1. D

    T6.1 security - We Connect tracker.

    Hi all, has anyone started using the We Connect as a vehicle tracker? Is it any good or have you installed a stand alone tracker? Or have I misread the blurb on the vwcv website. Is the standard alarm and immobiliser thatchem approved on the highline? lots of questions as lookingat insurance...
  2. Dannyb6467

    T6.1 Coasting function??

    I have 2020 Highline DSG....does it have the coasting function as my 2017 did? Can find it in the info screen anywhere. Cheers.
  3. C

    T6.1 aftermarket headlamps

    Morning, I have just took delivery of the new camper from Camperking, very happy with it but it hasn't came with the LED headlights as i thought it would. Does anyone know where i can purchase these or even if it is possible? Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    T6.1 Gloss-black Front Grill

    Anyone had there original plastic grill sprayed black? I think for the T6 you could buy an ABS replacement gloss black grill but doesn’t look like much choice for the T6.1 from what I’ve seen. If you have had your original plastic grill sprayed has it lasted, does it look good, did spraying it...
  5. C

    Retrofitted cruise-control to my T6.1

    Today I fix my cruisecontrol original in VW T6.1 2.0 (CXGD) It was not easy job, wiring Gateway soft... but it is working!! yes I dit it first T6,1 in Europe with retrofit original cruisecontrol! I,am happy!
  6. K

    T6.1: How does this lot come out?

    My wiring harness has arrived from absolut5 and I’ve seen a video on how to remove the head to get to the back of that back I think the cabling for my amp and speaker run needs to go down the middle and under the mat to get to the seats. Looking at the dash it looks like the gear coveoght need...
  7. J

    T6.1 rear wheel arch cover

    I have just received a new T6.1 with rear heater assembly. I had no idea it would be so large. any guidance where I can buy the same or similar moulding to go the opposite side of the van to make the back look symmetrical? I will be insulating and lining. I think it will look horrible as it...
  8. Loz


  9. A

    6.1 Front splitter options

    Looking for options, but there doesn’t seem to be much about.
  10. D

    T6.1 factory split-charge options

    I am in the process of orderi a new T6.1. weighing up cost of having a factory split charge fitted or going down the aftermarket route. after people’s experiences and advice please. Not ensurely sure what you get with the factory option.
  11. B

    T6.1 Vee-Dub Transporters Roof Spoiler

    Has anyone purchased the pre painted spoiler from veedub..any feedback or side on pictures... T6/T6.1 OEM Style Rear Spoiler - Tailgate (PAINTED) - Vee Dub Transporters
  12. J

    When were aftermarket headlights released?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone remembers when T6 after market headlights LED / DRL etc started to become available? I need a set of T6.1 headlights but if T6 prices are anything to go by, I can get some much nicer ones for the same price as standard OEM halogens. The LED OEM ones are...
  13. K

    Getting my head around fitting an amp / sub etc

    So after a long drive back from Scotland I realised the stock speakers are pony. I was about to hit the button on the plug and play eton speakers then I saw a fit video to see that the t6.1 has 6.5" speakers! Well I'm up to speed now on those and those are easy to get hold of.. now the amp...
  14. L

    T6.1: arm rests on the highline?

    Hi all ordered a 6.1 highline today. It’s arriving next wed. just want to double check does the 6.1 still have the 2 pull down down arm rests on the drivers seat like the T6 ? It was one of my favourite things on my t6 cheers
  15. sportsman

    T6.1 Heko Wind Deflectors stopping window shutting

    Good afternoon has anyone had any problems fitting the heko wind deflectors got a set today they fit fine but the windows won't close the auto shut of feature is coming on when I close them any suggestions :unsure:
  16. PDL130L

    T6.1 LED Headlight retrofit?

    Hello all, just picked up a 2020 T6.1 with 3k miles. It has the standard halogen headlights. I would like to have the LED version. I've not managed to source any after market ones but can source original VW ones. Question is, will they connect up OK? Indicators on LED headlights are built into...
  17. M

    T6.1 SOS Button Fault

    Hi all, New here, with a T6.1 in Pure Grey picked up from the dealer two weeks ago. Annoyingly, the day I picked up the van they told me there was a fault with the SOS button and some of them have been calling emergency services randomly, so they disabled it for me. Whilst I'm not that...
  18. Markgf

    T6.1 VW Accessory Brochure online

    I’ve just seen the latest accessory brochure online, and there is some bits there for the T6.1. Spend..... Spend.......Spend......
  19. Bobbych

    Show us your T6.1 then..

  20. alter

    shower hose on the sink

    come si fa a collegare il tubo doccia utilizzando il rubinetto lavabo del nuovo T6.1 Coast .... il rubinetto non ha terminale estraibile ... how do you connect the shower hose using the sink tap of the new T6.1 Coast .... the tap has no removable terminal ...