front bumper

  1. R

    Front bumper sitting proud

    hi everyone hope someone may be able to help / advise on my front bumper. last night someone reversed into the front of my vehicle. there is no visible damage to the front but the force has pushed the 2 ends of the bumper away from where it meets the front wheel arches. i can claim on the other...
  2. W

    For Sale Startline Front and Rear bumpers (barn-door)

    I’ve just put a colour coded bumpers on my T6-startline so my Bumpers are available for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, just looking for a fair offer (help appreciated) Front bumper is very good condition Rear bumper (barn door) is good condition No dents etc.
  3. M

    How to remove the Front bumper

    Useful little fun clip for those who dont know. How to remove T6 Startline Bumper
  4. A

    T6.1 Bumper trim damage

    Hoping the forum can help Someone left this damage on my van without the courtesy of owning up ! How would I go about repairing this? The trim is badly scuffed. Perhaps a smart repair? It looks like these bits of trim are separate from the main grille. Does anyone know where I can find a part...
  5. dave_b

    Sold Candy White front bumper and grille

    £350 - collection or we meet somewhere. I'm in Newquay. Note there are no fog light trims.
  6. T

    For Sale T6.1 front startline bumper

    For sale as brand new front black plastic startline bumper/grill complete ( has just come off a new van with less than 500 miles on ) so like new , Wetherby West Yorkshire £120
  7. racT6bus

    T6 ex-RAC - Startline Grille

    Hi there, I've recently acquired one of the ex-RAC T6 SWB vans to turn into a day van/camper. I quite like the 'commercial' look and was planning to leave on the startline bumpers in grey and make a subtle suspension drop on some 18 or 19 steels (will be seeking some advice on that!) with...
  8. tommy_t6.1

    For Sale T6.1 startline front bumper

    I have fitted the painted highline bumpers to my van recently so this one is no longer needed. Been on the van for about 20 months/9k miles. It's in very good condition, no cracks or scratches. There are a few blemishes but nothing actually worth noting. £250 ono Collection from Manchester
  9. T

    Wanted Bumper swap: T6 Startline for Highline/Trendline.

    Looking to swap my startline black bumpers to highline ones..
  10. I

    Found T6 Highline front bumper

    Hi all, I’m a complete newbie here and looking to upgrade my T6 startline front bumper to a highline front end. Has anyone got all of the parts I’d need? Or has anyone got some of the parts I’d need? TIA. Al.
  11. dave_b

    black textured front bumper for T6 swamper

    Where from and which would you recommend? Just the OEM style? Like this..
  12. Garv

    For Sale T6.1 Highline Black Pearl Front and rear bumper assembly

    T6.1 OEM Black Pearl Front and Rear Bumper assembly Delivery Miles only! Selling due to upgrade Tailgate Version 6x Holes for Park assist You will receive what's in the photos Collection from Stafford area £300
  13. S

    Sold T6 front bumper with grilles

    Genuine VW 2019 Highline bumber and grills A few scuffs but only one split as photographed. Collection RM postcode. £100. Cheers Steve
  14. limekilnlee

    What type of front bumper do I have?

    Could any one tell me what sort of front bumper this is struggling to find the exact same
  15. D

    Fixing kit for front spoiler

    Hi everyone, my friend has got the front spoiler kit for his T6 from Veedubz he has had it for months and we are just getting round to fitting it this weekend only he says he hasn’t had a fitting kit. Can’t find one on veedubz to purchase so before I phone is there one out there that he can...
  16. B

    Sold T6 Front Bumper with Sportline Splitter - Indium Grey

    Just taken off a 2018 T6. Immaculate condition. Location: KY5 £350
  17. MrT

    Sold T6.1 front and rear bumpers tailgate

    Hi Iv got for sale my front and rear bumpers pure grey for sale. Have done less done 300 miles as paintworxs Loughborough took them off and put my Leighton vans LV-R kit on. Unfortunately a very small scuff has appeared on the rear bumper from transit. Looking for £400 for the pair collected.
  18. stev580

    Wanted T6 Highline Front Bumper

    Like most people, I'm looking to replace my current 2018 T6 Startline front bumper with a trendline/highline bumper. I don't need the grills etc so a bare bumper would be fine Anyone have something kicking about the garage? Thanks
  19. T

    Badgeless grille on Startline bumper???

    Hi! My wife has kindly surprised me and bought me a badgeless grill for the van, only to find that the startline base kit doesn't separate! So gutted! Does anyone know of a way around this? I thought I may be ok as I've got an extra body kit on but nope! Any ideas would be appreciated
  20. J

    Front bumper gaps

    Hi there, my front bumper has dropped slightly from underneath the headlight on passenger side, I can’t recall it being like this last week, I know the timing belt was done also last week, do they remove the bumper to do this? Also how does the bumper attach under the headlights? Is there...