axe ex30

  1. T4goneby

    Sold Axe Ex30 20” wheels

    Selling my 20” Axe EX30 wheels (850kg rated) Staggered set so 8.5” front and 10” rear - no clearance issues with arches or sliding door (my van was down around 70/80mm) Gloss black and 3 are unmarked and as new, the passenger rear has very minimal surface scratches in a couple of places that...
  2. Shurze

    Sold Axe EX30 staggered alloys - £400 ono

    Axe EX30 20” silver alloy wheels with polished face and used tyres Rears 20 x 10J ET 42 offset PCD 5 x 120mm Fronts 20 x 8.5J ET 40 offset PCD 5 x 120mm I’m told that these are load rated to 850kg Tyres will need replacing These wheels will benefit from a refurb as the lacquer is hazing and...
  3. K

    Any one run Axe EX30 in silver

    Hi Looking at buying some of these in silver 19inch just wondering if any one else had them on there van thanks
  4. Bainsey1695

    Sold Axe EX30 20” wheels & tyres £550

    Selling these wheels off the van , they are like new and only covered about 100 miles before I changed then £550 Ono cheers Steve
  5. Gav s

    Blackberry 20” alloy choice and suspension drop

    Hi guys, I’m struggling to make my mind up..... I have Caravelle T6 in blackberry which currently has Wolfrace Genisis alloys on and I’m ready for new tyres so I’m upgrading to 20’s and a drop. I’ve narrowed allows down to the following in ascending price order with Vredestrein Ultrac Vorti...
  6. Jongall

    Axe EX30 - T32?

    Anyone tell me what these wheels are and what the correct set up would be for a 16 plate t32?
  7. RyanGerry

    Axe EX30 colour..

    So I’m due to pick up my white edition in October and I after months of searching finally found the wheels I want but can’t decide on the shade? Would love some feedback to help me decide
  8. G12RYX

    My Day Van Build

    Hi, I hope I’m putting this thread in the right place. If not please let me know. Ok, I decided a few months back I wanted to build a day van. I was toying with a Transit MSRT but drive a transit every day for my job and to be honest they aren’t the best. I knew the transporter was the go to...
  9. Dannywilds

    Axe Wheels re testing their pay load

    Some interesting conversations with myself and Axe uk have resulted in this... A lot of their wheels are only load rated to 850kg per wheel, after informing them that a T32 rear Axel load is 1720kg we can't use those wheels. They are now re testing the wheels and hopefully going to give them a...