Composition Media radio system how to change auto shutdown timer


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In my T6 California Ocean camper is installed the "Composition Media" radio system.
(a slight difference with the brochure is that one button is different: 'mute' -> 'sound')
Further details be found below.

The behaviour of the radio is the standard auto shutdown after 30 minutes.
I have two questions
  1. is it possible to extend these 30 minutes to longer (and what do i need to change it)
  2. The software seems two years old is there already new software available?

Details and possibilities of my device are:
Device Part Number 5K7035200K
Hardware H41 Software 0475
DeviceModel_ 29.319.21
Sofwareversion H.29.319.76.201804231057
Softwarebase H.29.319.76.STD2PlusPQ_EU

for 'reboot' with hold power button
for 'service menu' hold menu button
* ITR option only beeps
* green menu not available (will not show up holding button)

Codes Installed / Active
30000 - A - USB
40100 - I - Navigation
50000 - A - Bluetooth
60100 - A - Vehicle Interface
60200 - I - Car-Net
60300 - A - Mirror-link /App-Connect
60400 - I - Performance monitor
60800 - A - Apple Car Play
60900 - A - Android Auto
60b00 - I - ???
70100 - I - ???
70400 - I - Electronic amplifier for driver
(On of the ??? options is likely the rear camera)


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It can be done with Media Control



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@Deaky thanks for your reply but it looks that this APP is only working for Discovery Pro/Media models.
Even the newer Composition Models lack the 'Media control app' option (see VW infotainment Systems).
Here is a picture of my model:
Composite Radio.jpg
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