1. mlh677

    Bonding solar panel to vinyl wrap

    I have hit a snag fixing a replacement solar panel to 3M vinyl on my poptop and am looking for advice, please. After spending far too much time removing a failed solar panel from my pop top roof I decided to follow forum advice and bond its replacement to some 3M wrap. I used Soudaflex to...
  2. Nickruss

    T6.1 with wrap

    Here is my new T6.1 after partial vinyl wrap last week. I bought it used and it came with the ply bed and storage which is great. I used to keep bikes inside my old T5 but will be getting a tow hitch carrier to keep muddy wheels outside!
  3. CJW

    Ex-fleet or wrap-removed owners - removing adhesive residue tip

    The problem - a year after getting my ex British Gas van, dark patches became noticeable on the paintwork, mainly on the leading faces of the vehicle. On examination, there was still some residue from the vinyl wrap that was collecting (I assume) vehicle particulates. Only became noticeable...
  4. Jonesy68

    Indium grey wrap matching

    Hi guys, I am thinking of wrapping the chrome on my Caravelle doors but I cant seem to find any suppliers that match paint codes (LR7H). Has anyone already done this or able to recommend a supplier. thanks
  5. B

    Vehicle wrap north east

    Looking for recommendations for a part vehicle wrap in North East England. Could stretch to North Yorkshire or Carlisle if there’s no one nearer!
  6. Vinci

    Review - Zest Graphics Bristol

    Had some minor lifting of my wrap from last summer, told the guys months ago, and even tho this week was the earliest I could drop it in, they rewrapped the area without question or quibble. Whilst there, I had the mirrors and bonnet done. Watching Byron and Pete do their stuff was...
  7. nobbyq

    wrapped half black half white ?

    anyone done it ?
  8. Delboy42

    Wrap my new Pure Grey Sportline?

    Hi to all. I took the plunge and ordered a new sportline I have been told I will get it late December. The problem is I had to have a pure grey as it was a cancelled order. I was thinking I could get it wrapped Any thoughts.
  9. W

    Roof wrap for solar panel- whole roof or panel coverage?

    Hi All, I'm going to fit a flexi solar panel in the next few weeks. For those in the know, will an oversize panel of wrap on the roof hold down a glued panel or would I need to have the whole roof wrapped?
  10. T

    Very intuitive :)

  11. S700

    Reflex silver wrap

    Hi all. Does anybody know of a vinyl wrap that matches reflex silver as close as possible? I’m looking for enough to wrap my pop top. Thanks.
  12. Theo1979!

    Dashboard wrappen

    Hello, do Someone have on this forum experience with wrapping off the dashboard? I won to wrap mine and want some tips and tricks? also one to know with part of the dashboard you can wrap
  13. Dino

    Not mine but I like it.

  14. C

    Bright / Retro wraps

    Considering getting our LWB shuttle wrapped in a bright or retro colour. Something you couldn't get from the factory. Anyone else done this or have some photos? We had a flannel grey T5 which I always loved so something similar is an option, however I love my Porsches so maybe a RS viper...
  15. T66RUB

    Roof wrap?

    Hi, anyone had there roof wrapped yet? If so how much approx? Been quoted £200 (mates rate I think) for paint. Can't decide between permanent or removable in the future. Thanks.
  16. Bashers

    Pop Top Wrapped!

    Just got back from Prestige Graphics in Sittingbourne, Jamie and his lads have just done a cracking job of wrapping my candy white camper pop top in gloss black, couldn’t be happier! Enjoy:
  17. W

    Nice paint job ?

    At a van centre, Leeds.
  18. Eddie Sutherland

    Meet the Vandalorian got it back today now just the inside to finish.

  19. Boomshanker

    Cost Of Full Wrapping Of A T6

    Hello All, we are thinking of doing a full wrap on our T6. Just wondering if anybody knows a rough price for a basic matt looking colour, red or sky blue possibly? Thanks in advance.
  20. Taff7996

    Electric Blue Flip Wrap

    Hi I'm looking for feedback on a company in Cardiff, Popin Graphics. They wrapped this California in 3M Gloss flip Electric blue (GP287) Hopefully the owner is a member