1. VanDamMan

    Utility Trailer...would you buy ....

    Hi all... been following the travels of our Australian members and saw this..... Not seen anything like it in the Uk. ( stockman trailers au. ) cost £ 2.5/3k ( plus any shipping) ..but would take the worry of cycle tow bar mounts and storage solutions away.... and looks awesome But would...
  2. Eli

    T5/6 Trailer

    Last year at the Telford show there was a company selling what appeared to to be the rear of a T5/6 as trailers, I don’t suppose anyone can remember what company was called......... I have an idea which might allow me to be excepted at Camp Jam :thumbsdown: something Like this only better VW...
  3. mmi

    Trailer/caravan Charging From A T6 (help Requested – Voltage Measurements When Towing)

    Help – voltage measurements when towing a trailer/caravan requested. When towing, what’s the voltage at your cigarette lighter socket (in the lower one in the dash)? No fancy instruments are needed, just any gadget will do. The following background data is appreciated: 1)...
  4. Littleblackflash

    Any Trailer Electric Experts Here?

    I fitted a PF jones trailer electric kit to my van a year ago and it's been working fine. I've not used it for a month whilst I sold my trailer and brought a new one. When I picked it up I checked the lights and they all work except the brake lights which are on 100%. I've checked the module...
  5. Trev P

    Towing Pressures On 20"

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on the correct pressures to be running when towing a twin motorbike trailer with 20" rims.
  6. Gazzarn

    Multi Purpose Camping And Bike Trailer.

    Firstly, Merry Xmas to all ;) Just trying to get myself geared up for the spring and been looking into trailers but also need the capacity to carry 4-6 bikes. Came across this little thing called "Go Easy" but unfortunately its only available across the pond:( Any of you good people out there...