Kombi Single Seat In 3rd Row

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    My kombi is down as a 6 seater on the log book, but has a captains passenger seat instead of a double bench.

    I sourced a single seat with seatbelt and 4 floor brackets from t4t5parts on ebay and set about fitting it.

    As much as I wanted to fit it over to one side, it was simply to easy to just fit it in the standard centre position in the third row. This utilises all the factory reinforcing points.

    First of, drill up from the underside through the reinforcing holes.

    20190426_145316.jpg 20190426_145327.jpg 20190426_145340.jpg

    Next was to open out the holes from the top to 10mm.


    Then, after treating the bare metal with hammerite, bolt the 4 floor brackets down and cut the holes in the floor mat following the marks on the underside of the mat.


    Just popped the plastic trims over the floor brackets and job done.
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  2. Colner

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    Thanks for the link to this .50 it certainly looks straightforward enough :thumbsup:
  3. Colner

    Colner Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Did you have to drop the fuel tank and/or exhaust?
  4. .50

    .50 Senior Member T6 Guru

    No. All bolts can be fairly easily got to.
    The only tricky ones are a few that fix at thesame point as the rear wishbone mounts, but quite do able with a uj socket attachment.
  5. Colner

    Colner Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Ok great, thanks again...

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