front bumper

  1. J

    Front bumper gaps

    Hi there, my front bumper has dropped slightly from underneath the headlight on passenger side, I can’t recall it being like this last week, I know the timing belt was done also last week, do they remove the bumper to do this? Also how does the bumper attach under the headlights? Is there...
  2. Pauly

    For Sale T6 complete front end

    I have the front end from my van available, it was all removed a couple years ago when i did LED headlight upgrade and then headlight washers (that require a new bumper) I have everything you see in the photos below, its been sat around for ages in my office/workshop and i havent cleaned it so...
  3. E

    Wanted T6.1 Highline front bumper

    Looking for a T6.1 highline front bumper (one with dogbone inserts)
  4. J

    Trendline bumper upgrade

    Hi I wonder if you guys can help and advise me, i previously posted about my 2017 start line T28 and I want to change the front bumper to a trendline as I’ve had problems with the start line bumpers when painted twice before by a company the conversion place used, anyway I had a full refund for...
  5. patbarn


  6. J

    Aftermarket Front-bumper recommendations

    Hi all, I have a Fully moulded bumper on my van at th moment it’s a startling, I’m looking for a primed or a white bumper that is off the sportline or highline, has any one used after marked bumper skins, I been looking at the items on van tech and travelling lite?not sure what fit will be like...
  7. Pete C

    Spreader clips

    This morning I started the H4 to H7 upgrade which is well documented on this forum. There are what VW calls “spreader clips“ used to secure the top of the bumper assembly, and where the assembly attaches to the wings. They seem to be different sizes. To cut a long story short, these are buggers...
  8. bobstephens

    Wanted Transporter T6 front and rear bumper primed or white

    Wanted: upgrading my 2016 66 t28. I’m wanting front and rear bumpers primed or candy white. Please get in touch. Based near Plymouth Devon but will travel all the best Rob
  9. HellaYella

    Wanted Front bumper in Indium grey

    Looking for a genuine Highline or possibly Sportline front bumper in good, original condition. Ideally totally complete and in Indium grey
  10. F2JON

    Anyone bought a new front bumper ?

    As title does anyone know the cost of a new genuine front bumper? I’ve hit a badger and it’s smashed mine to pieces.
  11. R

    Found T5.1 front-bumper in reflex silver

    Hi there guy's I,m looking for a decent reflex silver t5.1 front bumper must be in good condition.
  12. andy greenwood

    Sold Candy White Startline bumper + spoiler

    Due to front end upgrade i am selling our candy white startline bumper, it includes a van-tech spoiler attached & this alone was £185. NOT INCLUDED - VW badge & backing plate, the 2 pieces of lower trim where your fog lights would go (the photos show them fitted but i have removed them ) , the...
  13. Mrpowwow

    Wanted T6 Highline Front bumper with washer jets any colour

    Hi Guys As above I am looking for a front and rear bumper with washer jets Cheers A
  14. S

    Does the front T6.1 bumper fit a T6?

    Does the 6.1 bumper fit a t6......???
  15. Thatratman

    T6.1 bumper removal

    Is there any videos or guides on removing the 6.1 bumper? I want to get the grills off. cheers
  16. Jayjmac

    Wanted Black front bumper

    Long shot.. but has anyone got a black front bumper kicking around? I need one with the washer jet hole cut outs and ideally fog light holes. Would imagine that the jet holes and the fogs come hand in hand. TIA
  17. Phil_j89

    Sold T6 Front towing eye cover - Cherry Red

    Selling a Cherry Red front towing eye cover. In good condition, no marks in the paint. May be of use to someone who has removed a sport line front kit. Located in kendal, Cumbria Can be posted if preffered £10
  18. DTT6

    Standard front bumper fixing

    Hi folks, Is there a diagram somewhere showing how the front bumper (standard) is fitted so I can work out what may be broken? I annoyingly parked a little too close to a raised soil mound in a carpark which pushed my front bumper. Nothing appears cracked but the result is that from the left...
  19. t6 steve

    For Sale Textured front bumper

    hi every one I will be selling front bumper includeing the grill within the next week or two its in very good condition no marks or dents etc from a 18 plate startline as the hole in the centre for censor thing collection only thought try it on here before I put it on ebay looking for around 120...
  20. simonnwt6

    Is this a Startline front bumper ?

    My van came with this single red stripe and I took a look on Vanstyle but it says the Startline bumper isnt compatible unlike Highline and Trendline with coloured options or gloss black upgrades as it's one piece. Confused as my Startline came with the single top stripe added so is my front not...