winter tyres

  1. G

    Sold 18” alloys and winter tyres

    Selling a set of wolfrace 18” alloys and falken winter tyres, the tyres have plenty tread left 6mm. The alloys have a few marks as can be seen in the pics. £400
  2. E

    Sold 4 X 16" Sima Alloy Wheels with Nokian 215/65R16C 109/107 winter Tyres- Liverpool

    Like it says- I will post pictures shortly- bought by accident- they don't fit over my T32 big brakes- arse. I have some Caliber 20" alloys on at the moment- but I'd actually like to have 17" alloy wheels (ideally OEM) with winter tyres - or Cross Climate etc. But obviously the big wheels...
  3. scotty

    For Sale 16” winter wheels and tyres

    Due to van sale : Set of 4 VW van rated MSW alloys in good condition with Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres. 215/65 R16 102H M+S all with 5 mm tread. Full set wheel bolts included. To collect from Sheffield £320:00
  4. M

    Sold Winter Tyres on 16'' steel wheels

    16'' steel wheels with nearly new winter tyres (less than 3,000 miles) Jinyu 215/65/16. Offers above £100 - they are in Brighton. I travel for work so may be able to deliver.
  5. Paynewright

    Sold 17” GP Steels and winter tyres

    Set of 4 standard 17” GP steels with Minerva Ice Plus S210 tyres. 235/55R17 103V XL with 2 @ 5mm and 2 @ 6mm tread depth. These have been powdercoated in anthracite. Tyre date stamp is 2620. No caps. Slight rust staining showing on a couple between outer/inner rim. Ideal to run through the...
  6. S

    Sold [eBay] 16” Winter Wheel set

    VW T5 T6 Steel Steelies Wheels 16” Winter Tyres | eBay Got these on eBay if anyones after a set
  7. betty67

    Winter tyre setting on MFD?

    Just looking at computer on dash and I have a setting for winter tyres which was set to on Never had winter tyres just changing setting wondered haw it affects van as cannot feel any change?
  8. S

    Winter tyres - 102H Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 suitability

    Winter tyres and wheels included in the purchase of my new T6.1 just arrived from the main stealer by courier. It's incredible that they managed to fit car spec tyres instead of van tyres to the steel wheel rims they sent to me. My question is are 215/65R16 102H Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 suitable...
  9. A

    Sold 17" Steel wheels with winter tyres

    Set of four 17" steel wheels fitted with Toyo HO9 Mud & Snow Tyres size 215/60, 104 load rating. They have the 3 peak / snow flake markings Couple of minor marks on the wheels. Exact tread depths, more photos available once I've cleaned them properly. Tyres have done approx 3000 miles. The back...
  10. G

    Winter wheel - 245/45/18 on 8.5J rim?

    Hello, first time poster, long time lurker, please be gentle! I've owned Gen 6 Caravelle for the last 4 years or so and every year I've swapped out summer tyres for winter tyres on the same wheels. Currently I have my winter tyres on the wheels (they are a 255 45 18 tyre - the same size as the...
  11. Skroob

    For Sale Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tyres 245/45R20 103V

    I’ve got four of these brand new tyres, which I was going to fit to a set of alloys specifically for winter, but I’m now going down a different route. I’m looking for £150 each, and I’m located in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
  12. Skyliner33

    For Sale Amarok Cantera 19" Alloys with winter tyres done approx 1000miles.

    Decided to sell my Amarok Cantera wheels as Im after a set of banded steels. Wheels in great condition, just a small mark on one, as shown. Tyres are Devanti Wintoura+ 245/45/19 load rated at 102V. I believe this is T30, T28 and T26. Manchester based Looking for £950.
  13. T

    Tips to prepare for Winter in French Alps?

    Hi Everyone, We're planning on visiting friends in the French Alps this Christmas. We're going to take the Caravelle (T6.1 Non 4WD). Has anyone on this forum done a trips to the Alps before in their non 4WD van? I'd really appreciate feedback on the experience? Also any recommendations for snow...
  14. C

    For Sale 255 45 18 Winters

    Pair of 255 45 18 Minerva Winter tyres. 103 load rated. Very little use so around 6-7mm left. Have another pair of Falkens winters as well but they have inner tyre wear and one has screw in it. £110 for the Minerva. I'll throw other 2 in for £20 if you want.
  15. fezza68

    Sold Winter tyres.

    4 x kumho winter tyres,255/45/18 103v so rated for t32. All 6mm tread depth. £100ono. Manchester area,prefer pick up or meet somewhere. Need em gone.
  16. cy294

    Winter Tyres all year.

    Is that time again when I've got to change tyres. Currently got All Season tyres on, but wondered if anyone is running winter tyres or has run winter all year round? I haven't got the time or space for two sets of different tyres i.e. summer and winter. So initially went all season, but tyre...
  17. andythom188

    For Sale Devonports with Goodyear mud & snow tyres 6mm tread £650

    Vw devonports with goodyear cargo vector 2 tyres mud & snow 4 peak rated, very good tyres in the rain & snow 6mm tread, just sat in my unit now as the van dont get used much now . Collection from oswestry or do commute to manchester picadilly mon-fri £650
  18. Arrow

    215 75 R16 winters!?

    I'm putting some 215 75 R16 tires on T6.1 using my old T5 steel wheels. Anyone have 75 walled tires on their 16s? Any potential issues. Quite like the swamper look rather than the low profile. It's about 5.5% larger than the standard Devonport 17s I have but I just want them to soak up the pot...
  19. Bronco

    For Sale 225 40 19 £100. Tyres. M + S

    4x. budget tyres for sale. Front pair nearly new. Rapid M+S. Other two Accelera All season for the rear one very good and one in reasonable condition. Photos to follow. Collection Penrith Cumbria £200. Bargain.!
  20. A

    4Motion or 2WD with winter-tyres?

    hi guys just after a bit of advice. does anyone have any experience driving to ski resorts in their vw? thinking more Europe. if so, would you recommend a 4motion T6 or just a normal 2wd with all terrain tyres with option of snow chains for worst case scenario? thank you