1. T

    Are t5.1 and t6.1 same wheel fitment ?

    Am thinking of putting banded steels on 17 inch and n to my t5.1 2014 campervan wondered if there all the same fitting? Running 20s on skinny tyres on low suspension and am going to Scotland thinking might be more comfortable?? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. S

    T6.1 Leisure battery - max size?

    Hi all, Looking to fit an Agm battery under factory single passengers seat alongside a ctek in a T6.1. Anyone have any recommendations for the largest size I can fit under there? Guessing 110ah on its side but don't want to trial and error fit looking for tried & tested models please thanks simon
  3. R

    T6.1 rubbish air con

    Anyone else got a new T6.1 Kombi my Aircon barely feels cold, dealer says it has 535g of Gas the drained and refilled it to spec but it’s just rubbish has to be full cold and fan 5 then it’s still rubbish was hoping someone else could share their thoughts I’m really disappointed with the...
  4. Greyanglia

    T6.1 Folding Door Mirrors as standard on a Highline?

    I have a brand new Campervan based on a T28 Highline. Are folding door mirrors standard? I've ticked the box on settings and turned the door mirror switch to folding too but they don't move on locking. On the same settings page I've ticked engage wiper on reverse and that works. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. W

    T6.1 gloss grill and dog bones

    Has anyone successfully fitted these on their own, is it even possible, i am self-isolating due to being pinged by track and trace (bad timing as my Van only turned up this week :-) ) so want to make good use of the time and get as much as i can done on the van over the weekend
  6. N

    Anybody find the T6.1 LED rear indicators poor?

    Hi I have the LED rear lights on the new T6.1 - tailgate. Driving on the motorway for the first time - in daylight. When in the slow lane indicating to overtake a slower car, I noticed that a few cars in the middle lane didn't just move into the right hand lane to let me out. I might just found...
  7. R

    T6.1 Thatcham Alarm / immobiliser category

    Does tknow if my new 6.1 highline has a category 1 thatcham alarm. Trying to sort out my insurance. TIA
  8. V

    T6.1 tailgate number-plate recess

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help from an owner, I would like to know the measurements between the two blue lines I've made on the picture below as I haven't taken delivery yet of my 6.1 (not due until December) and I've purchased a private number plate that would look better with a square ish...
  9. Andyman

    Looks like a revert to T6

    So, I have all but done it, eventually filed divorce papers for the T6.1 the infotainment system finally broke my spirit Found a T6 150bhp which I’ve fallen for, she is gorgeous and surprisingly to myself she is Mojave Beige, T30 highline with heavy spec, 3 years old with les than 15k miles...
  10. D

    T6.1 acoustic when locking/unlocking?

    Is there a way to have the T6.1 beep or chirp when I lock and unlock the van? I’m always second guessing myself whether or not I locked the van
  11. D

    T6.1 Warning light on ignition

    My new T6.1 often has the yellow warning triangle light after ignition. If I turn off and restart it goes off. Should I be worried?
  12. B

    What can I sell my used t6.1 wheels and tyres for?

    Anyone got an idea what I can sell my wheels and tyres for? They've come off my start line t6.1 and have done less than 3k miles. The tyres are continentals, 205/65/16 and 16" wheels with hubcaps
  13. Pauly

    ABT-e Transporter Brochure Jun 2021

    Volkswagen ABT e Transporter T6.1 Panel Van / Kombi Official VW Brochure
  14. Pauly

    ABT-e Transporter Price List Jun 2021

    Volkswagen ABT e Transporter T6.1 Panel Van / Kombi Official VW Price List
  15. Andyman

    T6.1 Infotainment system still not right

    VW INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM FAULTY NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE Again today i was a victim of the BS infotainment system, a journey of over 120 miles trying to load user profile, this rendered everything inoperable, no phone no satnav nothing, I HAVE NOW HAD ENOUGH Was supposed to be sorted last week by VW...
  16. moomin-j

    Difference between T6 & T6.1 rear calipers?

    I know that all T6 rear brake assemblies (calipers / carriers / pads etc.) are all the same as each other, but is there a difference between these & the new T6.1 complete assemblies? Any brake gurus out there that can advise please? I have tried the search function , but to no avail sadly :(
  17. L

    T6.1 DPF question

    lf l buy a new T6.1 and use it for short journeys all day (each journey is usually around 5 miles or less) l going to have DPF issues? At each customer l spend generally 30-60 minutes so when l get back in the van the engine will have cooled down somewhat. l read on one van site that modern...
  18. L

    Sold T6.1 4motion for sale 23k miles

    VW T6.1 highline 4motion kombi DSG. Sound deadenin, insulated and carpet to walls, suede to roof back to front plus A & B pillars with led ceiling lights. Vanshade window blinds to rear. Slide bed over rear seats very comfy. Leisure battery system with stirling, 12v rear sockets and usb’s...
  19. Golgappas

    Sold 2020 T6.1 Kombi Highline. £39975 * No Vat *

    As new, VWT6.1 Highline Indium Grey, 4200 miles. SWB , Sound proofed, insulated and fully lined through out. 6 speed T32 150PS.Tailgate and single front seats. NO VAT FACTORY KOMBI AIRCON COBRA LOWERING SPRINGS 40mm 20 INCH BEBB SPORT ALLOY WHEELS WITH NEW XL TYRES. LEATHER FLAT BOTTOM MULTI...
  20. LambethBoy

    Are the T6.1 side windows a darker tint that the T6s?

    Are the T6.1 side windows a darker tint that the T6s??