kombi seats

  1. D

    For Sale Kombi 2+1 folding rear seats in Simora with floor brackets and 2 rear seat belts

    Rear 2+1 seats in Simora, taken out of my 2017 Kombi, immaculate as hardly used. The van only has £24k on the clock! Have all 8 of the floor mounts (there are only 6 in the photo but I have all 8) plus the 2 rear seat belts. Collection only due to the size / weight from Ashford, Kent. £650...
  2. Brindle

    For Sale 12 JL sub and enclosure for under Kombi seat.

    4Ohm 12” JL sub and custom enclosure for under rear Kombi seat. This is a 12” 12W0V3-4 sub in a custom built sealed enclosure that is build to the exact correct volume specifications, but still allowing it to fit under the rear twin Kombi seat. The box is made from 18mm MDF which has been...
  3. N

    Newbie. Problem with back bench in Shuttle. Wont clip back in

    Hello. Looking for some advice, please. We unclipped and removed the back 3 seater bench in our 2017 Shuttle. It just won't clip back in! It looks like the clippy grabby pincer bits, which should grip onto the bars on the floor, are jammed half closed. Please, does anyone know how to fix...
  4. A

    For Sale Kombi Interior SWB

    For sale Kombi T6 interior SWB Includes bench seat in Samora, seats never been used. Floor mountings OEM rubber floor mat, no rips Original rear VW carpet Rear seat belts x6 lashing rings £500 Collection Mid Wales
  5. T6 owner

    For Sale Kombi Triple Bench Seat for sale (Simora fabric). Seatbelts, Floor Mounts and Tie-down points. £400

    For sale: Kombi Triple Bench Seat, 3 seater. In excellent condition. Simora fabric With: 2 x Kombi Seatbelt kits (bolts, washers and brackets). 4 x Seat Floor Mounts and trim covers 6 x Kombi Tie-down sets Came from my 2018 T6, and has had a Seat Cover on from brand new. Photos show...
  6. ma77y

    Found Left side rear seat

    Hello all, I'm after a Left (passenger side) rear seat with isofix. Would be nice if it come with the quick release mounts and seat belt. Condition isn't important to me so cheap as possible please :D Cheers
  7. D

    Can I move Kombi seats back 8”?

    hi all i have 2018 vw t6 swb combi can i move rear seats back about 8inch any one done this
  8. goyaguru

    For Sale 2016 Simora triple-bench seat

    I am selling a folding triple bench seat in simora (no fixings or seat belts - sorry!) and a folding double front bench seat in simora. I am happy to accept sensible offers as I am keen to clear some space in my garage. Both are in really good knick. Cumbria based.
  9. Cooper

    Extra seat in the back of a T6

    I’ve got a 2017 SWB T6. We’ve just sold our camper but would like to keep up our adventures between now and when we get (hopefully) another one. Problem is, there are 4 of us (me, wife and two boys) and my van only has 3 seats. Is there such a thing as an “extra” seat I can stick in the back and...
  10. alt

    Kombi bench seat back board

    I was kneeling on the rear double seat (seat was folded flat) in my Kombi and heard a crunch... I now have a bit of a dip in it. Does anyone know if it's posible to pit a piece of ply into the back of it like you can with the front passenger bench? I have ordered a Kombi bed that uses the...
  11. A

    Advice needed: kombi seat sale..

    Hi all, I have 2+1 rear seat set in Simora, isofix folding version. With floor brackets, rubber floor, boot carpet, seatbelts and all the fixtures and fittings. Where’s best to advertise it to sell it and how much for? thank you
  12. Mikey2ooo

    Kombi - can I use row 2 in row 3?

    Kombi rear seats, does anyone know if the passenger bench seats can be used in the back ? Floor Fixings line up ? Want to replace my 3 seater bench in the back of kombi double slider with 2 seats and prices for 2+1 seats are ridiculous at the moment
  13. L

    For Sale T6 Kombi 2+1 folding rear seats in Simora

    For sale is a set of T6 Kombi 2+1 rear seats. Listing on behalf of a friend who is now vanless :( Unfortunately the van they were from was written off by a big lorry a few weeks ago! Fortunately these were not in the van at the time of the accident and in the garage. As such only the seats...
  14. J

    For Sale T6 triple leather bench seat £400

    Black leather , triple bench seat with seat belts, backrest folds down on to seat base or the whole bench tilts forward. Out of my 2016 Lwb shuttle, didn’t need 9 seats hence selling the rear row. It’s Missing a headrest but apart from that they’re in excellent condition as seen in pics. Any...
  15. M

    Sold T6 SWB Kombi Rear 2+1 Seats, Floor and Fixings

    T6 SWB 2018 Kombi Seats, FIoor and Fixings for Sale. Seats and Fixings £450 Floor £235 I am based on the outskirts of Bristol!
  16. Nq_Dude

    Leisure-Battery under Kombi rear seats?

    Has anyone fitted a leisure battery under the rear seats of a Kombi? i don’t want to mount it under drivers or passengers seats so the only location I have after the usual choices is the rear seat.
  17. B

    Kombi c pillar seat belt hole help

    Hi guys, I have a t30 swb t6.1 which I’m putting a triple kombi seat in. I have all the brackets etc for the whole institution but I can’t remember where to drill the holes for the upper seat belts. I have read a few threads but have seen different measurements and looks like the measurements...
  18. A

    Sold T5 Kombi Leather Seats 2+1 with Isofix

    Hi, I'm selling a set of T5 Kombi rear seats 2+1 in VW Blue/black leather with Izofix. (They also fit a T6 I believe) They're from a 2012 T5 and in excellent condition. Only ever had kids in the back on car seats and the leather was always covered. I've converted my van so these are now...
  19. N

    For Sale T6 Kombi Rear Seats 2 + 1 in Simora fabric With Floor Fixings, ISO-fix and fold flat

    Selling our rear 2+1 seats from a 2017 Kombi with floor brackets. £650 They're in great condition as you can see by the pics, they've not had much use. All are iso-fix and fold flat which is super handy for rear tray/bed type conversions. We are based in Folkestone, Kent. But I travel a bit...
  20. 6

    Found Wanted 2+1 simora seats and belts

    Hi I am after 2+1 seats in simora trim as close to the midlands as possible. thanks 07787544558