front bumper

  1. gvicker1

    FREE Wheels / Suspension / Bumpers

    1) T6 start line from bumper - in fair condition no major marks 2) T6 start line rear bumper for tailgate - small crack but could be repaired 3) Full T32 used suspension (97k) 4) Set of 4 16” steels with tyres (3mm tread)
  2. B

    Wanted T6 Front bumper towing eye cap.

    Hello, I’m looking to buy a T6 towing eye cap, preferably already colour coded to Reflex Silver. Thanks.
  3. B

    For Sale T6 Sportline splitter/spoiler in Reflex Silver

    I’m selling a sportline front bumper that has been taken off my Kombi Highline. Colour coded to Reflex Silver. £100. Collection only Bourn End, Bucks. Pictures available shortly, just giving it a clean.
  4. N

    Wanted T6 front bumper complete

    Im looking for a T6 front bumper with grill in a smooth finish if anyone is selling one please contact me. Thanks.
  5. The Flying Scotsman

    Can you change lower bumper grill on a Startline ?

    Hi I’m hoping to change the lower bumper grill on my T6. My bus is a startline so has a different lower grill than highlines. I’m wanting to fit a gloss black grill with DRL’s but they are only available for highlines. Is it possible to replace the startline lower grill with a highline one? I...
  6. Andries003

    [HOW TO] Full T5.1 to T6.1 Front Facelift

    Good day everyone, This is my attempt in writing a full guide on facelifting a T5.1 front to a T6.1 front with parking sensors, oem LED headlights and fog lights. For this guide I am assuming you'll be using a painted front bumper with separate fog light trim parts and not the cheap plastic...
  7. A

    Crafted Automotive Ltd Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  8. Texxaco

    My custom front bumper

    it’s been a while since I posted and there is a reason why… 6 weeks I have been without my van but I am now blown away by the transformation carried out by Alan at Crafted Automotive What do you think? Oh and can you guess what bumper its from.
  9. C

    T6.1 Front parking sensor blanks

    Evening all, I'm doing a bit of a startline to highline upgrade on my t6.1 and I've got a front bumper on the way (hoping the colour matches, it's Ascot Grey and looks in good condition but fingers crossed its the same shade as apparently there are two...) Anyway I've picked up an aftermarket...
  10. The Van Cave

    Found T6 Startline Bumpers Etc

    I’ve got an itch that needs scratching, but before I go to TPS and get ripped off with the ridiculously small discount I get, does anyone out there have any grey plastic Startline bumpers and bits they want to move on? Looking for: T6 front bumper without radar sensor cutout Tailgate rear...
  11. Lightrofit

    T5.1 to T6 front end change - A Quest!

    Hiya folks! I have searched the site (albeit probably not enough) and I'm looking for the differences in parts to completely change a T5.1 front end to T6. So far, I've got the obvious: Bumper, wings, headlight, bonnet plus some fitting parts... But looking at pics and ETKA, parts such as...
  12. Jamie2.0

    Sold T6.1 deep black Pearl bumper complete with grilles and splitter - Sold

    T6.1 Deep black Pearl bumper (looks to have been candy white and resprayed, it’s not off my van) some blemishes, stone chips complete with Shuttle spec top grille, standard spec lower grille (non fog light version off 21 plate 13k mile van) and splitter. Spare front and rear badge knocking...
  13. JonriceT6

    Wanted Startline front bumper (swap?)

    I’m after swapping my reflex silver Highline bumper with gloss inserts for a normal black startline bumper. I’m going for the swamper look . Does anyone know the price or location I can pick up a startline black bumper?
  14. S

    Scrape to bottom of front bumper

    Hi all very annoyingly have done this to my van which till now was spotless any advice on sorting it other options am considering whether now is the time to. invest in a styling kit for the van anyway so might make more sense than spending on repair/replacement. We are beach goers so don't...
  15. G

    T6.1 Startline to Highline bumper upgrade?

    Hi guys, Sort of done to death, but I couldn't quite find the answer to a probably fairly obvious question, so here goes... I'm planning on swapping out my Startline front and rear bumpers for some Highline versions fairly soon, and I was wondering if there were any additional parts I might...
  16. Longy82

    For Sale T6.1 Front end

    In the process of converting my T6.1 and have loads for sale. Open to sensible offers on all the following. Front Bumper & Grille £250 Chrome side bars with brackets £40 Chrome roof bars £40 Original Front lights with Halogen bulbs £150 Left side sliding door step £25 Set ofRomac Venom Alloys...
  17. JimmyMac74

    Wanted Front Bumper Support.

    Part no. 7E0 807 699A
  18. JimmyMac74

    Front bumper - What’s this part called?

    What’s this plastic part that the front bumper clips to? Part number? I’d like to replace it as mine has a few visible cracks. 2018 T6 Startline.
  19. L

    Sold T6.1 highline (tailgate) bumpers and grille in Ravenna blue

    Full set of bumpers and grille in Ravenna blue, taken off a 72 plate kombi with less than 600 miles on road. Front includes lower grille inserts but no fog lights. Grille as per photo with twin chrome strips and original VW badge. Rear bumper is for tailgate model van and has OEM mud-flaps...
  20. T

    For Sale T6.1 Startline bumpers and mirror caps

    I’m selling my start line bumpers and mirror caps. Front bumper with fog light blanks Rear bumper (with pdc holes) Mirror caps All the standard grey colour coming from a van with 6000 miles on it.. Will post pics tomorrow when I can in day light