps engine Factory swivel captains front seats Factory LED lights Heated seats Heated front screen 2+1 rear...
  11. G

    T6.1 Retrofit high-beam assist and traffic-sign assist?

    Is it possible to retro fit auto high beam and traffic sign recognition to a T6.1?
  12. J

    T5.1 to T6.1 facelift - sidelight problem

    Hi all I have done t5.1 to 6.1 facelift and put the diodes between pin 10 and pin 4 but when I put the side lights on they come on and go off and then don’t come back on even if I turn the light switch off and on again. The only way they come back on is the turn the ignition off and on again but...
  13. J

    T6.1 in reflex silver - identity crisis

    Looking for some inspiration for my t6.1. I am not sure whether to go down the swamper route or go for something a bit more sporty and invest in a highline kit. I'd be very interested to see pictures of either. Pictures of mine attached for info. Thanks in advance.
  14. C

    T6.1 2023 fuse box locations

    I have a 2023 T6.1 transporter, the sliding door and tailgate will open from the outside but no from the inside. It is although the deadlocks are stuck. I am trying to locate all the fuse boxes but can only find the one on the right had side of the steering wheel, does anyone know where the...
  15. D

    Found T6.1 front double in brick fabric

    Hi, Looking for a front double for my 2023 6.1 in brick fabric. Happy to cover p&p or pick up if in the north west area.
  16. finny

    Kombi Seats T6.1 vs T6

    Hi all, first post on this forum! I've used it so much as there is much info on here but I couldn't find the answer to this question. Is there a difference to fitting rear kombi seats into a T6.1 from a T6? I'm looking to get a T6.1 and put in the extra row of seats and seeing as T6.1 are often...
  17. A

    Wanted Floor mats

    T6.1 front rubber mats wanted in good condition
  18. K

    What Does Sports Mode Do On Manual Gearbox?

    I have a T6.1 Highline manual gearbox, I'm wondering what sports mode does? Most of the posts about sports mode are related to the DSG & I can understand how it works by shifting later, but what does it do on a manual gearbox? Hasn't noticeably made any difference.
  19. P

    For Sale Vw t6.1 Sportline captain seats

    Hi just thinking about selling my heated captain seats these are genuine seats from my T6.1 Sportline in amazing condition pictures to follow £2000 collection from Worcester
  20. Bav

    Sold T6.1 gloss black upper grill and 3-piece front splitter

    Gloss black upper grill - £100 SOLD Gloss Black front splitter (3-piece) - £50 SOLD I purchased both the above from Gona66 (here) back in Jan 2022, but not fitted either to my van. As per Gona66's original "For Sale" thread, the centre-top clip on the grill (the one directly above the VW...