wolfrace assassins

  1. W

    Sold 20" black and diamond cut alloys and 275/40 tyres £400

    20" alloys and tyres for sale. 20x8.5 ET35 Black and diamond cut alloys in good condition with no scuffs or kerbing marks. Diamond cut parts are showing some usual under surface deterioration as per photos. Tyres are Haida 275/40ZR20 106W XL rated. 5-6mm tread depth across the whole width of...
  2. Adbo

    For Sale 20” Wolfrace Assassin Wheels £275

    4 x Wolfrace Assassin wheels all straight no dents, but a few probably need refurb as are pitting where the polish has come off. They were on my VW T6 Transporter T30 camper van up until recently so are weight loaded. Collection from Abridge RM4 preferred, but could possibly meet locally if...
  3. S

    Sold 20”Wolfrace Assasin alloys

    Finally I’ve got some better pictures of the wheels. All tyres are 6mm+ on the tyres. The tyre size is 275/35/20 102w The wheels are in very good condition with just a bit of white worm on two of the wheels which can be seen in the photos. Any questions please ask. £600
  4. B

    For Sale Wolfrace Assassin 20" Alloys with tyres - immediately available

    For sale 4x Wolfrace assassin 20' Alloys with tyres (load rated) All four wheels are in good condition, no dents or bent etc. One wheel has some of the lacquer coming away, but nothing that can't be fixed. Other than this all good Tyres. 1x brand new, 2x have about 1k left before requiring...
  5. B

    For Sale Wolfrace Assassin 20" Alloys suitable with tyres

    For sale: 4x Wolfrace Assassin 20" Alloys suitable for Volkswagen T5 / T6 / T6.1 With tyres.. The wheels are in great condition, no curbing to the edges, one wheel has a little bit of lacquer coming away in a small area other than this all good. Tyres - 1x needs replacing almost on the...
  6. S

    For Sale 20” Wolfrace Assasin alloys £600

    I have for sale a set of 20” assassins 2 new tyres just put on plenty of trad left in the other two. Two from memory have slight polished wheel corrosion. Looking for £600 I will upload some better pictures tomorrow
  7. JTT6

    Sold Wolfrace Assasin 20" Alloys with 275/40 ZR20 106Y load rated Tyres

    These will be coming off a T32 T6 Kombi and have appropriate load rated tyres. In good condition, I think only 2 are marked but please see pics for more info. Tyres have a mixed amount of tread but definitely would do you over the coming winter and then some. Looking for £500-600 Based near...
  8. X

    where can i get a Wolfrace Assasin 20 inch wheel from

    where can i get a wolfrace assian 20 inch wheel from i just need 1 single wheel to replace a damaged one i have, i have looked all over but can not find one or a place to buy one hoping someone on here might no thanks
  9. MyfirstVW

    Bonjour, g’day, from Cornwall.

    Another new kid on the block... finally got my hands on this T32 DSG kombi. Lots of plans but ran out of money buying it, so it’ll be like this for a few weeks...
  10. nobbyq

    wolfrace assassin trs

    i sure I've seen these on a transporter but can't find them anyway except for ones for transit customs , anyone running them ?
  11. Paul H

    Wolfrace Assassins - 18” or 20”?

    I’ve got a 2 month old T6 with a VW 30mm suspension drop. Looking to buy a set of Assassins but confused between 20” and 18”. I love the look of a no gap finish between top of tyre and arch but what’s the most realistically practical size? My standard set are 17” and just look too small.
  12. Paul H

    Momo Revenge Matte Black 20" Or Wolfrace Assassins Black 20”

    Hi Looking for peoples thoughts and looking to see whether anyone had any pictures of their vans with either of these wheels fitted. My van is a T6 Kombi in Candy Red. Cheers
  13. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  14. M40CCA

    M40CCA build thread

    Picked my new caravelle up today Really impressed with it so far All the space I need for 5 kids and 2 dogs Definitely need the coilovers fitting soon feels a bit unsure on roundabouts and corners but overall great so far Already fitted the gloss black side bars and have it booked it for...
  15. S

    The Deal Is Done Pick Her Up Soon

  16. J

    Which Tyres For 19" Wolfrace Assassins

    I have got a set of 19" "Wolfrace Assassins and would like comments on others who can assist with tyre size / brand / model for such. These are the 8.5J and I am thinking 235 / 45 / 19. and been looking at continental contact 5 XL ? but price is clearly the key also ! Hope some of you can offer...
  17. andythom188

    Sold Wolfrace assassins with load rated tyres

    Change of plans for my van so For sale are my 20"gloss black polished wolfrace assassins in as new condition with 275/40/20 106 mid range tyres that have only done 6k load rated upto 1050kg so will fit t32 available straight away if needed as got wheels to replace £900
  18. davmil

    Painting my brake callipers

    Hi, i want to paint the callipers on my T6 and would welcome any advice and tips, also not totally sure on the colour yet? The wheels are wolfrace assassins , Black with polished tips and the van is oryx white.
  19. Mark Howkins

    Wolfrace Assassin 20" - Which Offset do I need?

    Looking at fitting a set of Wolfrace Assassins to a 180 4 motoion. Which ET should I select 35, 40 or 45? Intend to lower by 3omm, I would like the outside of the wheel to sit lush with the line of the van. ie not sit inside the wheel arch too much. Any advice appreciated. Mark
  20. Dene Olley

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello from Whitley Bay. Loving this forum, still trying to find my way around but hopefully Ill get the hang of it soon.