van slam

  1. J

    Van Slams (T32) vendors..

    Hi all, I’m after some van slams for my t32 but struggling to find any in stock. Anyone know were I could find them?
  2. D

    Sold Van Slam Coilovers T26/t28/t30

    Van slam coilovers Used for 5k miles, modified for hub mod. All working order, for sale due to a change. Comes with adjusting spanners that aren't in the photo. £200
  3. Dugdog74

    Coilovers: Stance+ Or VanSlam

    as the title says. Got the wonga so now which one. Stance ultra -100mm and van slam similar. Help please.
  4. Alby42

    Sold Van Slam Coil Overs

    I’ve moved to full air so I’m selling Van Slam coilovers with only 2000 moles on them ..£350 collect only I’m near GRIMSBY but possible half way meet up to 50 miles...I’m also travelling to Aberdeen in early July an may be able to deliver.
  5. Shredder

    Eibach Pro-street-s Ride Height Adjustable Coilovers

    Just found these on a bit of Google research : So, do the usual and check on here first to see what's been posted. Very interestingly, there is nothing on here. That's very surprising for...
  6. mini_bear93

    Vanslam Knocking

    Recently fitted a set of 5Forty VanSlam coilovers last weekend. Got the dreaded knocking coming from the rear suspension... It almost sounds like the spring is loose more so on the near side. This is happening on lower speeds and when cornering. I have checked over all the corners and could not...
  7. G12RYX

    My Day Van Build

    Hi, I hope I’m putting this thread in the right place. If not please let me know. Ok, I decided a few months back I wanted to build a day van. I was toying with a Transit MSRT but drive a transit every day for my job and to be honest they aren’t the best. I knew the transporter was the go to...
  8. Captain Backfire

    H&r Or Van Slams

    Van slam coil overs better to go for then H&R lowering springs. I know I can’t compare apples with pears... It’s going to be for my T6 family chariot so needs to be comfy. I’m a complete novice with all this and need some guidance after reading lots of information on this forum and google, you...
  9. Dannywilds

    Van Slam coilovers

    Hi everyone. Has anybody used Van Slam coilovers? Can get some for my t6 t32 for £650 and wondered how much it would cost for someone to fit them?