1. G

    Sold Black trapezoid side bars SWB

    Hi, Selling a set of used black trapezoid (T6 Sportline style) side bars from van style along with partial fitting kit. Needs bolts The bars have a few marks but not flakey paint more marks from the kids etc! £50 collection West Yorkshire or would do them half price if they go along with my BBS...
  2. j4ckal

    Sold New LWB Vanstyle trapezoid black side bars.

    Up for sale are these LWB, black, trapezoid, side bars. Purchased from Vanstyle a couple of weeks ago, still in box unopened. These have sold out again currently. £100 cash/pp (gift)/pp on collection only please (nr. Chesterfield but can travel say half hour to make it easier). Cheers...
  3. Schoey

    Trapezoid side bars for a T6.1 SWB Polished.

    I'm new to the Forum and this is my first post, so here goes ! What is the difference ( apart from the big price ) between the genuine VW Trapezoid side bars and the other bars supplied from either Leighton Vans or Vanstyle for example. Also LV describes them as chromed bars where as Vanstyle...
  4. Pedro

    Sold LWB trapezoidal side bars

    As advert, long wheel base versions in gloss black, bought from Leighton vans 2 weeks ago, fitted on van but am now going down ABT side skirt route, so available from next week. collection from Liverpool as to much hassle to post. £100
  5. BognorMotors

    Pure Grey T6.1 We Are Building...

    We are nearly at the end of the build with this t6.1, and thought we haven’t put any pics up. This is a fully factory specified 199 4motion, with lots of BMVS options to finish it off. More pics to follow :-)
  6. Ads_Essex


    T28 camper conversion lowered on Stance+ Ultra with Sportline 245/45/18
  7. C

    What Length Are Lwb Angular/trapezoid Side Bars?

    Could someone with the angular/trapezoid sidebars on a LWB do me a favour and let me know an accurate total length of the bars? None of the suppliers list the length and I have asked a couple of suppliers but with no luck. One supplier told me the shipping lengths for the SWB/LWB but I want to...
  8. Brickie

    This is me, Brickie

  9. J

    New Van Day!

    Hi all, ordered my new van back in January and picked it up Thursday evening. Drove her straight to the garage to have a few bits done and so so so happy with it I can see why everyone lover theirs! T6 t30 edition in grey Fitted b14’s Sportline gloss black side bars Bola csr 19” Matt...
  10. T

    Trapezoid Side Bars

    hi, new on here so apoliges if posting to the wrong thread. Looking for advice on best source of the T6 black angled/trapezoid sidebars? many thanks
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  13. S

    For Sale SWB Illuminated Polished Side Bars Trapezoid

    for sale SWB illuminated side bars. These are the latest trapezoid shape bars made exclusively for the Sportline model with the LED puddle lights underneath. Genuine VW part. £450 plus carriage.
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  15. Deaky

    Black trapezoid side bars with led puddle lights

    After being messed around by the dealers I cancelled my order and sorted them myself. Marked the bars where I wanted the led strips to run. I’ve used 5630 SMD waterproof led strip in red. 5630 is the biggest and brightest led chip available on a 10mm strip. I’ve drilled the bars at both...
  16. CumbriaT6

    This weekends mods

    Bit of spare time today so changed my Transporter badge and fitted the sportline led side bars. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the chance to give it a good clean.