1. T

    Tow electrics issues…. No left hand indicator or brake lights [Resolved]

    Hi all, I’ve came to use my (7 pin) trailer for the first time in a while and I’ve got a right hand indicator and side lights but no left hand indicator or brake lights. It was fitted and coded by me using a genuine loom and has been fine for 4 years until now. I have, however, fitted a new...
  2. roadtripper

    The perfect caravan?

    A conversation with MrsR (who really really wants a vintage caravan) and myself (who remembers them and doesn't) led to finding this... Maybe one for @JOG growing collection?
  3. roadtripper

    Trailer Socket 12v EHU - How I've Done It

    So following some experiments over here I thought I'd write up making an adaptor to connect a charger to a 13 pin trailer socket. Caveat: This is presented as info for what worked for me, make your own judgement about if it works for you :thumbsup: What is this? In a fully wired 13 pin...
  4. Eli

    Sold Debon C255 Trailer

    As I no longer need the additional space to carrier items. I am now selling my trailer. Bought November 2022 used a couple of times and stored dry when not it use. Cost £4200 plus the security items which were a further £250. I have also bought but not fitted the side loading securing rails. I...
  5. J

    OEM tow bar module issue (some what urgent)

    Hello. And greetings to everyone. Been searching around this forum and it seems that trailer electrics is quite a common issue. Unfortionately, none of the existing threads match my problem (or cant find it). I get no lights on trailer whats so ever and my car does not recognize that the...
  6. Drive Wayne

    Sold Anssems GT750 211 HT Camping Trailer, with or without 3x Thule bike carriers

    Our seldom used Anssems GT750 211HT Camping Trailer, complete with (or not if you don't need them) 3x Thule bike carriers, sitting on top of Thule wingbars. Purchased before lockdown from Big Bear Outdoor, wonderful company. It has the drop down stabilisers on the back, and a spare wheel...
  7. Eli

    Sold Bateson 120V Van Trailer

    Having tried and test our Bateson 120v it turns out we need something a bit bigger, we bought it brand new as of the 27th August 2022 for £3276.00, in addition to the trailer the factory fitted 12v interior light and it also Datatag. I have also fitted protective sides to match the floor and...
  8. paggle

    How To - RedArc TowPro Electric Brake Controller

    Hi All, As my camper trailer has electric brakes (Aussie requirement for trailers over a certain weight), I needed to fit a brake controller to my T6.1. To solve this, I made a custom loom that plugs in to the exisiting OEM plugs, so no factory wiring had to be cut or spliced! Here is how I...
  9. goldeneye243

    Camping Trailers - Let's see em ;)

    Thinking about getting a camping trailer (probably a fairly big one) to store awnings, boats, kayaks etc. Quite like the look of the Debon ones, but looking for recommendations (and pictures!) Thanks
  10. Jimmi

    Any German Speakers? Brenderup trailer question.

    I bought a Brenderup box trailer and it has this badge on it. It’s unbraked so as I understand legally it can’t be more than 750KG when loaded. But I’d quite like to know what this all means.
  11. M

    For Sale Motolug Motorbike Trailer

    Selling my Motolug bike trailer and thought I’d give Forum members first dibs before it goes on eBay. It’s in fair condition but has been in the shed for a while. Looking for £750.00 collected
  12. G

    For Sale Daxara 148 Indespension trailer

    This is an amazing trailer, only used 6 times for camping, tyres excellent condition, bearings will be perfect as not used a lot, includes spare wheel never used, the high top has been professionally adapted to take two bikes, the bikes are very easy to load up because the height of the top is...
  13. Pauly

    T6 Trailer Coupling Wiring Diagram 2018

    Factory Fitted Towbar Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  14. V

    1st trip is going to be 1 week away.... is a trailer overkill

    So hopefully getting away in our new van very soon. I had hoped to get a Few local trips done before the first long one, but delays in the build mean our 1st trip is going to a week away on a campsite..... can't wait. it's myself, wife and wee one. We have a Rib so fair bit of rear and under...
  15. Gazzarn

    Which Trailer?

    Firstly, Merry Xmas to all ;) Just trying to get myself geared up for the spring and been looking into trailers but also need the capacity to carry 4-6 bikes. Came across this little thing called "Go Easy" but unfortunately its only available across the pond:( Any of you good people out there...
  16. R

    Cycle rack with spoiler and trailer

    Hi all, I have a t6 with tailgate and looking for a cycle rack for a couple of bike while towing. I have a roof spoiler and don’t want to roof mount, the tow ball is detachable. Is there anything on the market available? thanks
  17. M

    Trailer light issues

    Had a Westfalia detachable tow bar fitted with a 13pin plug and coded to my T6 have no issues with standard lights on a trailer but used a mates brand new trailer with led lights and had some real issues! The bulb failure light came one, when indicating right, on the dash the indicator was...
  18. Vanzilla

    Electric Brake Controller for trailer?

    Hi all, hoping for some guidance. We want to tow a trailer that has electric brakes. Our van is a 2016 Australian Multivan and it has a VW towbar and a flat 12 electric socket to connect the trailer to. The socket wiring includes a blue wire for ‘service brake’ which I understand to be the feed...
  19. S

    Compact trailers

    Hi everyone I am thinking of getting a small trailer to take on our journeys. I want to get one with a fibre glass lid can anyone recommend any and can anyone tell me if the small wheels I think 10" are ok or should I go for larger wheels many thanks TONY
  20. mmi

    Trailer/Caravan Charging from a T6 (Help requested – Voltage Measurements When Towing)

    Help – voltage measurements when towing a trailer/caravan requested. When towing, what’s the voltage at your cigarette lighter socket (in the lower one in the dash)? No fancy instruments are needed, just any gadget will do. The following background data is appreciated: 1)...