1. M

    T6.1 wing suppliers

    Hello guys, I’m looking for t6.1 both wings and arch liners. Anyone know how to get it? I called almost all local shops, tried to search on internet, emailed a lot of companies in UK and Germany- no one can offer me anything. So I’m trying my luck here. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks
  2. R

    AC always on problem

    Anyone Else have a t6.1 can you check if your info display actually shows air conditioning off when off on the main controls? Mine never turns off and if at cold it’s freezing! Doesn’t matter what function is on it never changes unless I switch off the fan to 0!!
  3. T

    T6.1 Aux heater problem

    When I try and start my heater the screen lights up and displays “aux heater off’ before going off again, same with local button or remote fob. Previously I received message that that battery was too low, but since then I have charged the battery back to full. Since then I have tried to operate...
  4. N

    Carista Drive Away Auto Locking Not Working

    Hi All, looking for some help with the auto lock when moving function on Carista as I cannot get it to work. I have a 22 plate 6.1 Highline. I first tried the standard app, managed to get into the settings for auto locking but nothing happens when I set the options to yes. I then tried the Beta...
  5. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 Fitting new wing badges

    Since getting my new van and having the @BognorMotors gloss front end i couldnt help but feel the wing badges looked a little out of place These were the only bit of matt plastic around the front of the van so thought they needed to get gone so got myself a set of gloss black/chrome bulli...
  6. P

    Strange buzzing in engine bay

    Hi, when I haven't used the van for a few days and I unlock it or open the door each time there is a loudish buzzing from low in the engine bay. sounds really strange and very high pitch. is this something priming. It keeps doing if when going in and out the van, but goes ones started. engine is...
  7. T

    T6.1 suspension to T6 van?

    I'm sure someone on here will know. Would a factory suspension from a T6.1 T32 fit a 2016 T6 T32 4Motion......any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Bigredonion

    For Sale T6.1 Standard Headlights (LH & RH)

    Standard T6.1 headlights (both LH+RH side) from a Caravelle in good condition. Includes standard bulbs, including indicators. THQ take better pics than i... VW T6.1 Transporter Passenger Side Genuine Vw Headlight 2020 on - T6.1 Lights - Transporter HQ Will post actual pictures below from...
  9. P

    For Sale T6.1 passenger captains chair + other dash bits

    New T6.1 captains chair for sale. I have purchased a factory swivel and swapped my leather base cushions and back rest over so selling the rest as not required. Its brand new, except the height adjustable base itself off my original seat which was hardly used. Seat has manual lumbar and an...
  10. Pidsley

    T6.1 Starter battery 50% limit?

    Hi, I've heard that once your starter battery runs flat, the van maintains an error code that only allows the van to recharge the battery to 50% capacity? An only clearing the error code will allow it to charge to full capacity again? Is this correct, as my garage are saying they don't know...
  11. iprice606

    For Sale 2020 150PS T6.1 Highline Camper-van. £59,500

    I have unfortunately due to family home reasons and work decided I need to part ways with my brand new VW Camper T6.1 (Highline Spec). I purchased the van as a panel van and conducted all the conversion work using a reputable conversion company called Vandalized. The Van: VW T6.1 Highline spec...
  12. Karl

    T6.1 emissions figures

    Hey Everyone, Not posted on here since I sold my 2018 84ps kombi back in Nov 20….having scratched the Golf R itch I’m now looking to get back into a 6.1 panel Van. My old Kombi had a figure of 159g/km which for where I live made my parking and traders permit £800 per Year, this is bang on the...
  13. 3crispies

    T6.1 running-in / differences

    So have sold our T6 and picking up new van end of next week, a few questions what sort of revs should we be doing max as have to be in Cornwall the following week. 3/4k? more thinking about easing discs in for longevity. on highlines Vcds is autolock, digital speedo enabled ? what does...
  14. ProjectBus

    T6.1 Front Fog Delete

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me? I am due to take delivery of a new Startline next month and have already bought new bumpers to loose the stock grey plastic option. I am planning on replacing all grills with Black gloss grills but wondered if these were available without the fog light...
  15. P

    T6.1 TCS button removal?

    Hi, I've just completed the 'comfort' dash upgrade in my T6.1 so it matches the California. However, the wrong part was ordered that covers the traction control button and there is no cut out. As the TCS can be disabled via the infotainment (and some calis don't have the button) can i just...
  16. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 adding sunglasses holder or grab handle

    Now i have my new 6.1 I really miss the sunglasses holder that my T6 had (why did VW take it away !!) I know theres a couple threads about part numbers and options for adding one but the info is partial/scattered so heres my guide to adding OEM parts with metal mounting bracket etc Im not going...
  17. A

    Ghost II stuck in service mode and won't rearm?

    I put my T6.1 into Ghost service mode, but now it seems that I can't get it to rearm - ie. it starts without the disarm sequence. I've entered the disarm sequence a few times, driven over 30mph for 20 mins, but it won't seem to rearm? Does anyone have any ideas?
  18. B

    T6.1 Front assist just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us.

    As the title says, the front assist on our 4 month old T6.1 Shuttle just activated when there was no traffic or parked cars near to us. The icon on the display in front of the driver lit up in white and the brakes banged on. I have checked the manual and it says that it will display as a red...
  19. Golgappas

    For Sale Vw Transporter T6.1 headlights , £295

    Swopped out of 2021 Highline for the DLR type, chrome finish , excellent condition. with original bulbs. plus P&P
  20. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 MFSW Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Upgraded the MFSW on my 2022 6.1 to a Golf MK8 haptic touch wheel and want to lay out how i did it, lots of these steps are not specific to this wheel so thought this would be a handy 'how to' guide These wheels are a straight swap but the electrical connections are a bit different so a few...