Sold Axe EX30 20” wheels & tyres £550

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T6 Pro
Selling these wheels off the van , they are like new and only covered about 100 miles before I changed then £550 Ono cheers Steve


Intrested pal
Are they 8.5

Are they load rated
Come back to me, give me first dabs
Hi Andy , I was told that they were by the company that fitted them but I will check them tomorrow and get back to you ,
I do like them yes but had a change of direction on the van so changed them for a different set , wife is not best pleased with me lol
Not from what I can see ? The numbers must mean something , try the manufacturers website , the company the supplies and fitted the wheels are very reputable and I would trust them but I’m just saying that if you do you own investigation then you will have peaceful mind mate
What numbers correspond to the load rating please deaky?
I've no idea sorry mate, best thing is to contact Axe, I've had a look on their website but there is no load rating info :thumbsdown:
decent offset at et40....most of the wheel companies throw et35 at you and this is when you see them nice at rear and stuck out at front arch...
these and a 5mm spacer at rear and they will look bob on
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