kombi seats

  1. J

    Found 1+1+1 Kombi Seats for T6.1

    Hi, I'm looking to change my 2+1 setup to a 1+1+1. Not too bothered about the fabric as I intend to get them covered eventually. I'm based in South Wales but travel frequently.
  2. Blasam

    For Sale Simora 3 seat bench

    Good afternoon all, I have a triple bench seat available for sale in Simora, comes with two seatbelts and 4 floor brackets. This is used, no rips or tears and in all in working order however it could do with a wipe. Removed from a 2017 T6 Kombi. The floor brackets won’t be available until w/c...
  3. finny

    Kombi Seats T6.1 vs T6

    Hi all, first post on this forum! I've used it so much as there is much info on here but I couldn't find the answer to this question. Is there a difference to fitting rear kombi seats into a T6.1 from a T6? I'm looking to get a T6.1 and put in the extra row of seats and seeing as T6.1 are often...
  4. D

    3rd Row Single Seats

    Hi, I'm looking at putting 2 quick release single seats with integrated seatbelts in the 3rd row of my Kombi. On the off chance, anybody know where i could get hold of some? Tried eBay and although they were advertised by a certain company, they had none available!!! Any help would be...
  5. vintage_racing

    For Sale Kombi 2+1 seats with belts & brackets

    Kombi 2+1 seats for sale, recovered in black. Twin seat folds flat and has Isofix, single seat tilts forwards. All belts included, and floor brackets. £750 Location: Surrey
  6. I

    Sold T6/6.1 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings, seat belts and floor. £800

    Hi, Due to having my van concerted into a full camper I have the Kombi seats and associated parts left over for sale. They are in the Grey Robust Mesh material which is really hard wearing and excellent for if you have kids! Easy to wipe down! They ae the 2+1 seating arrangement which fold...
  7. VioletVW

    Third row seatbelts install.

    Hi, Does anyone have photos of the third row seatbelt mounting points? I'll soon be adding the belts and if I could see how everything is bolted in then I would feel more confident when doing the job. I'm aware that my kombi has the threads for the belts (see below) but I also have seat belt...
  8. I

    Sold T6 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings & seat belts £700 No Floor

    Original VW T6 transporter Kombi 2nd row double and single folding seat. Middle row ‘double’ seat + Single seat for a VWTransporter, finished in Simora fabric. These seats are in excellent ‘used’ condition, from a 2019 low mileage vehicle which I am converting into a camper. Complete with...
  9. D

    Sold T6 Kombi ISOFIX seats 2+1

    I have for sale this lovely bench 2+1 Isofix VW unit. It was installed on my Kombi shortly before I bought it and I removed it to convert the van into a camper a month later. I believe they were a custom order as I have not been able to find similar type (maybe someone can enlighten me?!) I also...
  10. A

    Sold T6 Rear Kombi 3 Seat Bench + Floor, Brackets, Seat Belts

    Selling a complete set-up for a Kombi. 3 Bench Seat, Rubber Flooring, Brackets and Seatbelts Great Condition, took them out when I converted to a camper, I think the previous owner never had them in the van as he used it as a work van. £450 ono. Based just south of Aberdeen
  11. J

    Kombi Seat Width?

    Hi, I'm planning an interior layout for a van I don't own yet, I'm planning on putting a unit where the single seat in a 2+1 Kombi bench fits. Could someone measure how wide the gap is between the two seater and the door card?
  12. RyanT6

    Wanted T6.1 rear kombi 2+1 seats, belts and flooring

    Looking for rear seats preferably from a kombi in brick pattern would like the floor belts and panels too if possible. Thank you 07850693532
  13. D

    Sold 2 + 1 Kombi seats in Simora

    Have a set for sale, previous owner fitted them last year (before I bought the van) and I removed them to convert it into a camper. Seats are in storage but can go and take pics if anyone is interested.
  14. tommy_t6.1

    Sold Kombi seat mounts/brackets & reinforcing plates

    Just sold my kombi seat so this lot is surplus to requirements. 4 no. mounting brackets inc. 8 nuts 4 no. plastic trims 7 no. reinforcing plates (5 brand new, 2 slightly used) £150 ono collected from Manchester
  15. Phantomwinger

    Sold **SOLD** Kombi 2+1 Seats, floor and all fixings. £700

    Hi Selling my seats, fixings, belts, flooring etc from a 2017 plate T6 Kombi. I think the seats are Simora...happy to get a better photo to verify. - 2+1 seats. Had a leather effect covers on so in very good condition. Some wear and tear on the seat belt plastic. - Seat floor fixings - 2x...
  16. M

    Wanted 2 + 1 simora kombi seats

    Hi, I’m looking for a 2 + 1 simora set of kombi seats to go in the back of my T6. Ideally with all fixings, plates and belts etc if possible. I’m in Cornwall but can travel for the right set. Thanks, Matt
  17. S

    Wanted Rear seat in Simora trim

    Hi, we re needing to add a couple of extra seats to our van so are looking for a double rear seat in simora trim if anyone has one for sale ?
  18. acompta

    Removeable Seats for odd occasions - Aftermarket?

    Morning all Has any one done something similar to the attached. I am interested in having an additional row of seats occasionally if we have visitors, or need the extra seats during normal weekly use. Currently only have the two in the back that make up the bed and two captains chairs. These...
  19. BognorMotors

    Wanted T6.1 Kombi seats - Triples and 2+1

    As above we are looking for kombis seats and full sets in brick fabric. 2+1 and triples. Let me know what you have Oli
  20. S

    Sold T6 2+1 Kombi Simora seats LWB

    I have a full set up for sale. LWB and 2+1 seats from a 2018 T6. All belts and brackets included. (Don’t mind the photo shows 7, but I have all 8). Floor mat for a twin slider LWB. £800 for everything. Doncaster DN11