kombi seats

  1. vintage_racing

    Wanted Single rear seat c/w seat belt

    I know, unlikely, but is anyone selling one of these?! Cash ready for an easy sale. Cheers, Ben
  2. Greybeard

    For Sale vee dub Transporters VW T6 Stealth Comfort Series 1+1 & 2+1 Kombi Seat Covers

    For Sale; £100. vee dub Transporters VW T6 Stealth Comfort Series 1+1 & 2+1 Kombi Seat Covers. Plus postage at cost if required. I would prefer to drive an hour to meet up, if suitable. We’re in Trowbridge Wilts (BA14 postcode) Driver’s seat cover only used for a few weeks. I decided I needed...
  3. S

    Sold Kombi seat floor bracket blanking plates

    Kombi van seat floor bracket blanking plates. These fit vans with the black plastic surround on the floor plate, as was fitted to my 2023 Kombi. These are a great fit. I bought another type in the first place that were more a cover but they constantly came off. With these you need a screwdriver...
  4. V

    For Sale T6 Kombi - Rear Seats 2+1 (like NEW!)

    2+1 Rear Bench from a VW T6 Kombi - selling due to converting into camper Excellent condition (See pictures)! As close as new as you can get for a use bench as it was covered with original VW seat covers from new(see pictures) The offer includes: * All fixtures and fittings required for install...
  5. J

    For Sale Kombi seat (rear drivers side)

    Drivers side (right) single genuine VW Kombi seat bought from CJL Leisure as part of my Kombi (1+1+1) van conversion in July 2022. They’ve not been in the van most of the time and stored in house since then and so now looking to sell as I’m changing the format of the van. The other two singles...
  6. buggycpl

    Kombi bench seats to 1+1+1

    I am sure a quick question for experienced T6 folks in the know. Is changing from a bench seats setup in a Kombi to a 1+1+1 or even 2+1 a bit of a faff? I can see the rubber flooring would need to be changed to accommodate the appropriate extra brackets. Are there already factory threaded...
  7. V

    For Sale Kombi Rear 2+1 2-Seater Leatherette Bench

    Hi all, I am selling the 2 seater rear Kombi bench. Titanium and Palladium leatherette with Isofix points. Truth be told, I'm not sure how to remove the fixings...so you may need to do this. We have had the van since late October and the seat has only been sat on twice so very new. Also not...
  8. Leemondo12

    Kombi Triple Seat Fitting

    Hi All, I will at some point in the future be fitting a triple seat in the back of my T6. My understanding is I would need 8 of the brackets for underneath only utilising one of the holes on each with the other hole just sitting vacant as its not needed. While trawling through Youtube I came...
  9. Pewt

    For Sale JL Audio Subwoofer 12w0 in custom enclosure

    Selling due to upgrade but great sub and fits under the rear double seat. Got it off here https://www.t6forum.com/threads/12-jl-sub-and-enclosure-for-under-kombi-seat.31075/ Maybe going to Camper Mart £100
  10. T

    Wanted Transporter kombi t6.1 2+1 rear seats /belts/brackets/ floormat

    Wanted t6.1 full kombi set up, rear seats , seatbelts , brackets, floor mat ( single slider) preferably 2+1 set up , would consider 1+1+1 but not a triple bench and ideally in bricks fabric, if anyone has anything ?
  11. I

    Wanted Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB

    kombi seats wanted, ideally a triple with seat belts and brackets and rubber flooring for a swb single slider, looking to buy asap? thanks
  12. B

    Found Bricks Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB T6.1

    i am looking for 2+1 rear seats in brick complete with floor mounts, rubber floor and seat belts to suit a single slider swb
  13. D

    Sold T6.1 SWB Kombi rubber floor (twin-slider) 2+1 leather seats & fittings. £1800

    I have a brand new van that I will be taking the rubber mat out of 1st week in March. To include a brand new Leighton mats carpet. I will also be removing the 2+1 leather Kombi seats, fittings and seat belts. Never even been sat on. Red stitching Its a twin slider £2000 Ono can deliver for...
  14. B

    Found Rear offside seat belt

    I’m adding a single seat to the drivers side rear of my t6.1. I have the seat but need brackets, fixings and seat belt also. What do you have? Located in the south west but happy to pay p&p.
  15. W

    Wanted Kombi rear seat catch and foot

    Wanted seat catch and foot or foot only as I can easily obtain the catch thank you
  16. vwadventure

    Sold T6.1 SWB Kombi Seat Belts

    Various items for sale due to van undergoing full conversion Two Rear Seat belts - £120 ONO. Collection or can post for £10 See my other posts for VW Kombi Factory Rear Insulated load mat for T6/T6.1 SWB twin slider. Complete with full set of cargo strap points and plastic seat bracket...
  17. Voodoo Developments

    Sold Genuine leather triple bench seat. £900

    Bought 3 months ago from a brand new van, genuine Vw real leather black triple kombi seats No brackets but does have belts, brackets will be available when I put the rock and roll bed in shortly. Located harrogate or Milton Keynes. £900 ono
  18. IrishT6

    Rear Kombi seat won’t tilt forward

    Hi all, some help needed!!! I’ve a 2017 Kombi and one of the rear seats won’t tilt forward, I know what the problem is and have a new plastic hook to replace & hopefully solve the issue!!!!!!! My question is has anyone ever successfully managed to tilt the seat by hooking the latch manually so I...
  19. T

    Wanted Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB T6.1

    Looking for a full kombi seat set up if anyone has anything suitable, ideally a 2+1 with all seatbelts / brackets/ clips and floor mat for a swb single slider, would consider a 1+1+1
  20. S

    Kombi Seat removal

    Not sure if I am being silly here but how do I remove the rear seat from the T6? Got it to the final stage but it won’t lift out.