Remap And Lower Effect On Insurance?

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by goldeneye243, 25 Oct 2019.

  1. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    Just wondering how much a remap and lowering makes to insurance costs?

    I'm considering both at the moment...
  2. andys

    andys Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    My insurers Comfort, didn’t add anything for lowering but said they would charge extra for anything that increases engine performance.
  3. Phantom

    Phantom Senior Member T6 Pro

    Lowering was nothing as included in allowed mods, I have 102 Revo remap and I think my insurance went up by ~£80 but worth it.

    I'm with Adrian Flux, only thing that REALLY annoys me with AF are not the rates but every year I have to take photos and fill in an agreed valuation form which they charge me for. It's the same as last year, it's not like I have removed the conversion.
  4. Noddy996

    Noddy996 Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    @goldeneye243 Brentacre don’t add anything for lowering or for a re-map either. They confirmed it with their underwriters when I was re-newing, as I was planning to have a REVO re-map on my 102ps on hold!
  5. The_Lad

    The_Lad Senior Member T6 Pro

    APlan didn’t charge for lowering or a remap
  6. teamfly

    teamfly Senior Member T6 Guru

    Aviva cover both , can't be exact but not much increase
  7. Donk

    Donk Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    APlan didn’t charge any extra for mine.
  8. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Ive just taken out a policy with Brentacre and they told me any mods will not incur any additional costs as long as they don’t significantly change the value of the van or affect performance ie a re map.

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