1. dcShadow

    Guidance requested : kayak roofrack on Westdubs pop top

    Hi all, Can someone guide me towards what feet/racks/mounts I would need to get a sea kayak / canoe rack going on a westdubs pop top. I am getting a westdubs fitted in November (currently just have a vanilla roof with gutters) and would like to get ready for taking the boats out before winter...
  2. TK-421

    Flexible Solar panel on Westdubs pop top

    I have a semi flexible panel on order. Having done plenty of research I was confident with how I was going to fit it. That was until I realised our pop top (west dubs) has 2 ridges down the middle, which all the examples I'd seen didn't. Can anyone share photos of their west dubs pop top with a...
  3. V

    Westdubs poptop reinforcing frame

    Hi Guys. Does anyone happen to have any photos of the cab frame fitted of a Westdubs roof? I’m in the middle of fitting my roof and am struggling with how the side frame does or doesn’t connect to the cab frame. really what I need is a pic of the underside of an un-trimmed roof showing where...
  4. J

    Westdubs pop top fabric options

    I'm just about to push the button and order a westdubs pop top roof and I'm leaning towards the premium (Sauleda) fabric. I'm considering yellow or red, but not sure if these allow too much light through. Could anyone shed any light (puntastic) on this issue? I'll go black or dark grey if it...
  5. bullracing

    Westdubs Pop Tops - Worchester

    You may have seen my previous review on Westdubs in Worchester who are the manufacturer of the westdubs pop tops and it was not a great review. I have asked it be deleted as the 1st post had very little good things to say but as time has gone on and with some use out of the roof my anger at them...
  6. neilfagan

    Roof rail for a Westdubs roof

    hi everyone - first post to this Forum !! We have only just got our newly converted T6. It has a Westdubs pop up roof but I would really like to be able to put the kayak on the roof. Has anyone put roof rails or roof rack on this type of roof yet as would love to know the best option. thanks,
  7. OllieGBR

    Westdubs Pop-top

    I think I’m going to go with the WestDubs pop-top. It’s not quote as low profile as the more expensive versions, but looks and feels solid. Anyone with experience of these? Any reason I shouldn’t go with one? Cheers all Ollie.
  8. bullracing

    Westdubs & Roof Prep

    Having a westdubs pop fitted. Can anyone tell me if the they remove the roof prep or keep it on? I messaged Stew but nothing and a phone call was helpful so need to reach out to owners of a westdubs pop. Basically I would like to fit a fiamma awning and I already have a set of brand new t6...
  9. Dr Ian Coleman

    Westdubs Poptop

    Hello! Has anyone had any experience with the Westdubs poptop? I'm considering getting one installed but keen to hear if anyone else has any positive / negative feedback. Any photos would also be cool if you have one fitted! Thanks all