winter tyres

  1. N

    Winter tyres: £185+vat per wheel+tyre

    Hi, I've just ordered a new T30 Highline (r16). I've spec'ed AS tyres but as we're moving away from 4wd I was going to buy a set of steel wheels and winters. Lots of roads round us that aren't gritted in winter and there is a treacherous hill to my kids school that every year the council...
  2. A

    Wanted Winter Wheels

    Hi I have a 20 plate T6 Caravelle looking for some wheels (steel ones are fine) to fit some winter tyres on. Located in Norfolk or surrounding is ideal. Thanks
  3. K

    For Sale (Brand New) Amarok Steels & Goodyear Winter Tyres

    Hi all, I'm selling my brand new Amarok steels with Goodyear Ultragrip Performance + winter tyres (225/45/18). The wheels have been coated with Qtechniq C5 and have never been used. I have recently moved to Germany and I bought the wheels to run as winters but now I have been told that I can't...
  4. C

    Found 18in winter tyres

    Looking for some T32 rated winter tyres. 255/45 or 245/50. What ya got?
  5. goyaguru

    For Sale Davonport 17 inch wheels with new tyres £600

    VW original Davenport wheels with centre caps and tyres. The wheels have been removed from a 2016 VW T6 T32 4 motion. They are in really good condition (see pics) although I managed to curb one of the rims which has left a scuff mark (see pic). The tyres were fitted brand new a week ago and have...
  6. JordanGT

    Sold 18 inch alloys with winter tyres

    Made by JBW in Southam, complete with 255/ 45 Falken winter tyres, still loads of tread left. £400 collection in Market Harborough
  7. T

    For Sale 2x nokian wrc winter tyres 215/60/17

    2x nokian wrc 215/60/17 load rated 103- 6/7mm tread- £60 for pair
  8. T

    All Season Tyres On 2wd?

    Is Anyone running all season tyres on 2wd? I'm not going to be swapping between winter and summer wheels so looking for an all season solution. I've searched the forum and found lots of choices but just curious is this overkill on a 2wd?
  9. T6 dork

    For Sale 17 Inch T32 Steel Wheels With Winter Tyres £425

    i have a set of 4 T32 17 inch steel wheels in nice condition with centre caps they have been rubbed down by hand , etch primed , silver coat and 2k laquered (front) hamerite paint for protection on the rear NOT powder coated Now fitted with Winter Tyres 235/55/R17 103V XL TRISTAR SNOWPOWER 2...
  10. marmite monster

    For Sale New Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 275 40 20 106y Extra Load

    For sale Uniroyal rain sport 3 Extra load rated for t32 106y 275 40 20 Tread depth as new Have been mounted onto rims then taken off Collection Barnt green Birmingham £350 07968218614
  11. RyanGerry

    Came Across These Beasts Today

    Doing a bit of shopping today in Northern Europe and came across these beasts fitted to a Kia in the carpark.
  12. ChrisR

    Banded Steels As Winter Wheels?

    After just 4 days of having my beautiful Zito’s on I’m thinking I need winter wheels! To my absolute ******* horror I noticed a chip in the rim while cleaning the van yesterday! I really should have known better; I live in darkest rural zummerzet, drive a lot of miles on dirty country roads...
  13. T6 dork

    Sold Devonports 50 Delivery Fitted With New Winter Tyres

    set of 4 17 inch Devonports taken off a 50 delivery miles T32 now fitted with Brand New Winter tyres (unused) 225-60-17 XL 103Y V Sunny M+S balanced and ready to bolt on in perfect condition £695
  14. Tourershine

    Sold Banded Amaroks

    Certainly not a huge surprise but I'm missing my 19s a little too much and testing the water slightly. 18" Banded Amaroks, banded a few weeks ago by Duchy, using new 18" steel wheels. The wheels and tyres are as new and unmarked, plus ceramic sealed. 8.5 and 9.5" staggered. These are fitted...
  15. moomin-j

    Summer Wheels To Winter Wheels - When?

    I bought the T6 with 16" Claytons and specified winter tyres from VW - these were removed when at the dealers, pre PDI and are now safely tucked away in a store cupboard at work. At the moment, I have 19" Amarok Cantara alloys fitted with summer tyres. Now the weather is closing in and campsites...
  16. Buggirl

    Fitting Ats

    So my BF Goodrich All terrain tyres are here waiting to be fitted and I am expecting my speedo to be slightly out etc, but was just wondering if the winter tyres functionality on the menu on the van does anything to calibrate the speedo?? Just wondering what the option is there for it not...
  17. R

    For Sale Michelin Agilis Winter Tyres

    Hi there guys I have 2 x Michelin agilis winter tyres for sale. Unused and size is 205/65/16 and are load rated for the t32. Might do someone through the winter..
  18. M

    Snow Chains

    Hi, Has anyone got any recommendations for snow chains/ sock things, going to be driving to the Alps this winter also up to Scotland.
  19. Shaun Witts

    What Winter Tyres Are Available In 2019?

    I'm looking for winter tyres to go on my Devonports. Having lived in Germany for a long while, I have a lot of faith in the tyre reviews by ADAC and always went for the best tyres with good snow grip (I go skiing a lot). It's not so easy to find reviews of van tyres, though there was that SUV...
  20. Ozbar jim

    Winter Tyres?

    Hey everyone currently running 275/40/20's Will be spending abit of time in highlands this year and wondered wot people thoughts are on winter tyres? my original 205/50/16's are in the shed..was thinking of changing them to winter..but would lose style can u get chunky winter...