1. Oldrat

    Help- Camper electrics tripping out.

    Hi, I’m after your thoughts on this. I’m a total Leccy numpty and so I sought help from a professional auto electrician as my 12v leisure system trips out occasionally. When it does, it is mostly as the ignition is switched on/ off, although it has tripped a few other times when we’ve been...
  2. C

    All in one solar controller, inverter, charger & mains hook up

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking in the search function for the past day or so, looking up electrical systems and solar integration, whilst browsing I found this little beauty-...
  3. Z

    Disconnecting Battery For A Month - Issues?

    Earlier this year i left my T6 parked for three weeks whilst on holiday. The battery was as charged as it could be (I know they only charge to 80%) and there's no excessive drain. I returned to find the battery completly flat, no central locking and not even a flicker of light from the dash. I...
  4. Ayjay

    Solar Starter Battery Maintainer

    Does anybody use one of these or have a view? I'm just thinking ahead to possibility of cold winter weather and the impact on a starter battery of a T6 camper parked up in the open that's not going to get used that much. I will be trying to make a point of taking it for the odd blast up and...
  5. Chris Joyce

    Power Management Recommendations

    Hi guys, first post here. We have just bought a t6 starlight blue to convert into a camper. I'm just doing some research into things and I'm at the stage of looking at power management. I'm just wondering what people generally use and what's the most up to date system at the moment. Having...
  6. N

    CBE PC380

    Has any one fitted a CBE PC380 system. I'd like to fit one in my camper conversation. Really only because they look nice and slick but wondered if there was any known problems with them.
  7. Bryn23

    [T6] Looking for the D+ signal wire in a T6

    Well, while the flooring is up as I'm currently sound deadening the cab, I'm running new cabling to replace the Factory Relay Aux charger and the DC-DC charger asks for a D+ connection, instead of a ingintion live, so it can't drain the main battery. I'm assuming this is off the back of the...
  8. Bryn23

    Extending Factory Split Relay

    I'm having serious thoughts of extending the Factory Split charge relay live cable to the rear of the van, so i can fit any size battery i want instead of stuffing around and shoehorning a new battery under the passenger seat. But mainly, because Its a pain to have to remover the seat, then...
  9. Bryn23

    T6 Midroof LWB Wheelchair Campervan Build

    The Wheelchair Camper Build Well, I’ve read some great build reports on this site, so its only fair that I add mine as I’ve learn’t a lot from them, as my build is different to almost all as it requires it to be used by me, a Paraplegic, there are a lot of things that I have to do to make it a...
  10. drew_greenday

    Battery Monitor or not

    I'm thinking of getting a battery monitor for my van. It would be good to see what sort of load i'm using when out and about, will also give an indication of how long left. Was specifically looking at the Nasa Marine BM-1 Clipper Battery Monitor. The only thing thats putting me off is the price...