wheel arches

  1. D

    Replacement Wheel Arch Rubber Seal

    Hi There, Please could somebody help point me in the right direction as to where I can source a new rubber seal for the drivers front wheel arch? It's the rubber at the bottom of the wheel arch nearest to the door. Mines starting to pop out from the bottom. Thanks in advance. Dom
  2. K

    Sound-deadening internally under wheel-arch plastic protector.

    Hello all, has anybody tried fitting a set of wheel arch protectors of a wheel arch that has had Silent coat / Deadmat 2mm applied? Thinking it might good to sound deaden the arch but I don't want a carpet covering.. many thanks.
  3. W

    Front nearside wheel not central to arch.

    I have bought a T6 van and noticed that the nearside front wheel has a bigger gap at the front than at the rear inside the arch. Front gap is around 10cm's and the rear gap is around 6.5cm's On the Drivers side, Front gap is around 8.5cm's and rear gap around 8.5cm's. I wanted to ask what...
  4. Garny999

    Has anyone got pics of a battered wheel arch?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any pics of their wheel arches that have been squashed down to accommodate their Cali seat. At the moment I can lift the bum seat to slide back but would prefer to do this without lifting. Any help as always is appreciated.
  5. R

    Fix small hole in wheel arch from jack removal

    Made a cock-up when removing the rear wheel arch jack holder. How can I fix it before carpet lining?
  6. jason robinsonuk

    Stance+ Ultra - arch-liners bumping

    Fitted Stance + Ultra. I am very happy with the ride and handling but the road noise seems much louder?. I am running 20" with 275/45/20 tyres and still have 50mm freed left on the strut but am still rubbing on bumps. I don't want to left the van any higher as am very happy with the look. Any...
  7. M

    Wheel-Arch Carpeting

    Hi guys, it's my first time carpeting the inside of a van. My local van conversion specialist advised that I shouldn't bother sound deadening my wheel arches and just carpet them instead, is this sound advice? Surely the clips and joints would be visable through the carpet if I dont. Please advise.
  8. Vkerr

    Part No - fog light door

    Anyone know the part number for the fog light access cover, mines fallen out.
  9. wileyk80

    Wheel-Arch access panels for lights

    Some scrot has helped themselves to the "trap doors" inside my front wheel arch liners which give me access to the fog light bulbs Is the stealer the only place to buy these or can anyone suggest a more reasonable source ??? Part numbers would be useful if anyone has them
  10. Shaun Witts

    Wheel-arch - Sound-Deadening internally or externally?

    While fitting wheel spacers (25mm) this weekend, I took the opportunity to also remove the wheel arch liners and stick Silent Coat to the wheel arches for improved sound proofing. After doing so, I then became concerned that I have perhaps introduced a moisture trap to the underside of my van...
  11. A&A

    Sliding Door Scratches The Wheel Arch

    Hello all on t6forum. Recently bought a used t6 Kombi (& love it) with cotrim lining in the back - link below shows on their website (ABS lining bottom right pic) Transporter Kombi Looks great but when opening side sliding door the small (hard plastic) pocket on the left scratches the wheel...
  12. LambethBoy

    Missing Fog Light Wheel Arch Cover

    Hi guys, just noticed that this plastic cover is missing.. did a search but can’t seem to find any! Does anyone know where to purchase or part number please? Tia :thumbsup:
  13. David Robinson

    Carpet Lining Kit from MVM - arches??

    Hi, My lining carpet has arrived from Mega Van Mats today, I've read the guide but I can't tell whether it is recommending to do the wheel arches as part of the one piece used for the side, or to do it with a separate piece. Any suggestions?
  14. B

    Wheel-Arch: Internal Boxing-Off

    Hey, does anyone know where you can buy the interior wheel arch boxes for a T6 Kombi with twin sliding doors? Vanstlye do them but only for single sliders and there isn't enough room in between the cover and the wheel arch to apply silent coat and foam. Ideally what I want to do is rip the...