1. W

    Roof wrap for solar panel- whole roof or panel coverage?

    Hi All, I'm going to fit a flexi solar panel in the next few weeks. For those in the know, will an oversize panel of wrap on the roof hold down a glued panel or would I need to have the whole roof wrapped?
  2. T

    Very intuitive :)

  3. S700

    Reflex silver wrap

    Hi all. Does anybody know of a vinyl wrap that matches reflex silver as close as possible? I’m looking for enough to wrap my pop top. Thanks.
  4. Theo1979!

    Dashboard wrappen

    Hello, do Someone have on this forum experience with wrapping off the dashboard? I won to wrap mine and want some tips and tricks? also one to know with part of the dashboard you can wrap
  5. Dino

    Not mine but I like it.

  6. C

    Bright / Retro wraps

    Considering getting our LWB shuttle wrapped in a bright or retro colour. Something you couldn't get from the factory. Anyone else done this or have some photos? We had a flannel grey T5 which I always loved so something similar is an option, however I love my Porsches so maybe a RS viper...
  7. T66RUB

    Roof wrap?

    Hi, anyone had there roof wrapped yet? If so how much approx? Been quoted £200 (mates rate I think) for paint. Can't decide between permanent or removable in the future. Thanks.
  8. Bashers

    Pop Top Wrapped!

    Just got back from Prestige Graphics in Sittingbourne, Jamie and his lads have just done a cracking job of wrapping my candy white camper pop top in gloss black, couldn’t be happier! Enjoy:
  9. W

    Nice paint job ?

    At a van centre, Leeds.
  10. Eddie Sutherland

    Meet the Vandalorian got it back today now just the inside to finish.

  11. Boomshanker

    Cost Of Full Wrapping Of A T6

    Hello All, we are thinking of doing a full wrap on our T6. Just wondering if anybody knows a rough price for a basic matt looking colour, red or sky blue possibly? Thanks in advance.
  12. Taff7996

    Electric Blue Flip Wrap

    Hi I'm looking for feedback on a company in Cardiff, Popin Graphics. They wrapped this California in 3M Gloss flip Electric blue (GP287) Hopefully the owner is a member
  13. N

    Wrapping recommendations - southwest

    Based in Dorset and looking for recommendations for a half wrap to a swb T6 any recommendations thanks in advance
  14. JayDee

    DIY Wrapping My Cali

    Hi, I just bought my first California (T6, Ocean). I'm a big fan of the bi-color version of the T6 looks an will carwrap the extra color myself. Because I want to make it look perfect I'm looking for details how to (safely) remove these items: - door handle sliding door - door handle tail gate...
  15. Ashypants

    Gen 6 B-Pillar External Black Wrap

    Does anyone know if you can buy the black wrap that is used on the T6 Gen 6 pillars? Scratched some yesterday so now have a white blob mixed in the black. Ideally want the same so it matches all round - I guess I could get it sorted at a vehicle wrapper but would rather get original if possible.
  16. D

    (Top) Half Wrap Costs?

    anyone had there T6 or T5 wrapped, I’ve always wanted the top half off white, and was chatting to a guy who wraps cars and said we can do this no problem. So has anyone had this done, apparently it’s lets UV light through so if you want to peel it off the paint won’t have faded we’re it wasn’t...
  17. paul Ain

    Full Wrap...!

    Hi guys n gals. I’m looking into getting my 2015 T6 kombi tailgate wrapped. Possibly in NATO Green ?! Anyone had any experiences with wrapping , cost location of places that wrap etc....? Many thanks! Paul
  18. Insert Coin

    Stickered Up For Le Mans

    Anybody else making the trip over to Le Mans next week? I thought I 'd join in with tradition and get the van stickered up ready :cool:
  19. Yetibeard

    Two Tone - Options For Silver - Spray/wrap?

    Hi, I'm thinking of (like many others!) jumping on the two tone bandwagon! In your own opinion, what look good with silver? And wrap or spray prices please!! Thanks
  20. Jongall


    what vinyl wrap are people using? Looking at 3m but you don’t get much for the price