1. T

    For Sale 2021 T6.1 All Seasons Leisure Camper Conversion. £58,500

    Hi, For sale is our VW T6.1 camper, fully converted by All Seasons Leisure where we bought the van brand new. I'll keep this post basic, since the full write up is in the autotrader advert for anyone that's interested :). Link to auto trader advert below...
  2. G

    THQ 6.1 led headlights-black or chrome

    Has anyone got the THQ 6.1 black led headlights fitted and could post a photo, I’m trying to decide If chrome or the black version would look better on the van, I’ve got a Ascot grey Startline with the big black bumper Thanks
  3. F

    For Sale 2020 T6.1 T32 SWB 150 DSG Kombi, Twin Sliders, Digital Dash, Full Leighton Treatment

    Starlight blue with the full LV treatment. Exterior - LV front bumper and splitter, 20” LV2 black gloss alloys, side bars, roof rails, tailgate spoiler, carbon rear bumper protector, LED headlights. Tailgate, twin sliding doors which are power latching. Lowered 40mm. Removable towbar and...
  4. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Custom T6.1 Steering wheel

    £475 Inc postage including airbag very chunky design rare look carbon trim surrounding airbag brand new airbag buttons can be upgrades to ACC or CCS buttons and additional cost. Selling as complete wheel only. Can also fit if required
  5. Y

    How to activate Active Lane Guidance in a T6.1

    I have Lane Assist in my T6.1 and I expected it to be like a semi auto pilot by keeping the car in the middle of the lane. Instead it just ping pongs between the lines of the lane. However it seems like it is possible to enable Adaptive Lane Guidance which will keep the car in the centre of a...
  6. Pauly

    Looking for 6.1 owners with VCDS

    I am after some scans and maps of 6.1s if anyone is able to oblige I am starting to compile more info for 6.1s and am currently working on some retrofits but could really do with some admaps from some vans to assist me If anyone has vcds and a 6.1 and is unsure what im talking about or would...
  7. marmite monster

    For Sale 2022 T6.1 T28 150BHP Pure grey P/V. 400 miles. £36999 no vat

    2022 VW Transporter T6.1 T28 (2wd) SWB 400 miles as new perfect condition Pure grey 150bhp 6 speed manual Twin captains chairs with arm rest Business pack / Air con Tailgate with headed glass /wash wipe 80ltr extended range fuel tank Apple car play Cruise control Black Rhino Arsenal wheels 18"...
  8. JonriceT6

    For Sale 2020 T6.1 T30 Highline DSG Camper Conversion. £60k

  9. J

    Wanted T6.1 Sportline Alloys

    Hi, Long shot I know, but I’m really after a set of genuine T6.1 Sportline Alloys if anybody is thinking of upgrading theirs. Cheers
  10. M

    T6.1 barn-door reversing camera problem

    Hi, I’m new to this, I’ve been looking at some threads and have seen people with similar problems, I’m hoping someone can help. I purchased a T6.1 last year with a factory fitted reversing camera ( on barn doors in the seemingly new VW position of in the middle of the door!!!) it’s been fine for...
  11. C

    T6.1 H7 headlamps: will they fit a T6

    Hi does anyone know if 6.1 h7 headlights will gin on 2018 6 that has h4 on
  12. Lanks2324

    Sold T6.1 front lights

    Open to offer , T6.1 front lights
  13. Y

    Disable warning "For your own safety, please follow traffic regulations at all times".

    I have a T6.1 and every single time I turn the engine on I get a message on the nav display: "For your own safety, please follow traffic regulations at all times." A few other forums have said change 5F - Byte 23 but when I go to 5F, there is nothing at Byte 23 (pics attached). I'm assuming...
  14. M

    T6.1 Interior light fuse

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed before, spent all morning searching and can’t find the answer. T6.1 rear interior light fuse.. I’ve become VIP, I’ve downloaded the diagrams from the Downloads section, still can’t seem to work out which one it is.. I’ve attached a photo of my...
  15. bethamari

    What wheels for ABT kit on Pure-Grey van?

    Hi all, We currently have Inovit Blitz on our T6.1 which has ABT body kit on. We are looking at swapping the wheels out soon and we are not sure what to go for. We quite like the look of smoothies but since we’ve gone down the ABT route and it’s a pure grey van, we are wondering if they might...
  16. RayF

    For Sale * Reduced to £62k * 2021 T32 150PS LWB Bodans Camper. £65k

    **Edit 9/6/22** price reduced to £62,000 I’ve reluctantly decided to sell my camper which was brand new in May 2021. I thought I’d see if there is any interest here before I take it back to Bodans for them to sell. So the details are as follows: MY2021 VW Transporter Highline T6.1 T32 150bhp...
  17. C12jwalls

    Travelin-lite T6.1 LED tail lamps

    I've just fitted the new led 6.1 style rear lights for the t6. Plug and play system. Comes with the link cable so you will have both lights setup for reverse lights and rear fog lights. Mine was the halogen standard lights. They do do the ones for the led rears aswell. Bargain for £325
  18. F2JON

    Wanted New THQ T6.1 black headlights

    Anyone ordered a set and changed there mind, I was a tad slow ordering so missed out this time let me know if you have any you want to sell.
  19. J

    For Sale T6.1 Captains Passenger Swivel Seat - Price £1000

    VW T6.1 Captains Passenger Swivel Seat. This was only recently purchased from Kernow Transporters - images of original e-bay advert attached. Note e-bay price didn't include base or swivel. Comes with base and brand new Sport-Tek swivel - also included is rear plastic cover that will need cut...
  20. T

    Air con and fuel economy question

    We’ve had our T6.1 DSG since December and have been getting an average overall fuel consumption of 34 mpg. On a recent trip to the West Coast it was up to around 37 mpg. On Sunday we did a day trip of 90 mins of pretty similar driving and we got an average of 47 mpg and reached the dizzy heights...