1. B

    T6.1 direct TPMS reset .

    Hi all , I’ve upgraded wheels on my T6.1 and installed the existing TPMS sensors in the new wheels , on the main screen (centre dash ) the tyre pressures all ok on Direct TPMS section but on main dash the light flashes for tyres pressures and then stays on after a short distance . As one...
  2. Tourershine

    My T6.1 Review

    The same as my T6 review, but a T6.1:cool: 2021 LWB 150 T30 Manual, Highline Panel van. OK, 2 months of ownership, and 6000 miles under my belt, so time to do a proper review on my new 6.1 Disclaimer: My original T6 was a fantastic van and did me proud as you can see here in my original T6...
  3. T

    For Sale T6.1 OEM headlights.

    Hi I have a set of original lights. These have come off a 2022 t6.1, the van has only done 1000 miles so they are in good nick. £200 ono collection from Manchester or chesterfield
  4. T

    For Sale T6.1 Startline bumpers and mirror caps

    I’m selling my start line bumpers and mirror caps. Front bumper with fog light blanks Rear bumper (with pdc holes) Mirror caps All the standard grey colour coming from a van with 6000 miles on it.. Will post pics tomorrow when I can in day light
  5. G

    Sold Sold

  6. CRS Performance

    For Sale H&R Anti roll bars for T6.1. Xmas special

    For all those T 6.1 owners looking to spec up the suspension on their vans I have 10 sets of H&R Roll bars for the T 6.1 . they are brand new and due to over stock situation we are putting them on a special price of £500.00 incl vat Grab a bargain as once they...
  7. P

    Sold T6.1 OEM Sportline wheels

    Sportline t6.1 wheels in black currently on the van will take them off once I get chance done 300 miles £1750ono Will post a picture but I’m sure you know what these look like by now
  8. B

    T6.1 199PS brake pads

    Hi can anyone help me please, I need Front brake pads for T6.1 2020 199ps Vw say they have none and out of supply. can't even get after market.
  9. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 THQ V1 headlights a bit dull

    So just fitted a nice new pr of THQ Drl lights in my 6.1. replacing the std lights that have THQ H7 LED in the dipped beam and std halogen in the beam They look the part and all work as they should, so eagerly waiting for dark to go and try them out - but very underwhelmed at the light output...
  10. S


    I have for sale a brand new set of VW rubber mats for my T6.1, which was returned for refund due to it having various faults, which Listers made worse! I can send a picture if required. £45.
  11. ashmul

    More comfort than the double-seat

    Hi Folks I have done two 3 hour trips in my 6.1 panel van and I find the seats very uncomfortable. It's currently a driver plus a bench seat, the standard for the van. What types of seats are available that are more comfortable for longer trips and Id also like to swap them out for two single...
  12. S

    T6.1 T32 brake pads

    Can anyone help supply me with front pads for t 6.1 t32 part no 7LA698151C as they seem to be on back order? Thanks
  13. DubHaus

    [Resolved] T6.1 Cab Headlining Console Removal

    Hi All, im trying to remove the cab headliner from my 2021 T6.1. Plenty of how to’s for earlier models but I’m stuck! A and B posts off, sun visors and clips off, grab handle off, 6 screws removed from centre console but it’s still not moving! I’m assuming I need to remove the plastic...
  14. DanPlumber

    For Sale Standard t6.1 headlights

    Set of standard t6.1 headlights as Iv now fitted drl’s Only been on a few weeks Ideally collection as it’s a big box Location preston, lancashire £200
  15. Lanks2324

    For Sale Front seat shelf T6.1

    Fits a double front seat and single , hardly used open to reasonable offers .
  16. JamesWebb

    T6.1 HBA retrofit . . . ?

    Hi there, Can you help with this? I purchased a HBA retrofit kit, not realising it was for a T6, whereas I have a 2021 T6.1 - my bad! :eek: I've had a quick look on the forums for help but can't find any specific 6.1 instructions re wiring and coding. So, would you happen to know . . . a) if...
  17. D

    T6.1 Battery Drain

    HI, I have a problem with battery drain on my T6.1 that the VW garage says is normal. I have a dashcam which is constantly powered and it seems to be draining the battery after around 2-3 days of being unused. I had the same dashcam in my Audi previously and it was never an issue so why should...
  18. kevindu

    For Sale VW T6.1 E-grille EHU

    £200 delivery or collect from Cambridge
  19. Bluephantom

    20ET offset with plastic-arch mouldings?

    Hey Guys, I wanted to know what you thought. I saw this youtube video: and thought these Fuel Vector 16" x 8" +20ET rims would look awesome on my van. I requested a quote from my local tyre dealership and they told me these rims wouldn't fit my vehicle because of the +20ET offset, and if I...
  20. T

    Fuel economy difference between t6 and t6.1 California

    I‘m considering buying a t6 but am put off by the fuel consumption of 9 litres per 100 km on a van with 4 motion dsg and 204ps. The same model t6.1 with newer 150ps motor seems to do a more respectable 7 litres per 100 km. These numbers are from sprit monitor.de As far as I understand the key...