1. powell7

    T6.1 Vanstyle front splitter

    Hi all Does anyone have this splitter fitted? Could you post some pics please? Thanks, Chris
  2. Gazbadge

    Sold T6 Vanstyle front splitter

    Brand new never fitted but no packaging. I had every intention of putting it on my van but never reached the required effort level to see it thorugh. £75 Collection only please.
  3. H

    Vanstyle thermal window blinds - too small

    I have a T6 Kombi and ordered Vanstyle rear tail gate and middle window black out blinds back in April. Didn’t expect any issues so didn’t check at the time but on first use they bizarrely do not fit….way too small! rear window seems to be handed around wiper motor so only fits poorly one way...
  4. P

    For Sale Vanstyle T5 tailgate PU spoiler in primer - brand new

    I bought this spoiler for a tailgate conversion. I then came across a tailgate in the correct colour with a spoiler already fitted. Spoiler is brand new, with original box and fitting kit. Cost £60, will accept £45. Collection from Widnes or post at cost
  5. D11nyd

    For Sale Vanstyle subtle splitter

    Lower van style splitter Brand new never fitted Shortly after I purchased this I got offered a t6.1 bumper so I’ve decided to go down the facelift route and start collecting the bits for that instead £80 collected from Stockport sk7 postcode
  6. C

    Vanstyle Roof-Spoiler & Sports Bumper - fitted.

    I took the van into a local body shop to have these 2 items sprayed up to match the van and fitted. On collection the guy who did the work said that the Spoiler wasn't too bad to do but the Sports Bumber was a nightmare due to it being a poor fit which required the body repair guy to use his...
  7. M

    Sold Vanstyle front splitter

    Vanstyle front splitter. Great condition with no scuffs or cracks. Comes with fitting kit. £50 Collection from Exeter, Devon.
  8. MurrayT6

    VanStyle ABS plastic wheel arch and side mouldings - poor fit?

    Hi all I purchased some black ABS plastic side mouldings and wheel arch for my T6. Having offered them up to the van for a dry fit I'm not very happy with the fitment at all. They don't seem to leave an even panel gap. I appreciate they are plastic and the fitment with aftermarket parts...
  9. SamN

    Vanstyle subtle splitter - good fit?

    Evening Guys, I'm after a subtle splitter for my T6 highline and have come across this Vanstyle once which I quite like...
  10. StueyStuey

    For Sale Vanstyle T6.1 Front Splitter

    I bought this while I waited for my new van to be built but I’ve changed my mind so looking to move it in and recoup some of the cost. Still not got the van!! It’s in the original packaging, I’ve only opened it to check it’s in good shape. Looking for £95 for it.
  11. M

    What aftermarket headlamps are these?

    Hi all had my 2019 T6 a couple of months noticed ( as did everybody with sight ) that frontal illumination is less than adequate ( s**te ) actually can’t believe this is legal so I joined the forum ( Keen or what ) and put headlights in the search box OMG read loads don't get half of it ( only...
  12. Andyman

    Vanstyle curtain reviews?

    Does anyone have any experience or opinion on Vanstyle curtains please someone in passing said they’re hit and miss so looking for real reviews and where better to look
  13. david173

    Vanstyle D pillar trim, does anyone have these?

    Does anyone have the Vanstyle D pillar trim/cover installed? Rear Door ABS Black Inner Pillar Guard Covers - VW T5 T6 - Vanstyle I was wondering if anyone had any more pictures or reviews? Also do you think it would fit over carpet? Thanks!
  14. W

    Sold Vanstyle ‘Angled Sportline side bars’ £50

    Pair of Vanstyle angled bars in gloss black. They were supplied to me in February but once fitted I realised they had some minor damage (2x dents and light scuff marks). Fitted to my van for 3 days. Vanstyle were fantastic at providing replacements and confirmed there was no need to return the...
  15. andy greenwood

    VanStyle heavy duty rubber mats

    Has anyone got these in their van ? Instructions say to screw the 4 clips into the floor to secure the mats and prevent them slipping about. Is there likely to be any wires under the floor matting that i need to avoid when screwing in the clips ?
  16. Wrenners

    Vanstyle fog light wiring

    I’m in the process of retro fitting some fog lights to my T6 and just after a bit of advice on the wiring connections for the titled. As usual it didn’t have any info with it. I didn’t really want all that on off when cornering malarkey so went for the kit that is relay based with the auto...
  17. O

    T6.1 splitter options

    Hello Anyone know where I can get a splitter for the new T6. 1 front? I would like one like this ; VW T6.1 RACELINE GT LWB 199ps DSG HIGHLINE PANEL VAN | Raceline Bespoke Design I have tried e-mailing them but got no response so far Olav
  18. madforitbaz

    VanStyle advising against 275/40/19

    Van Style advising against 275/40/19. They say "unfortunately due to the rolling radius we would not recommend fitting that tyre size to those wheels as it may cause your speedo to read incorrect." Now unless I am calculating it wrong it actually has a lower Radius than the 255/45/19 they are...
  19. B

    Fitting VW Badge to Vanstyle Grill

    Hi I have bought a vanstyle gloss grill and there site says the genuine VW badge will fit but on attempting to fit the badge I’d say it’s hardly engaging on the locating tabs, they do line up with the the grill but to honest if I press any harder I think I’m going to break the grill. Anyone...
  20. Jamie2.0

    Sold Vanstyle Front Spoiler

    I have this vanstyle front spoiler for sale. Bought it for £135 and never used it. (Sorry just realised photos are upside down). Looking for £100 or sensible offers. Collection only from Southampton/ New Forest. Hit me up if you’re interested!