front bumper

  1. A

    Identifying Upgraded T6 Startline Grille and Bumper

    Hi, My van is a Startline base model, but prior to me buying it, the front end was updated. I was looking at getting a front facing camera in the VW, but mine looks like a cheap silver VW on a flappy bit of plastic... So thinking new grille with VW badge that can accommodate the camera. The...
  2. kjohnr2001

    Found 2017 T6 T28 highline front bumper

    Hi all - want to return the front of the van to original spec, i.e. with 4 sensors, fog lamps etc. Currently fitted with replacement bumper cover, original is damaged beyond economical repair. Anyone have an original spec bumper for sale, don't need the grille, or can give me a steer to...
  3. L

    Sold T6 Sportline Style Front Spoiler

    VW T6 OEM Style Front Spoiler in candy white with front splitter. All attachments and fittings included. In great condition still. Removing it off my van as I’ve decided to go for a more swamper style look. Based in Lancashire. Available for collection £100. Any questions please ask.
  4. 8o8

    Textured highline bumpers

    Hi I ripped the front bumper off my T6 a few weeks back and managed to repair it and refit, but fancy a change to have textured look highline front and rear bumpers (swamper style). its a candy white highline with colour coded bumpers. Any one have any recommendations where to source these...
  5. J

    T6 front bumper loom connections

    Evening gents need a little help with a connector on the front of my van, the cable was cut during a bump and I can’t figure out where it goes. I need to know where item 5 plugs into ? I’ve attached pics I have issues with the following sensors which I think is connected aswell Coolant level...
  6. L

    Swap Sportline front bumper for Highline bumper

    Hello all, I’ve currently got a 2017 T6 in candy white. I have a sportline front bumper fitted in great condition currently. Im looking to swap this with a stock highline bumper in the same colour if possible. Based in Lancashire, cheers.
  7. D5smith

    OEM vs Aftermarket front bumper

    Im after a T6 highline front bumper, the thing making a simple requirement difficult is that I need headlight washer holes. VW have quoted £360+vat but I have found this one PRIMED FRONT BUMPER WITH FOG LAMP HOLES & WASHER HOLES Which is significantly cheaper. Now I understand the whole you...
  8. T6Plumber

    Sold T6 Upper/Lower Grilles & Fog Light Surrounds

    I have for sale Upper & Lower Grilles, and also fog light surrounds from my T6 Highline. Basically I’ve swapped all the textured plastics for Gloss Black, so selling these as now surplus to requirements. The Grilles have had the chrome trims swapped for Gloss Black. The badge backing plate...
  9. D5smith

    Wanted T6 Highline bumper with washer jets

    Hi All, i’ve decided I want to make the van in to more of a swamper style. It came with an ABT lower bumper and grill, and I want to take it back to original highline, however it has washer jets so need a bumper with the jet holes. Would anyone have one they are wanting to sell? Indium Grey...
  10. Drive Wayne

    Sold Ascot Grey T6.1 Startline Bumper/Grille 1 piece £100 ish...

    Removed today, currently residing in our conservatory until wifey spots it's taking up her summer space. The Ascot Grey part is pretty damn perfect, the Glossy Black grille and fixed dog bones need 'touching up'! Bear in mind this is one piece, not splittable like the Highline variety. The...
  11. J

    Electrical connections behind front bumper

    Greetings, I have a T6 (2.0tdi, 146kw, 2019) after an accident and that part is missing. One plug puzzles me, I don’t know what it is for. attached a little clarification to my question Thank You very much.
  12. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Wanted Highline or Sportline T6 front bumper

    I'm after a highline or sportline front bumper if anyone has one kicking about. Ideally in Indium grey. Mine has a snapped bracket. Some where near Chichester West Sussex would be magic. cheers :thumbsup:
  13. gvicker1

    Sold Wheels / Suspension / Bumpers

    1) T6 start line from bumper - in fair condition no major marks 2) T6 start line rear bumper for tailgate - small crack but could be repaired 3) Full T32 used suspension (97k) 4) Set of 4 16” steels with tyres (3mm tread)
  14. B

    Wanted T6 Front bumper towing eye cap.

    Hello, I’m looking to buy a T6 towing eye cap, preferably already colour coded to Reflex Silver. Thanks.
  15. B

    Sold T6 Sportline splitter/spoiler in Reflex Silver

    I’m selling a sportline front bumper that has been taken off my Kombi Highline. Colour coded to Reflex Silver. £100. Collection only Bourn End, Bucks. Pictures available shortly, just giving it a clean.
  16. N

    Wanted T6 front bumper complete

    Im looking for a T6 front bumper with grill in a smooth finish if anyone is selling one please contact me. Thanks.
  17. The Flying Scotsman

    Can you change lower bumper grill on a Startline ?

    Hi I’m hoping to change the lower bumper grill on my T6. My bus is a startline so has a different lower grill than highlines. I’m wanting to fit a gloss black grill with DRL’s but they are only available for highlines. Is it possible to replace the startline lower grill with a highline one? I...
  18. Andries003

    [HOW TO] Full T5.1 to T6.1 Front Facelift

    Good day everyone, This is my attempt in writing a full guide on facelifting a T5.1 front to a T6.1 front with parking sensors, oem LED headlights and fog lights. For this guide I am assuming you'll be using a painted front bumper with separate fog light trim parts and not the cheap plastic...
  19. D

    Distinctive Dubs formerly Crafted Automotive Ltd Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  20. Texxaco

    My custom front bumper

    it’s been a while since I posted and there is a reason why… 6 weeks I have been without my van but I am now blown away by the transformation carried out by Alan at Crafted Automotive What do you think? Oh and can you guess what bumper its from.