1. G

    For Sale Daxara 148 Indespension trailer

    This is an amazing trailer, only used 6 times for camping, tyres excellent condition, bearings will be perfect as not used a lot, includes spare wheel never used, the high top has been professionally adapted to take two bikes, the bikes are very easy to load up because the height of the top is...
  2. J

    Ted the Transporter and Betty Beetle

    My lockdown mayhem
  3. Pauly

    T6 Trailer Coupling Wiring Diagram 2018

    Factory Fitted Towbar Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  4. V

    1st trip is going to be 1 week away.... is a trailer overkill

    So hopefully getting away in our new van very soon. I had hoped to get a Few local trips done before the first long one, but delays in the build mean our 1st trip is going to a week away on a campsite..... can't wait. it's myself, wife and wee one. We have a Rib so fair bit of rear and under...
  5. Gazzarn

    Which Trailer?

    Firstly, Merry Xmas to all ;) Just trying to get myself geared up for the spring and been looking into trailers but also need the capacity to carry 4-6 bikes. Came across this little thing called "Go Easy" but unfortunately its only available across the pond:( Any of you good people out there...
  6. R

    Cycle rack with spoiler and trailer

    Hi all, I have a t6 with tailgate and looking for a cycle rack for a couple of bike while towing. I have a roof spoiler and don’t want to roof mount, the tow ball is detachable. Is there anything on the market available? thanks
  7. M

    Trailer light issues

    Had a Westfalia detachable tow bar fitted with a 13pin plug and coded to my T6 have no issues with standard lights on a trailer but used a mates brand new trailer with led lights and had some real issues! The bulb failure light came one, when indicating right, on the dash the indicator was...
  8. Vanzilla

    Electric Brake Controller for trailer?

    Hi all, hoping for some guidance. We want to tow a trailer that has electric brakes. Our van is a 2016 Australian Multivan and it has a VW towbar and a flat 12 electric socket to connect the trailer to. The socket wiring includes a blue wire for ‘service brake’ which I understand to be the feed...
  9. Eli

    T5/6 Trailer

    Last year at the Telford show there was a company selling what appeared to to be the rear of a T5/6 as trailers, I don’t suppose anyone can remember what company was called......... I have an idea which might allow me to be excepted at Camp Jam :thumbsdown: something Like this only better VW...
  10. mmi

    Trailer/Caravan Charging from a T6 (Help requested – Voltage Measurements When Towing)

    Help – voltage measurements when towing a trailer/caravan requested. When towing, what’s the voltage at your cigarette lighter socket (in the lower one in the dash)? No fancy instruments are needed, just any gadget will do. The following background data is appreciated: 1)...
  11. Littleblackflash

    Any Trailer Electric Experts Here?

    I fitted a PF jones trailer electric kit to my van a year ago and it's been working fine. I've not used it for a month whilst I sold my trailer and brought a new one. When I picked it up I checked the lights and they all work except the brake lights which are on 100%. I've checked the module...
  12. BognorMotors

    20” Tyre Pressure

    Hello all On 275/35 and 265/40 applications we’ve always gone with and recommended 40psi all round. Recently we’ve been experimenting with different pressures. We’ve had two t32 Kombi s running Bilsteins and 265/40, one on 36psi and the other on 40psi. Both have covered 12000 in a year. The...
  13. H

    Caddy trailer

    Anyone got a homemade caddy trailer? Looking at one to buy or make. Anyone selling one or hot any advice? Cheers